New Avatar Power Experiments

So few weeks ago I manage to get hold of a copy of NAP which I have been experimenting with since then. I myself have found it to be quite powerful when taken in the proper light and understanding of its spells and techniques and this post will attempt to record some of that understanding and experiments I have conducted with it. If you want information on a specific spell I have listed and don’t want read all the theory or initial experience with the books spirit then go ahead and scroll down to the one you are interested in if it is one I have worked with though I do recommend a full read through.

First off it seems the spells are powered by two major facets, Faith, and the inherited power of names and words. What this means is the magick more so than most others is based on the mind and belief. Those who have seen some of my recent posts will understand what I mean by the power of Faith being used and as to the inherited power of names and words it is the same power that allows mantras to work. This power is built up and accumulated through both faith and technique in the use of those words and names which build a reservoir of power and connect it to larger sources of universal power over time. Very much vocal sigils in effect, the names of beings called, calls not directly upon the being but their powers and qualities, this is similar to how the LBRP works the angels you call are not ‘really’ there but a personified aspect of their power and quality is given life by your call which is connected to them. Now these are still connected to the beings whose name you use though they likely will not take direct notice of you unless something draws their attention to that particular use of their name such as a strong enough resonance or use of their name notable enough to call them in full. The assorted words of power and god names used function in similar principle but connecting not to an entity but to entire universal currents of power using their internal representations in yourself to bridge to the external giving you effectively divine authority to better direct the other forces called. All this is done not by focusing on the energy aspect but purely through the mental magick of your faith and belief.

That is not to say that it cannot be enhanced with energetic techniques but that is not the basis from which this work is approached through but a secondary enhancement you can apply. This lets even someone who is a novice to energy work but strong of will and faith to effectively use those spells and powers over more technique energy work based magick. Now onto the fun stuff.

Part 1 The Spirit
Now before reading the book I did a little research on the forum here. I found some interesting information on evoking the book itself here by @Lady_Eva :

Taking this into consideration as I begun to read the book the book I also called on its spirit. The form it took was of similar nature to the post but seemed slightly more reactive to me which I believe was because I got a good vibe going with the book. I like to listen to music as I read and I found electro swing was fit the vibe especially well. The spirit still seemed reserved but not quite as old or dusty but more like a cover the outer shell that is suppose to accumulate the dust and detritus while the core remains pristine. Now what I did was based mostly on a hunch and instinct but I took the cover sigil of the book and like a puzzle lock aligned the lines to form perfect circles to the core of the spirit and the book through which I infused with a bit of the energy and power I had gained from my interactions with Jupiter to not only potentially reinvigorate it but also to wake it up and call the full of it forth.

What I received from this was something akin to ball lightning very much like this in appearance:

It was much more lively and curious though needed a bit of focusing. It explained to me the power of the book and the nature it was taken that while its time was passed this was because the source of its power was becoming rarer and rarer in the qualities needed to align with the book. In a sense not just the power of faith has changed in the minds of people as late but also how the relate and vibe with the book but it can be changed and adapted made to resonate with each individual person to form a new connection and network of spirits of each instance of the book and each person who works with it to evolve and adapt. Though this means the books original spells will in time become greatly altered as they are changed to suit each individual the whole will survive. The magick of that time has been dying at least in the mental form but it can revived to become part of todays magick.

This spirit gave a part of itself into a necklace I routinely wear as my own personal spirit representing my own connection to it and the books work a sort of familiar that doesn’t directly interact but when in contact through reading the book and working with its magick and personal takes will both learn and adapt the whole and offer insight and instinctive guidance in succeeding in its works. I would greatly encourage anyone wanting to work deep into the book and its related concepts perform a similar process to gain such a familiar aspect of the spirit as it is a great aid and offer in exchange vitality and awakening to strengthen the whole.

Part 2 The Spells
I have not performed all the spells from the book but the ones I have performed I will list and tell of some of the experiences involved. I will list the spells in the order I first used them.

Incantation To Give Power Over Others
This was the first one I decided to test out on someone who had before been a rather staunch and stubborn opponent of mine in a group I am and I won’t go into details of things but opposition was based on both political views and both philosophical and ideological views. Who also holds a bit too much influence in that circle. I did not wish for conflict because it would have likely torn the group the apart in the process so testing this spell was a way to win him over to my side. It took only a couple of days for results to start to appear in him. The spell also seemed to function in a sustainable fashion and less through pure domination though I sense it clearly has the potential for pure domination which I have applied to towards indirectly. It opened his mind to see things from a new perspective which brought him closer to my own views which still hold true today. In a sense he started noticing things that he had been blocking out previously from mental bias and that brought about the result I wanted to end the stalemate.

