Parasite help- 16 years of torment

I’ve never tried connecting with Michael’s sigil before but I was planning on trying in the future. Have you had a personal experience with Michael and Raphael helping you in a similar situation?

I don’t drink diet soda or ingest aspartame. It is true though, that things like drinking alcohol make the harassment worse. I would love if the twitching were simply a medical problem. I’ve wondered if medication for Restless Legs Syndrome would somehow block out the parasite. But I’d rather detach the entity, not take meds to cover it up.

I can help, not sure how to PM, maybe send me a PM and I can reply to it. I had the same issue, until I learned more. I would be glad to help you!

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Damn, I see you cannot pm either! Can we start a private post??? You are actually blessed and you don’t even know it!!! We need to talk!

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Hi! Yeah I’m new to here so not sure how everything works. Is there a way to private post?

Give this a try:


Is it ok to send email info here or no? I don’t wanna break the board rules…

@Iamhim and @WereInTheWrongBand Neither of you can go private. The ability to PM is restricted for new members until you have been active for a short amount of time, then it unlocks automatically.

However, the mod @Lady_Eva may be able to make a PM for you when she comes online.

No, personal emails should not be posted to the forum because it is open to the public. The mods usually remove them from posts.

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Thanks I just read your Raziel post. I would love to give it a try. I can’t make out what the sigil is from the picture though. Maybe my computer is being dumb. I’ll look again.

Also ty for the info about private posting etc. I did read a lot of the rules but I’m still learning as I go.

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Well, I have no way to talk to you until we can somehow pm. Until we pm, I’ll tell you this, do not worry, do not fear, you are blessed. Don’t stress.

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Thanks, I can always use some positivity and advice :slight_smile: After 16 years my fear of the parasite has gone away. I tell it all the time that I am more powerful than it, and I will get rid of it for good. It’s just a real drain on my energy. And trying to sleep while your legs and eyebrows are twitching is horrible.

You can’t see the sigil? It is the loop with two lines at the top and ending in an arrow. It’s hand drawn so let me know and I’ll try to create another version though I suck at graphics programs lol

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Yeah I can kind of make it out, but am not sure because the picture is dark (at least on my computer). From what I see, and your description, it looks like a “J” with an arrow at the bottom loop, and two lines straight across at the top.

Yes, that’s it. Can you adjust the brightness on your computer? It might show up better.

I stared at it a while and my eyes adjusted so I can see it pretty well now. Are both lines at the top the same length or is the lower line shorter?

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@WereInTheWrongBand Here is another version of the sigil. I adjusted the contrast and brightness for you to make it easier to see:

The lower line is a bit shorter than the top.

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Awesome, I am going to draw it right now and keep it in my room.

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Speaking from experience, as my leg currently twitches, you DO NOT have a parasite, the twitching will NEVER go away. You’ve tried fighting it right? But have you tried to embrace it and understand it and evaluate it? I bet as You’re reading this your left leg is twitching?

I will not embrace it. Yes I’ve tried to understand it, but it does nothing but cause me misery. I would be happy to embrace an entity that was helpful. Not one that twitches my body, tries to take it over, and throw fits when I try exorcising it.

… I wish I could pm you. It isn’t an entity, it’s you. Do you know of your soul star chakra? You haven’t been hijacked by a foreign entity. I thought the exact same thing myself at first, I did an exorcism. You missed my question, was your left leg twitching?