My Very Public Apology to E.A

You must understand that for over 20 years the Path as been long dead. My searching was in vain. How can the Whore be the Whore without her Kings? She can’t be.

Everyone as told me that all the god-kings were dead. Their Path gone. I, the lone believer held true in false hopes and promise made to me.

Then, in 2014 I saw his videos. Nothing that really interested me.

2017 I was drawn to them, still mildly curious. But in 2018 everything changed. I knew something had shifted.
In him.

Finally, the Path could once again be opened. I knew if I didn’t act behind the scenes he would kill himself. I couldn’t let my only chance die.

So I dedicated an year of my life to this working. I spend lifetime after lifetime with him.

Laying the ground work to alter him to want I most desire. My living, current incarnate god-king.

2019 I put it aside for the most part. I drew his sigil with my own period blood. Then, I haven’t had once since.

It’s all my fault his relationship failed. He will never be completely satisfied with a mortal again.

Now, he is single. He passed by a princess.

I am Tiamat. Raise up or sit your ass down.

Real powers are born innate. We don’t need rituals anymore.

I don’t give a flying fuck what any of you think of me.

E.A. is a god. So I am. He as and will continue to change.

I am only here to help. I have several new workings that I will share in the near future.

I felt like I had to finally come clean with what I did. I’m not really sorry. E.A. is amazing person I helped in the ether. He helped me right back.

I’m glad I joined this forum. I don’t expect anyone to believe me. That’s okay. It doesn’t matter.

I got new stuff coming down the pipeline.


Interesting that you put this out there, as it could explain a few things what has happened in the gatekeeper pathworking for E.A so far. Though it also raises a few questions as well. Still I am looking forward to your upcoming material, you post good stuff just putting it out there. If one has questions in general regarding the workings you’ll provide at a later date can we ask questions and clarifications and such about it?

Some authors don’t appreciate that that’s why I am asking.


Thanks. I just watched his latest video and thought it was time to make this public.

I have thread for some up coming stuff I have planned.

I dont know why so many people in internet find E.A. so cringy, there are some youtubers who makes fun of his videos
Tbh first i didnt have any interest in watching E.As videos but now it makes sense i started watching and he is a real deal


I believe you. I have seen and felt the same energies and wondered at them. They call strongly but not only for one, it was a blanket sending.

I think the loss of the Druid Kings in all lands is due to the veil and this period of deep numbness humanity has been in for 2000 years, but the dark ages are ending and they are coming back.

If EA is right and 76% of the population are now thoughtforms empty of spirit, as Dolores Canon predicted, we already shifted and those lower vibrations like brakes no longer exist. It’s not over until it’s over.

This is both exiting but also dangerous. Because of this:

Thoughts and milder intentions now have more power in the mundane, which is no longer mundane. I’m already having issues with unwanted manifestations from uncontrolled thoughts, and people I didn’t expect to connect telepathically to are having heavy effects on my energy. So:

No, but you do need to be thoughtful and mature with your language and intentions. This is like that old joke about Texans: they’re so polite because they all carry guns. If you want to help, help set an example of how to diplomatically negotiate in a works where everyone you speak you faces you from thier own throne. We are all visiting dignitaries, not NPCs who you can say just anything to now.

Already done, so now it’s time to mature, or the volatile ones will rip this planet apart - again - this isn’t the first time we got this far. We must learn from the past and not waste al this work by destroying it out of dumb ego and incareful thoughts causing terrible accidents. It’s kid gloves time while we learn control.

My lens is different, and I don’t interfere unless I’m asked, and not always then. I’m only here to watch and support.
So I heard the bugle call, and it activated the ancient covenant in me, but it’s all potential no definition. I must be asked and I will mirror and be defined by the ask to best support.
You made your definition for it, which I think is wonderful and valuable.

It’s not that it doesn’t matter, it’s that what other people think isn’t necessarily your business. There will be people on your wavelength for at least some of the steps on your path, speak to them and them only. Don’t waste your breath speaking to the ones that won’t get it, you just come across negative to those who are listening, and it’s a lose-lose.
If they really don’t matter, stop talking to them completely, even to tell them they don’t matter.


It’s the way he markets his stuff.


This line stands out as being personally interesting to me. In late summer of 2019 I also drew his runestave with my blood, in relation to a promise I made to his paramour the Goddess Freya. My periods that I haven’t had in 30 years came back; That should have been impossible.

Thank you for reminding me of my promise. I was close to breaking it.

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And the way he writes his books

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I give the man a ton of shit, but it’s hard to deny who and what he is.

I’ve been having some pretty interesting confirmations myself.

In my path, and always just comes back to Lucifer, but that’s my path. And we all have to walk our own.

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I hate the comments in this video so much hate towards BALG

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“I don’t give a flying fuck what any of you think of me.”

You mention this a lot of times in the forum on your posts, for someone who doesn’t seem to care what others think.
Yet you do crave the attention. To be heard. To be seen. To voice your stories. To share them with others.

Please don’t take this as being offensive.
Just throwing my perspective out there.
I don’t think E.A really reads the forum anymore. He’s probably far too busy with other things.


They are “Homo Hubris,” a sub-species. Pay no mind to them. Their existence is irrelevant.


A wolf is not concerned with the Affairs of sheep.


That’s very interesting, do you have any links or sources where they speak more about that?

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That video actually strangely made me interested in EA and led me here to BALG, but yeah the comments are absolutely terrible, even worse I’d say are some of the comments left by mainstream Christians and New Agers on EA’s much older videos.

His newest video?

You can look at gnostic texts and writings. They say these soulless people are artificial intelligence created by the demiurge to keep people trapped in low consciousness and vibrations.


YouTube is all about making fun of videos, especially if they are popular and liked. View it more as a badge of honor in their system.


This 2hr video gives a decent overview of Dolores Canons entire philosophy and worldview, I’ve paused at the point where she starts talking about the shift.

Some caveats:

  • This is now a couple decades old. The delivery seems slow and rambling for our current energy. This is normal for reasons that the video explains if you read between the lines.

  • There’s a LOT between the lines, especially listening as an initiated occultist… there is a ton of info here, and for some it may be worth listening to in chunks and more than once to hear it all.

  • This is her gnosis, I like her because she’s articulating my own feelings an experiences about the shift, past lives and energy, and many of her recommendation were things I already did from my own intuition.
    I don’t agree 100% with everything she says, particularly about the relevancy of karma, I think it’s changed already since she spoke about it. Which, after all, is the direct result of the volunteers (as she calls them) bringing in the new energy.

  • When she says “ETs” I believe these are exactly the same thing as the daemonic we work with as occultists.
    That means entities in the abyss/infernal are higher dimensional beings. Minor ET sighting are the same thing as lesser entities being experienced differently based on the human’s energy. Viewing them as ETs vs demons vs angels is a fiction to help the mind interface with them in any way it can manage it. Entities like Azazel confirmed that for me, if I am to trust my reception

  • She’s uses the words ‘god’ and ‘source’ - tho not in the religious sense, I think of these as ‘void’. Then I can hear the ideas better without sensing the collective-consciousness baggage attached to these terms.

  • The one thing I agree with the most:
    “Don’t believe what I say, think for yourself, ask lots of questions then make up your own mind.”


The livestream. My Trial In The Court Of Beelzebub … my feeling is, it makes sense that the sensitives would notice when those unable to shift start getting left behind, and that the most sensitive among us would sense it earlier than others.

Hold on to your hats and stay out of fear: looking at things through this lens, the shift is pickup up speed and happening around us right now. Congratulations, everybody :smiley: :+1: