Time for a nice revitalising NAP?

About three years ago @Lady_Eva did an interesting ritual to discover what was happening with the NAP aka New Avatar Power rituals and if they were still relevant in today’s society and world.


If you take a look at her findings you will see the conclusion is that they were of their time, however due to their beautiful simplicity I’m wondering if there is some way to reinvigorate them and make them work to full capacity again for those of us who love minimalist magickal rituals or can’t go the full Crowley.

I know that many of the rituals have been incorporated into the Gallery of Magick’s offerings and other publications and perhaps it was my imagination but the author decried his own work at one stage however, I wonder if it would be possible to revitalise these workings?

Your thoughts?


I just searched it up. If you want a nice Demonic version of that VK Jehhanum seems to offer something similar. In the sense that the ritual system seems based mainly off reasonably simple magickal chants. Seems great for those sorcerers who as you put it “love minimalist rituals”. His work seems more spiritual development oriented though as far as I can tell.

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My thoughts essentially are that there are so many better ritual systems out there that are in fact quite minimalistic that it probably isn’t really necessary anymore. There are just so many good, minimalistic systems out there that seem to me to be just so much better. (@HermesHorse This isn’t a working thread right? If so I am sorry).

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You’re probably right - it’s not a great working thread. I’m just looking for something straightforward and simple to do daily that I can do easily that can be interrupted and resumed without causing massive offense to the deities involved.

I’ve had to disguise what I am doing as ‘meditation’ with the exception of Marbas but I think you’ve got a clear idea that I do prefer the Goetic Gods over others and VK Jehhanum may well be the best option.

Thanks for your time.

@HermesHorse If “straightforward and simple to do daily” is what you need there’s plenty out there. VK Jehannum is good. If you need even more minimalist than that then Eye of the Oracle (by Somnus Dreadwood) pretty much requires no tools for the vast majority of the rites.


@HermesHorse Runic magick might work I suppose. Also, the articles on working with Demonic Sigils and the Chants from EA Koetting.

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Sure, I’m willing to try it :slight_smile:

It seems it’s taken back into the loop @