New Avatar Power 30 days challenge

Hello there.

Here begin 30 days of experiment with Gray-Cobb’s grimoire “The Miracle of New Avatar Power”.

Daily, no matter which work of NAP I use, I’ll do my routine of Vampirism (extracting Lifeforce energy from different sources during the day).

DAY 7 :
I work since one week with the CHANT TO BRING HEALTH for a woman suffering from sciatalgia.
I’ve seen her today and sadly, the pain is still here … and even worse. :face_with_monocle:

Ok. I’ll continue until I see results. Or at last until the end of this challenge.


Excellent please keep us posted on how the patient responds to this treatment.

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this book fucked me badly I recovered afther many months until realizing it was because of it and few other things

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Not raining on anyone’s parade but I worked with this and other books from this author with basically no success. I know it is heralded as being a kinda easy barrier to entry to the occult but it would appear like so many other systems some practitioners have success while others don’t. I say this to say that many people imply that success is all but assured with NAP but that really isn’t the case.

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Well. As you say it very well, NAP works for some and doesn’t for others.

i don’t know any magick system working 100 % of the time and for every one.

If you read all the topics about NAP from this forum you will read many successes and very interesting analysis of this magical system exposing why it is worth trying.

For example :

I use Magick since long years and only put NAP to test recently, with very interesting success.


I’m looking for any tips that can make NAP system more profitable. I few times got results but many times didn’t. I don’t know what is the best aproach for that magic system. What are the specific rules to follow.

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Because, when I read the NAP, I have the same, well “crapy” feeling like while reading some new age/law of attraction books. The most part is to encourage you to do that and happy stories of people who achieved something with it, but about the rituals themself is just about 10 % of the whole.

And I don’t know how to get the best approach. Let’s say that my goal is to have a new car. And I don’t mean the very expensive like Rolls-Royce, Maybach, Ferrari etc. For example, just usual city car, I dream about just straight from a car dealer, smelling new, Volkswagen Golf, or Honda Civic, Toyota Auris etc.

What ritual or rituals should I perform for achieving this? And what way is easier way for Spirit working or just usual energy rituals:

  1. Letting me win in a lottery to give me enough amount.
  2. Giving me a job that gives me enough salary for purchase or just get a loan.
  3. Encouraging to do some less legal activity and not getting me busted?

My young friend.

Everything is in the book.

Follow it exactly.

Key points :

  1. Your trance must be a good one before doing the spell
  2. During the spell, say the chant but you can add more juice visualizing your goal and feeling the relief/joy/excitement you’ll feel once the goal attained
  3. Do it every fucking day with great discipline, never desperate and without any doubt.
  4. Persist, persist, persist until achievement.

I think you should also elaborate a plan of believable goal or step allowing to attain your goal (being able to have the car you want). It is not necessary but it is sometimes useful to use magick to check every step before your final goal if this one appear to be too far away from the realm of possibilities.

For example
Goal : having a car
Context : having enough money to buy the car
Step 1 : find a job
Ritual to find a job : Evocation of Prince Orobas
Step 2: ok I’ve an interview for a job now. How to win the interview ?
Ritual to hire : Chant for success From NAP or évocation of Paimon
Step 3: having enough money from work to buy the car
Ritual : évocation of Bael , or Chant to bring money from NAP

I think you understand the process.

And a last advice : everyday meditation or energy work. Relax. Let go. Enjoy your life. Meet friends. Play. Celebrate.

Oh. And you really should use the search button to explore all NAP’s topics. There is a lot of useful infos on the forum.

My spirit mentor is just telling me now that you DO need patience. You are like a horse running and jumping everywhere. Full of stamina but your energy is dispersing in the wind. Focus. Focus. Focus.

Good luck.


I’ve searched and just couldn’t get the right answer. Some say they had great results with NAP, while there are many posts where a person didn’t get any results.

And also I don’t know if NAP is an entity summoning workings or just witchcraftian rituals.
Because witchcraftian rituals require a regular repetitions.
And I described in one of my posts, my results while doing every week a wealth withcraftian ritual, during 8 weeks, where just not satisfying.

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NAP is basically very simplified ceremonial magick. Geoff Grey-Cobb took things from many different sources, and put them together in an easy to follow manner that doesn’t require any previous magical knowledge or theory.


Yes sir!


@anon25000386 s quote from you :point_up_2:.

And this! :point_down:

Best advice to make our current reality meet, line up and merge with our desired one. It sounds really “delicious” to just enjoy every single minute of it!


DAY 9 of chant to bring health :

The pain of the woman suffering from sciatalgia lessened to almost 50%.

Quite interesting.

I hesitate to take another chant for another goal but I will stick with the chant to bring health a little more. I am gladly surprised by the results of only 9 days of spell but as it seems that best results come after almost 21 days, I’ll stick on it for now.

Also, daily vampirism. It is sooo good to fill the astral body with Lifeforce.


YES !!!

DAY 14 of chant for health : the pain of the woman is now around 10% only.

It works !

I think I will continue maybe one Day or two and I’ll begin another spell for another goal.


Well I found some posts about the negative side effects of NAP. To be honest I think there is something going on.
If I have t choose between summoning Spirit for task or using NAP, I choose conjuration. Despite the nature of that entity, the results are better in my opinion.


Yes. It seems so. I agree with you.

It seems NAP works but takes time to create tangibles results.

But the technique is intriguing.

That’s why I put NAP to the test.

After this challenge I’ll certainly do another one with spirit evocation or another magical technique.


Not only takes time, too much time, but I think it works in some way “to obtain something, you must lost something else” I dont know if this works this way, but few times when I got some results with nap it worked in this way.


I haven’t had this problem (yet) and I’ve been using NAP occasionally for a few years, but if such a thing happens (losing something in exchange for the fulfillment of my desire) I’ll be sure to report it in this experimentation journal.

Thank you for the warning in any case.

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while I stopped the ritual to bring health as I had said, and while I have been working on a completely different objective for several days (which I will reveal as soon as the result is obtained), the woman suffering from back pain and sciatalgia is totally cured.

This tells me that the spirits may continue to work even after the chanting has stopped, or at least that the effect of their action has a certain kinetic effect that continues for several days after the chanting has stopped.

To see if this kind of phenomenon occurs again.


Very interesting.

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