New excited user here

You can call me all Icarus.
Im a 21 Years Old Male from Germany.
I have some magic skills. But my hardest struggle is im impatient and have a bit self problems i even cant go astral sadly…
However my goal is to get a demon and learn more about communication with spirits.

Besides i want to say its a cool website.
I would be very happy if i can get help from you all with my goal.


hi there welcome to the forum. Here is some useful links:



Good luck

Welcome, I do hope you enjoy your stay.

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Thank you i just wonder how can i get a spirit?

There are actually many ways. It really depends on what you want one for and how you want to go about it.

If your gunning for a Demon, they aren’t really in my wheelhouse. Though I bet we could figure out somthing hor help you find someone that can help.

In what, exactly? You have said nothing about what, if anything, you have experience in.

What do you practice, and how long have you practiced it?

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Was just about to add that to my reply. Lol

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Well maybe more skills then magic but i can hurt others without touching them or insult them i can change my eye colors sometimes i can predict the future and all that.

Well i dont want to be officially exact what im searching for. But sadly i cant messege you privately

So…you have no actual experience in ritual magick. Thanks for elucidating more.

Everything you have described seems to be basic energy manipulation.

In that case, we can’t be of much help. However, make use of the little magnifying glass in the upper right and search for “evocation guide.” Click on the third option that comes up.

FYI, You just joined this forum and the ability to PM is restricted by the system until you reach a certain threshold of activity by contributing to the community. It helps to prevent members from being harassed by scammers, trolls, and others who join up and then immediately want to jump into PM.

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I mean for me its to private but to be honest its why i join here. I had with some spirits already contact but i want is to get a succubus and sadly i dont know how.

There is plenty of information on that here. Use the search function and look up “Letter of Intent.”

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I heard about that one but Dark Knight does it really work? I mean i dont want to judge but for me it no difference between santa letter lol

Same premise as a letter to Santa. It is basically a petition spell, and yes, it works very well.

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Very well then i will do it thank you
But to be sure i can build a good relationship i need to be able to speak with her right do you know how i can train/learn talking with spirits?

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You have to develop the ability to communicate. There are many threads here with meditations and development exercise.

You said you have already had contact with spirits before, so how did you communicate with them? A succubus is no different from other spirits, though they seem to like to communicate mostly through touch and clairsentience for most people.

I had contact with them but i didnt talked with them sadly.

Besides can i ask you something strange?

Strang, lol ok. You on a site where strang is an every day thing, but go ahead.

This is your thread after all.

Ask away.

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I know its very strange but um…
I feel sometimes like im a Demon King and im not even scared to die but in other hand sometimes in the night i get very easy scared of anything and i say this dosnt match why i have then fear in me?
I know i had also some bad demon experinces but still i have just this feeling im a Strong dark being myself even i had contact with a arch angel but demons usally dont have fear inside them or?