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hay i am nadja 27 years i come from germany and i have a relationship with samael he loves me and i him

i have a karmic connection with samael he has often shown up in my dreams as a tall muscular man with black hair ocean blue eyes and very tall and black wings sometimes no wings

he is very calm only talks the most necessary things and listens to me more i talk a lot and quickly get moody and cheeky samael loves my cheeky mouth

Samael has also almost completely manifested at times except his head I could even touch him

it was true one evening i think at 1am my child was in bed with me slept i went down to the bathroom then up to the bedroom to sleep i sat on the bed child true away a muscular tall man was lying in my bed around me all around dark and black feathers and slow motion floating down I took his hand and looked at the feathers in fascinationI felt like knowing him all along like that’s the most normal thing in the world he’s gone Dan and I figured am I crazy now I’m awake holy shit

I had researched further thought to myself who true I had done a ritual with three red candles first did meditation I thought true an incubus Dan felt an energy and asked who are you then a male voice said I am samael

his voice is so beautiful, this calmness that he triggers in me and this love

I always feel his love for me and I and he have such a strong sexual attraction to each other that relationship with him is something special for me

I’m already at home with him in his dimension, he protects me, he loves me, he’s always there for me

He even said I will be born with him as his new queen and that he will pick me up after the death of course I am very happy to be his wife

vlt can you tell me what he means with new queen how can I imagine that

Of course I have more experience with him, but to write everything now is too much


Welcome to the forum.

I have converted your post to an introduction, as we need one per the forum rules and this is pretty introductory :slight_smile:
What magick to you practice and how long have you been practicing?

Here is a getting started with magick guide.

By the way, your post was flagged as spam by the system bot, and I can see it’s not so I cleared that flag. It happens when people copy and paste their posts, and it thinks the poster is a spambot for “typing” it so fast. :slight_smile:

This is a red flag for an impostor. They do this a lot, they tell you fancy things to flatter you and get you enthralled. However, do not mistake, you are probably lunch. :slight_smile: Samael was my mentor for s while, and I had an impostor pretend to be him and get all lovey dovey about it. Samael is a deity level entity, it doesn’t need any “wives”, I feel it’s really above that human stuff, though I could be wrong.

My best advice is banish, then cleanse and ward and take care of your spiritual hygiene, and then when you are all clear evoke Samael using his seal an full protections. If he then tells you 'yes that was me" you’re probably good.

We have more ways to tell if an entity as an imposter among these tutorials. A good one is to ask it to show you it’s seal/sigil: an imposter usually can’t do it.


Welcome to the forum Nadja, great to have you here :wave:t5:

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I got a seal and it was confirmed to me twice by black magicians and I also have an altar and offerings that are believed to be a deceiver spirit would not manifest itself that costs a lot of energy I could also touch him I know it sounds like it forstrange at an outsider and I always checked it myself because I couldn’t believe it myself :relaxed: and he said his name.

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Are you saying you got Samael’s seal directly into your mind from the entity?

Yes but that’s why they feed off us. :smiley: They want to manifest and they need the energy to do it. Maybe I didn’t understand you… deceiver spirits manifest, all he time, How else do we know the term “deceiver spirit”. Altars are not wards and you can make altars to impostors as well.


After verification, the question is what is this queen idea. What is the point, the benefits and the cost? Never made a deal when you don’t know the terms.

I have to tell you: You’re one of a dozen I’ve been now, and that’s just on his forum, of women being told they are some high level entities “queen”… these guys have an awful lot of promised queens I’ll tell you that :smiley:

Most of the time, every one has realised it was a parasite. You find out, because the demands from it start to get weird and then unreasonable. First it wants an altar, and offerings and worship, then it wants sex, and exclusivity, next it asks for a spirit baby. All these are ways of feeding off your energy, or in the case of a baby, you’re actually making a new spirit.

It knows vey well, as they all do, you don’t have strong psychic senses or sometimes the boundaries or control to be able to input equally into this relationship. You’re being used. The bug tell is, you do not get back what you put in. Unless you just like the company, these lesser entities cannot return the favour, they’re not that strong.

