Obsession, love or attraction spell to get out of friendzone

Hi guys,
Im from asia and I dont have any experience doing spells or rituals myself so you can consider me as a noob.

There is this girl who i met from tinder and she gave me signals that she liked me. Like she told me im specialx she see me in my dreams, when she was little she wanted to marry someone like me, made playlists for me, created here ios memoji to something that I complimented her about, she told that she wanted to marry someone like me and we talked alot daily

We did hangout two times and then after three months I asked her out.

Without any reply to my proposal, she blocked me from whatsapp and instagram which drove me crazy so i called her from different numbers and texted her asking why she did it.

Then one day (january 28th) she told told me to come meet her and she gave me closure saying that we have differences and she denied all the things that she said me earlier (seeing in dreams blah blah blah)

I was so in love with her that i got mad and told her that she looks like shit and then she again blocked me

After two weeks i called her to ask from a contact number of a friend and then she unblocked me to send me that contact number

After that i begged her to give me a chance and then she told me to leave her alone and she doesnt like me like that exactly 1 week ago and i told her ill forget about her but i cant

I love her so much so do you guys have a strong love obesession or attraction spell that can make her madly in love with me and make her obsessed with me

Please i need expert help on this

Appreciate it so much

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I have to warn you, love spells are very prone to backfiring and can make things worse. You have to get the conditions right. Rad through the posts about them here to see when it works and when it doesn’t.

This is not love. If you loved her you would want what’s best for her not try to hurt her. This is also not the act of a friend… and guess what? She knows that. You basically told her yourself you don’t love her and you kind of resent and maybe hate her.

You have to fix this before you can get an attraction spell to work, because she sees you as someone who attacks her, so she will sense the incoming spell as a psychic attack and that usually makes them run away faster.

Did you… try apologising at all? You didn’t say. That would probably help a lot, as she has to forgive you and see you as non threatening first.


Yes. I did apologized to her and told her to give me a chance. I made that bad comment on her because she also disrespected me during closure saying that she only called me to come that day because she needed a driver to drive her around and she was so cold to me.

Since i begged her and shit, i made that bad comment so that i thought ill forget about her and move on. But its really hard

Ive also have told her that she is most beautiful girl ive ever seen Right now i have told her my good byes and i told her ive forgotten about everything. So i think she has forgiven me cus she already unblocked me

So what i would like to know is an obesession, love or an attraction spell that a newbie like me can do to make her love me and start talking to me. I just want a relationship with her and i really think that she is the one.

Ive spent tons of money on local witches who happened to be just scammers and wasted my time and then when i found this forum i was so happy

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I would bet good money she doesn’t believe you. :slight_smile: Words are cheap, and you used them to hurt her. You have to apologise and tell her you didn’t mean it.

She unblocked you as a favour to your friend. Don’t assume it’s fixed. You have to mend the bridge not just tell her her feelings don’t matter because YOU forgot about it already: that will just make her angry with you.

You don’t have to take my advice, like I said read through al the other hundreds of love spell posts here, the pattern is there.

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I can see and understand why it is you look for what you are wanting, obsession/love spell. I’m not exactly an expert on matters of love but I can tell you your feelings of obsession that YOU currently hold is ruining BOTH of your lives. There are spirits that can help you make better decisions than what you are currently doing. “Lord Rosier” is a demon of Love and more than likely he would be willing to give you an education as it were, in Love. That is honestly the best course of action, because friend, you need counseling from someone that is competent enough to teach you properly. I go and talk to him frequently. It is very helpful. Goodluck

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So the thing is she always wanted validation and asks me if she is beautiful…

I gave her that saying that she is the most beautiful woman ive ever seen.

I only made that bad comment after she acted cold to me and told me to find someone else and it made me a bit angry

I sent the following message as an apology:

‘’ i couldn’t sleep last night. Is this the final decision? Now i feel what you really felt about your last breakup. It was completely out of character to vent my distress on you. I can promise that i wont say such childish things again. Im really really sorry the simple fact that I care so much about you i dont think twice before i say something and now i know how absolutely stupid that is. I will change my attitude if you can give me one chance just one…
Can you think about it or is this the last decision?‘’


Even though you didn’t ask for this specifically, I think it would help. Here is the link to learn a little about “Lord Rosier”

Ok, and you haven’t heard back yet… :thinking:

In this case, I would suggest calling 3 people:

  1. Paimon and ask for him to persuade here that she’s being too harsh,
  2. Amon to increase the feelings of love and develop like into love
  3. Berith to hide your flaws so she looks past your unkindness

Call all in the same ritual at the same time, like a team to work on it together. You can use a petition todo this.

When you do this, be careful not to come from a place of lack or fear. Instead, see yourself in situations living happily and harmoniously together, and feel like this is already on it’s way.


Yeah you’re in deep doodoo.

Try the above rituals, try Rozier as well if you like, but do not contact her.
Do as she asks you, basically: women have to feel safe with a guy t be able to trust them and like them, so do as she asks to let her have a feeling that you are safe. Give her time, so she can heal, it won’t be so raw and the immediate suffering will pass.

Add to the Paimon part that you ask him to get her to miss you and contact you when she is ready.


Thank you so much. I will go through all the posts you sent and drop any questions here.

Her birthday is in next month. Im planning to send her a message to wish her.

Will that work? Or should i never contact her until she does

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Ah, i would suggest that’s a good idea, but don’t try to hook anything onto it like a request to talk or meet, not yet. Just be giving, kind and super mature about wishing her a happy birthday, no strings attached.

Women love men who are warm hearted and giving, while being self controlled and strong. I know it’s a cliche, but it’s hard wired. So be strong and kind. This is attractive, and you want to look attractive not needy.


Yes understandable. I got a litttle needy witb her unlike with any others which i realized later. Its because i loved her so much i was basically blinded by it no lie. Now id do anything to get her back and i want to show her how good iam

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Why i get mad is because of her attitude. She acts very cold sometimes and i dont know what to do at times as such

On the ritual that you sent it was said to write it like this:

“I, Frater Babaloo, ask, in the name of the Lightbringer, Lucifer the Morning Star, to grant to me $1000. I thank mighty Lucifer for His aid, and ask that this money come to me without harm, and within two weeks. So it is done.”

May I know how at three demons to this wording and the three tasks for each?

It doesn’t matter that you got mad, your bad attitude is not her fault, so don’t take it out on her.

Tell her you feel she is being cold and ASK HER what you can do to fix the situation.

Yeah but she knows they always say that: until the next time you blame her for your feelings. You have to communicate and get past the issue completely and show her you have matured.

Self control is incredibly sexy in a man. Just saying.


This really helps!! Ill just not force anything with her again until she contacts me after the birthday wish next month


I was actually like this and and then she said she hate men with big balls​:joy::joy: i think she was confused at that time and i put her on pedestal after this and treated her like a princess which is what backfired me​:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Do you know how to add the three people into this spell?

“I, Frater Babaloo, ask, in the name of the Lightbringer, Lucifer the Morning Star, to grant to me $1000. I thank mighty Lucifer for His aid, and ask that this money come to me without harm, and within two weeks. So it is done.”