I started my journey 10 years ago with exploration of psychology (such as shadow work and consciousness), practises of self-development including meditations of many forms, yoga, a bit of hallucinogens, books on becoming better versions of myself. Since I was a kid, I intuitively knew the mind was the answer all my problems. I have always interested metaphysics but due to my catholic background, I did not get into proper rituals of magick until this year. I have been using different (non-occult feel) techniques to manifest my desires way before that.

One day, I found Dr.Joe Dispenza’s guided meditations and implemented them. I found my life changed very rapidly. I was searching and trying all sorts of healing modalities to get rid of my unease feelings and thoughts created from childhood traumas. After a very short period, I realised I don’t need to depend on any healers. I can heal my mind myself. Also, I put two and two together to notice, Dr. Dispenza was using alchemical process in all his meditations without actually using any words related to ancient teachings.

I started with sigils, then servitors and moved on to angels and demons. All most all of my practises are from Gallery of Magick because I vibe with their styles of rituals.

My very recent goal (that I discovered under layers of desires) is to enjoy my life without any imagined fears and go after my desires. I’m sure my desires will change after a while, and I guess that’s the point of spiritual expansion.

Currently, I’m working on transmuting my imagined desires.