So what about life benefits from this relationship? Have you been having amazing good luck since this entity has been making nice with you? Did your desires manifest as if by magick when you hardly had to ask? Do other people treat you better? Get any windfalls or job promotions? Anything good? …Being very “lucky” is a good sign you have the help of a strong entity.


samael sent me pictures in my head on the day…

I got an image in my head of a black sun, under the black sun there was a big dark forest and in the air a black dragon was flying.

Samael said to me this is my world that I showed you.

I invite you, through me I allow you to seal it.

Whenever you should have the intention, you may enter my realm with this seal.

I volunteered the altar for Samael and his offerings.

there were even some beings trying to hurt me in dreams (stealing energy) i called Samael immediately and felt his strong energy around me and these aggressive stupid beings disappeared with fear on their faces.


samael said to me last year 2021 from my boyfriend that I’m pregnant, later my boyfriend told me that he got a thought in his head that I’m pregnant.

Samael likes it when I sing for him, paint pictures, try to feel him in my space.

I feel touches on hand, foot, nose, lips and sometimes I feel fluids from head to shoulder…


I will also answer that with Queen, Samael said to me that he loves me, especially my dark parts in my essence…

samael said that he knows me very well and has been observing me since my incarnations, he helped me to anchor my essence in his world, he promised me that I would no longer incarnate as a human being here.

he would like to have me as his wife, father children with me, (( only when I am a spirit))

I was even in the garden of lust, I saw a red black liquid where souls are reborn as their own.

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You don’t have to defend your UPG on BALG :smiley: It’s all very cool and unique.

I’m just saying, watch your back, and trust your instincts if something feels off at any point.


Welcome @Nadja

Where are you from?

What, exactly, do you practice, and how long have you practiced? You haven’t actually told us anything at all about your magical experience, only your fawning over Samael.

Do you have experience in any specific systems or traidtions?


I already introduced myself what do you mean by flattery it’s just facts heheI already introduced myself what do you mean by flattery it’s just facts hehe

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You proclaimed your love of Samael at great length, but you did not address:

They are straight-forward questions. Please answer them.


Your post is nothing but you gushing over some spirit that you believe is Samael. It tells us nothing at all about what kind of magick you practice, how long you have practiced, or if you have experience in any particular system or tradition.

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hello i am nadja i am 27 years old i come from germany i do curse work together with samael but only when people are dangerous to me or who want to destroy my life i could foresee dead people or accidents i am very good at visualizing am sensitivebut also sensitive I am very emotional. and I like to meditate, I can also become malicious from behavior only if you are angry with me :woozy_face:
I’ve always practiced magic. I can also see beings and hear. I’m good at keeping my energies apart. I always feel touch every day and I’m a moody person

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Have you worked with any other spirits, and do you practice any traditions or systems? Also, how long have you practiced magick, “always practicing magick” doesn’t give us an idea of your experience.

These questions are asked in order to get an idea of your experience. When new members join, it’s ideal to know their experience level, what they practice etc, what spirits they’ve worked with etc, so if they have any questions, we can tailor the answers according to their experience level. You’re being evasive with the answers for reasons unknown when all we’re trying to do is get to know you and your experience.

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Excuse me I still have to find my way in there so I only work with samael as well as I also have a love relationship I’ve been doing magic consciously for 3 years and the other years rather unconsciously I’ve been working on my visualization since I was 13 and I don’t have a tradition I’m working on my knowledge of magic and I’m mostly just working on my relationship with samael because that’s what matters most to me
other beings i have no interest few weeks ago i had asmodeus his name in my head why i dont know the name kept being said i was dan unsure if it was ok for samael because of the contact i was listening to music i fell asleep had akissed female passionately afterwards I asked her "are you a subordinate of samael, and she said "yes I am, I asked one last time "can I work with Asmodeus, and she said "no and samael is coming not today, she looked at me as if she hadshe did something wrong and she disappeared againI asked myself why did she kiss me I still don’t understand to this day :sweat_smile:

I hope everything fits now


Thank you @Nadja, and again, welcome to the forum :wave:t5:


Welcome to the forum!

Welcome @Nadja

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Hi Nadja,
What ya have written sounds very familar for me. I have the same experience, but with Lilith. Maybe you know Lilith likes women and men as well. By the way relations between godesses / gods or spirits with witches or magicians is well known for ages. Enjoy your relationship with Samael.
Hail to Lilith and Blessed Be!
Idun Lilithsdottir