Need the aid of those extremely knowledgeable in Runes, Astral Entities, and Abolishing contracts

Good eve, practitioners of magick. I will for here, go by Enigma. Enclosed is a tale that beckons the wisest to respond, as to decipher, enlighten, and advise on how best to proceed. For all intents and purposes i will use the names i used back when i was 16, followed by the new names i believe are closer to those mentioned in this tale.

When i was 16 i was in a residential home, a group home of foster kids that had no families that would take them in due to age. I was nearing the time my mother would obtain custody of me legally again when this occured. I, being the curious kid, started reading into Pagan Magicks, and was given a few books, one was the Necronomicon. ( before anyone flames me about h.p. love craft lore being fiction, read on please) not knowing at the time the writings of HP lovecraft, I took it very seriously.

I began with taking my necklace, and inscribing the symbol Agga, as to represent the elder gods, on the backside of the pendant. The pendant was of Pertho ( ᛈ ) and here comes my first question. Can runes overlap to create a binding rune, when they are on opposite sides of a pendant. If so, this would mean I had created a binding rune with Pertho reversed. It would explain the later issues.

While at this residential I got into an altercation with another kid, and so one night, I prepare to astral travel, to seek an entity that could help me “punish” this kid. I remember it not working right away ( probably because Cthulhu has no exact comparable version in other Pantheons. ( if so please correct me) That is when everything went dark.

I thought I heard either 1 audible voice and 1 telepathic, or what I now think, was 2 distinct audible voices. I asked for help to punish this kid. What I remember hearing before the next event was “blood for blood, we are in Accord”

I awake to paramedics working on me, removing a metal coat hanger I apparently stabbed myself in the forearm with. I was sent to a psych hospital, for self harm. I explained I don’t recall what happened ( hiding what they may have known from the scene of where they found me, ring of salt makeshift altar, etc. during my 2 week stay, that kid is discharged from the residential. 1 month later, he is hit by a car. The moment I heard this news, I recall my pineal gland burning. Cut to 20 years later, as nothing I learned further in the arts had any effects, I was not able to Astral project or travel since, when before I was quick to learn and had gotten the hang of it.

20 years after this incident, I have my emotional support cat put down after he sustained injuries my vet couldn’t explain, he was found somewhere he couldn’t have gotten to if he was hit by car or attacked by coyote. My wife, who is Wiccan , felt as she stated " insanely nasty and violent energies around (my cat) when never she felt them before. That night, I accidentally Astral project for the first time in a long time, enjoyed myself, but when returning to my body, I saw a shadow being, with wings, just waiting. Fortunately my wife had awoken to the other cats going crazy, and it left, and I returned and woke up.

This is my hypothesis. The binding rune I made may have allowed access to higher entities but with great risk. I might have made a bargain with Cthulhu, or the Mesopotamian counterparts that are closest, the twins Lamahu and Lamhu. I may have missed or they misunderstood my intention was not death to the kid, but the contract I feel had something to do with my spiritual abilities being siphoned/ dampened. I feel that my cat Dante fought with the astral being’s minion that was tasked with the siphon maintenance over the years, and broke me free of it, violating the contract. I performed a safe and easy of passage ritual asking Bastet and Sekmet to assist him. The night of that ritual was windy, and raining. My candle had little protection yet it stayed lit the entire life of the candle . The energies were amazing, I felt nothing like it in so long.

But I wonder now, I’m not done with whomever, and I’ve been cautious in retelling this, because of ridicule, amongst other reasons. What can I do? I’ve been told by my Patron Athena ( also refered to as Ishtar/ Innana) that there is a great task I must do, with two options, one will allow my continued reincarnation cycles, the other… Will stop it. I am married to my twin flame, and through our dark night of the soul we both are currently experiencing, these portents seem dismal. I appreciate your time taken to hear my tale. I appreciate any advice. Fare thee well, and blessed be.

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In this case, as a rule of thumb you would immediately banish and cleanse. Keeping our space clear of astral nasties is a basic must-have for all mages, you don’t leave it to chance, and you don’t let random entities just waltz through your life unquestioned. Most of them are parasites feeding off misery, so you get rid of them asap.

Please see the links above for the “spiritual hygiene” thread for free tutorials and ideas, and if it’s not easily banished attack it with techniques in the Parasite Collection thread.

yes, doing magick of any kind sort of “lights you up” and brings attention to you in the astral, attracting predators and parasites as well as beneficial entities. That’s why you get protections in place BEFORE you start doing magick not after. Now you have to dal with what you attracted. This is completely doable and not that hard, it’s kind of normal if unhappy and inconvenient - pets are at special risk as they act to attract bad things away from you, especially cats. You can set your intention to only attract beneficial entities but Earth bound spirits are included in having free will and like other humans can still disrespect yours and be a nuisance.

A bit of practice and you’ll be fine. I’m sorry you had to learn the hard way, but you’re not alone this happens to a lot of people that dive in without setting up protections first, and sometimes even if they do.

Get good at astral combat and you will have valuable stills for life, use this POS entity as your practice dummy.

This makes no sense. Reincarnation has nothing to do with defending yourself as a human. I would say she’s probably talking about something else. Most “gods” (I just call them higher beings) see dealing with parasites as relatively trivial and don’t even talk about it, just watch you fix it on your own. It’s good practice and pretty basic.