The second more passive but dominating use of the spell was as a method of charging a symbol from my alphabet of desire which I won’t reveal here but the symbol represents both domination and ultimate authority. By using the spell as a mantra and channeling the raised power and thought into the symbol I further charged and refined its meaning which uncovered a second connected and balancing symbol that when paired together function far more effectively and powerfully at projecting ultimate authority to those nearby and also in just controlling others through focused thought alone. This is one of the personal adaptations of the books spells that serve to load and charge a symbol in meditation that can later be called and the full of the stored power and concept in the symbol can be used at will without the initial charging spells but with just pure faith and force of will. I use a series of different spells and words of power to charge such symbols and refine their purpose and connections in my mind so don’t be afraid to try combining other spells in experiments or making your own personal modifications to the spells in the book after trying the default spell a few times for a base to compare the effects of any changes too.


  • Dynamis seems not an entity but some research digs up that it corresponds to an internal aspect of the self representing power and authority as well as possibly an entire class of angelic beings.

  • The spell in its default form seems to work best as a preparation and not in the moment but infusing its power into personal symbols from the alphabet of desire convey its effects more permanently to the self and the symbol used for more immediate in the moment use. Making it very versatile. Changing the wording and consuming the power could also infuse the self as a whole with authority over all if it is turned into a habit.

  • Very fast effects and has a peculiar feel to the third eye when in use on a single focus.

Chant To Bring Success
This spell is one I have been using a lot in regards to my writing and art work but seems to have a very broad and general potency for all fields. Its effects were not extraordinary but far more subtle likely due to surrounding circumstances in my environment which makes the outstanding successes reported in the book very very difficult to obtain however I have noticed the quality of my writing has improved and so has lately my skills in drawing. However an indirect effect seems to be my success in seemingly unrelated magical fields that nonetheless have contributed heavily to my mundane work. So its effects have largely seemed to enhance my magical potency to allow more room for creativity and skill in my focused subjects of art and writing. It seems to definitely work best when work is done to offer buffers and different conduits to manifest such as learning new varieties of magick and experimentation or the creation of sigils which it will on its own augment to bring success in different areas.

The influence of this spell is best directed either in general for all areas of life or focused on a single goal but allowed to spread to all areas to relate them to that goal. It does have a depressing effect after a while which seems to be a sort of burn out or crash from the energy so some mental strength and discipline is advised as well as channeling the resultant emotions as fuel.

This spells energy also attracted to me the angel Kadiel which governs expression and has proven quite valuable in giving advice and insight for my workings.


  • The depressing effects are best countered by filtering it into determination and just pushing through it. Taking some time off just for personal time and relaxation is also adviced.

  • In my case seems to lead to things indirectly and resulted in a long term project that has supplanted the spell as the primary means of triggering events but the spell has instead become the conduit.

  • Elubatel is a very powerful angel of omnipotence with no defining field but power in all fields.

  • Most success is visible when comparing where you have ended up compared to where you started initially.

Astral Projection
This will deal specifically in regards to the incantation for astral as the technique given is fairly generic and similar enough to many other techniques. The phrasing of the spell is at first confusing as it seems to address beings that control the astral realms however I found for myself that the proper use of the statement of intent is to repeat it twice. First directing it within to address the parts of the self that control astral travel personifying them as entities can make it easier to process mentally and then it is turned to an external statement addressing the forces or laws of the astral plane to loosen their grasp to allow easier travel and again the personification is for ease of access. The word of power Shemhamphorash seems to have a powerful focusing effect on the projection once you are out allowing you to focus on a specific level and clear up any distortions and so remain in control.

My results ended up with travel being easier to initiate and also far more clear though not yet on the level I would prefer my progress has sped up along with use of the chant for success. I have also found some other spells and words of power that I have cut down into a mantra which is a whole different story.


  • After the initial two recitations of the entire spell the word of power is best used as a focusing mantra along with any chosen additions until projection success or throughout the training exercise.

  • Combines well with dream work.

  • Does not work as good with Yggdrasil use runic chants to focus in there but is fine to use to cause the initial projection.

Chant To Bring Health
Have only used the original version one time as a test on a random subject that I could monitor. Results were delayed by a week before sudden changes in mental and physical health were observed. Suffered from self harm issues and the test subject decided randomly to actually seek help for their problems and start recovering. This testing started out on accident initially by accidentally the spell while thinking of this person and wondering if I could give them a needed boost with it.

Second use was with a modified version that included calling on Raphael in addition to Zoroel and Sabriel. This modification however cannot be done automatically it seemed but agreement must be reached by the powers involved first before they will work together. This seems a jurisdiction or Hierarchy issue that needs to be resolved first at least in my case. Once agreement is reached however it will stay and either version can be used as you best feel fitting. This one has shown impressive results in treating depression and nervous issues. I would say these spells are best used in dealing with mental health issues and the mind aspect of healing work while qigong healing and energy work is used for the astral and physical body but that is just my preference. Both the healing energy work and mental faith based healing may be combined together.


  • Second version of the spell with the addition of Raphael seems to have had much quicker results though the case the default form of the spell was applied to was a far more serious case.

  • Resolution is best obtained by evocation of all three spirits. Full evocation is not necessary merely calling into three separate mirrors seems to suffice.

