My Name is Kitty and I am in alot of pain

I do not have any illusions. I am not new to the occult and its workings but I am still very unlearned and not very confident. No reason for me to lie here. I live in constant physical pain and through that many limitations. My father was a veteran exposed to Agent Orange and I am suffering in pain as the result. I commune quietly with my daemons and hold discourses with them. How to progress? I am not certain. I live in a place where I am without guidance or anyone to speak to and to further myself along this path.

I live in Southwest England and it feels very lonely here. I am hoping in time to read and educate myself further. I am a perpetual student and open to learning and realizing my shortcomings.Thus far Belial, Lilith and Lucifer have called tome and I have spoken to. Also Sutekh from an EgyptianPantheon interestingly enough.

I hope I may find myself welcome here and can find a perch and absorb and learn from all of you.


Hello and welcome, Kitty.

I’m a total noob, so I can’t really help you, but rest asured, others do know a lot here, so you will find what you need.

See you around.


Welcome to the forum.


Thank you Rey it is appreciated. Life is nothing but learning and directing the knowledge really.


Thanks a lot Aprentiz it is much appreciated. I look forward to more time spent here and watching it grow and perhaps making connections with others.


Welcome. I hope you find that which can help you reach the next level of what you need.


What type of pain do you experience if I may ask?

I can pm you if you prefer :slight_smile:


Never be surprised as to who may reach out to you! Entities are drawn to who they are drawn to, regardless of their origin. I am a demonolatrix but I have a very strong relationship with Ares, for example. It is all in who we are and what entities wish to help.
I am sorry to hear you have inherited pain.
It is commendable that you wish to expand your knowledge. We are all perpetual students, although many of us believe we have learned “everything” lol. There is always a new book, a new meditation, a new stone to uncover. Welcome to the family!


Sciatica, Chronic regional pain syndrome coupled with severe fibroymalgia. Imagine working a sixteen hour shift.But you just woke up feeling that fatigued.Now your eyes are sensitive to the light. I choose to live in a bat cave. Strong smells sudden loud sounds. Even touching me has be gently. Going to the grocery store you experience sensory overload.


Hello, Kitty. :slight_smile: This place is great and a lot of help. May you continue to learn and evolve beyond your wildest dreams.


Hey Kitty… I am sad to hear about what you’re going through. Don’t worry here you will find lots of new knowledge!


Welcome here.
From the same place as you.
I am sorry you have pain. I also live in chronic pain and it can be hard but I hope that your spirituality helps you go through it.

If you ever need anything please let me know,x.


Finally, another one from England.

Welcome, love.


She has claimed to heal chronic pain thru her methods


Thank you :slight_smile: The pain is random and usually hits my feet and hands and face its a stabbing pain and I call it voodoo doll syndrome as I never know when it will hit me. Bit life is pain and learning. I believe that Lilith is the Queen Of pain. While her lessons are difficult it makes you stronger. I was told I would spend my life in a wheelchair and I said no. It took a year but I taught myself to walk again. One step at a time and we shall reach our goals and desires.


Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

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Thank you I will be doing quite a lot of reading and learning.

In Response, to NoxLotus My spirituality and snarkiness and sense of dark humor help a great deal. I think of myself as a misanthrope most of the time.

Hello Sinister-Neophyte! I live just outside of Plymouth…I don’t like it here.


Hi Amber, welcome. I like your user name :smirk_cat:
I also have chronic pain.

“Imagine working a sixteen hour shift.But you just woke up feeling that fatigued.”

Yep. That’s how i feel most days.
Totally get the sensory overload as well.
We’re fighters :fist:
Much love to you :heartpulse:


Try this:

The angelic version is described here, but may not be for you going by your OP:

There are a few Brits on here, me included. :smiley:

Yay! Love Belial, I posted this, you can probably imagine a British motorway off-ramp! :laughing:


I’ve been to Plymouth a few times. The lighthouse is pretty cool but other than that - well, I can see why you do not like it.