Opposite of love spell

Hello team,

Im back with an unusual question. Is there a spell to reverse attraction?

So me and this lady has been dating. She just divorced a few months ago. I really like her and care for her. But she got really obsessed with me and started planning our future together. It triggered my childhoold trauma.

I want to end things with her. I don’t mind saying it’s my issue and own up my part. But im certain that she will blame herself and possibly hurt herself because that’s what she did with her marriage.

Is there any spell that could make her lose attraction for me? Thanks.


I have a Cord Cutting/New Love Spell.
Search these topics:
Break A Family - Break a family - #12 by C.Kendall
A Layered New Love Spell (My Spell)

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Thank you for your reply. It seems to be focused more on the magician rathan the other person. I want to help the other person to lose attraction towards me and possibly find a more suitable partner.



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Also look up “breakup spell” and “sour jar” spells. This is a common request so there’s a lot of options to choose from. :+1:


This could be useful