Psychic Guided Missile
This one I have only used once though it has seemed so far quite effective. The only requirement for this ritual seems to be knowing who your target is or having some energetic lock on them while the Astral Bomb ritual requires also having a location to target as well at least by their descriptions. For this ritual a full setup was performed starting with LBRP and circle casting along with the books variation of the Middle Pillar ritual. The target in question was a coworker of my mother who has been harassing her. I knew only her name and what she looked and energetically felt like from some scrying. After performing the proper preparatory work which did raise a strong energetic atmosphere to employ I begun the spell making the modification to include any in collusion with my target. Initially it was difficult to get going but once the pace picked up there was the sense of being in the middle of a pillar of lightning and the mental image of my chosen enemies being impaled by flaming spikes of metal raining from the heavens and shattering the earth around them even as it drove them into submission and left them hanging impaled to the earth. They were hit with a long spike through each of chakra. Since then I have heard of no more trouble from the target or any of their friends.


  • This along with astral projection is the only one I have routinely performed with a full opening ritual and circle casting. Though the energy raising exercise is performed before each spell if it is planned.

  • There is a very real feel of wrath from God where you are God when performing this.

  • This ritual also seemed to end itself once it was fully sent out by automatically shutting down the trance state.

Now as to the various exercises themselves such as the Middle Pillar, Bornless Rite, and the uncrossing ritual all are cut down derivatives of their original rituals which can be effective short cuts to enacting their power though I would suggest familiarity with their original versions for a reference point. The Middle Pillar ritual itself is shown as the New Avatar Power Fountain is the closest to an actual energetic technique employed and quite effective though I have included it in my normal warm ups which include other exercises specifically on psychic channels and energy centers through the body.

As to the exercise with the magical mentor it is the same exercise though in different phrasing to exercises in hermetics for contacting your own mentor which is a personification of your own connection to the universal consciousness and source of knowledge. In effect contacting a different state of your higher consciousness and I chose to use the method I was more familiar with though they are identical in all but phrasing and terminology and quite effective. The pendulum work itself was also nothing new but specific takes on generalized work with a pendulum though it did inspire me to remake my pendulum chart to include additional elements to it. Not the best or fanciest but it works quickly and effectively and I tend to make things out of what I have on hand.



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You did leave out the money magick, which is quite powerful.
For the rest, nice article!

With the health ritual I had succes but you have to give it time and dedication, day after day.


I haven’t used the money magick yet is why I left it out. I figured my best bet is to increase my skills to be marketable enough to really make it count.


Even then, you just need to fill a demand. I know a lot of people who aren’t exactly anything I’d call amazing at their craft and they make ridiculous money compared to people objectively better in every possible way.

It’s a journey in itself and I’d tell anyone to jump in and hit it hard


A large part right now is improving how fast I can do things but still keep the same quality. I am not exceptional at it but I think I am fairly decent and if I can work faster but still keep the same essence to it then all the better for everyone involved. I have considered perhaps trying my luck on some lottery tickets just to see what happens. I have always been curious if I can screw the odds up bad enough to win something and I never tried it before.


I haven’t really had a chance to do more than skim-read your OP yet, but I did just take my copy of NAP down from the shelf and asked it what it had to say about this. It showed me an image of a spear, straight and true (like Gungnir) and I got a sweet taste in my mouth, like ripe fresh oragnes, so I think this is a very positive sign you’re “on target.”

For whatever that’s worth. :smiley:

The second thing that happened was, my copy has some sun bleaching to the spine and it showed me that as a kind of lock/chain image, which may indicate that this book likes to be kept in the dark, out of sunlight, as much as possible (or maybe just mine, or, maybe just when it fades the text - the old “don’t write in a grimoire” thing).

Sharing anyway, in case it’s any use to anyone. I am going to wrap my copy in black cloth for a bit and see if that makes any difference.


I too would say that is a very good sign and the fact you bring up Gungnir is uncanny considering the latest things going around over here. Keeping books out of the light is also generally advised except at times you are reading them helps make them last longer. Also sorry if things are a tad long to read I am sure there is probably some pattern to my writing that will let you cut to the chase I just tend to be a bit heavy on exposition.

Do let us know if any other interesting developments occur with your copy of the book though. I sense some potential for some grand stories depending on how things align.

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I asked the question about the money ritual to @anon47923162 because I had great results with Nitika for the second time.

First time it was after my vacation and I was placing a new kitchen in my apartment. I put a lot of work into it but Nitika came through every time. Opportunity to earn money and money just came when I needed.

Second time I needed braces so I asked him to help me with the money or insurance and he came through again.

Now I really put in a lot of work myself, but the rewards of Nitika are really there.


Had to drop my own thanks to Nitika. In four days he delivered me the exact amount I asked for my surgery, after two times invocation.
Next I’m going to ask more money for tattoos, girl needs more ink.

Also I’m thanking Zoroel and Sabriel, they helped me with my health issue in just two days and I only performed the chant once.


I also want to thank Zoroel and Sabriel, Elubatel and Iaoth, Opiel, and Petahyah. They helped me with a health issue.