My experience as a sugar baby

I’m on these sites of sugar baby and sugar daddy, I met a 38-year-old guy, married and looking for just casual – he can’t keep something fixed at the moment – the problem is I always judged people who are infidious and now I’m paying the price, because I’ve always found this thing about people without carater. Anyway, he sent me money before he met me personally, he found my pix (which is the payment method we use here in my country) through my cell phone number, so I found this very ugly and weird and returned the money to him, and then we left online online, and he left me at the same time, and he left me at the same thing. He came to pick me up at my place of work in a Mercedes and then dropped me off at home, we just kissed, nothing happened and he was super gentle with me.

We only went out once, but that impacted me a lot, because it made me get out of my routine and live something different, you know?

I know I’m never gonna change him, and he’s not gonna leave his wife for me, because there’s a lot of patrimony involved in this …

Remember I gave him my first kiss, at 22 years old, yes, I know, I’m slow rs

I’m very sad about something that didn’t even start right, but there was a involvement and they don’t need to talk about that I have to have self-loving love and etc because I don’t want to … I don’t want to follow it, but I don’t want to pursue it, even if it’s casually… I don’t want to interfere in his personal life. i want him, whatever!

And I don’t know the real reason I liked him so much, because he’s not physically handsome, it’s just mysterious and good talk and we also have many things in common – I just want to stop with these thoughts seems like another world thing, I never felt like that. When I like someone or I get very obsessed or I don’t feel anything…

I would like to know your opinion on this and very sincerely, but remember, I’m a girl with no experience… I just live in my world working and studying… I’m breaking free now at 22 and trying to enjoy life better.…

I consulted with mediums, tarot, out of desperation… I don’t see that we will have a future… but I wanted to at least have him with me sometimes… could the spiritual side help me with this? Remembering that he’s from Candomblé, I’m afraid I’ll do something and then he’ll find out…


You could be under a spell. Check this post: Still hung up on your target after casting a love spell on them? GET IN HERE

Do that ritual for 11 days and your mind will be clearer.


I always make a deal with myself that sugar daddies are just business and I stick to it.

It’s sad and it does suck but I never pursue anyone I consider to be a “consumer” .

The hardest part is becoming attached to the guy yourself which is why I constantly check my feelings.

Trust me tho. No one man is worth making too many mistakes over, there’s plenty of them out there and if ones on the business side first and the feelings side 2nd then leave them to the business.

Plenty of others to meet in a dating/relationship way outside of the sugar daddies :black_heart::black_heart::black_heart:


I don’t think it’s this particular guy.

Likely, this experience has resonated with something within you.

He, and the experience, happened to fit a “template” if you will and has awakened some feelings in you, and now you’re longing for something you maybe weren’t aware of that you might’ve wanted.


And there’s always the risk of this :point_up::point_up::point_up:


First of all, I’m not a fan of this sugar baby sugar daddy thing. Morally, I’m opposed to it, but you play stupid games and you win stupid prizes. You caught feelings for a married man. Even if he left his wife, do you really want to be with a man who’s willing to potentially cheat? I don’t know the ins and outs of their relationship, but if he’s willing to cheat now, do you really think he won’t cheat again?

Point is that you got burnt. And btw, this could be worse. Being a sugar baby always means putting your safety and welfare at risk because some of these men (and women) can have bad intentions. When you’re looking at men with higher status and money, you’re flirting with men who have the power to act upon these bad intentions.

I say don’t do this. But if you’re still going to be a sugar baby, keep in mind the potential consequences. Like catching feelings for a cheater.

Btw, I’m not trying to be mean. I consider this stupid and dangerous. You better have good protections.




It would be great if someone had cast a spell on me hahahaha, but I’m pretty sure he didn’t… I think he sees the women on the site more as a casual object. He is from Candomblé and is away for a few days because of religion, but I don’t think he used it to do that to me. And if you had, how would I find out? And another thing, shouldn’t he be after me? It’s been almost 15 days and nothing… hehehe


Look, I only go out with him at the moment… I don’t go out with other daddys, I’m not so much for the money, but for curiosity and fun… knowing that there are people who pay for it… the glamor fascinates me, I don’t know how to explain it… however, he always leaves the site and comes back for what he told me… and he told me that he cheats on his wife because she is “an eternal refrigerator” (an expression of my country) that is, she doesn’t like sex and doesn’t satisfy him. I’ve always thought sugar babys, sugar daddys, married men… and today I’m paying the price for all this, today I don’t think there’s this right or wrong… I changed my character and thinking… I just don’t know if it was for something good lol. I’ve only gone out with him so far…: maybe the fact that he gave me money without ever having seen me (I returned the money) is giving me the first kiss surprised me, and the way he says it is similar to the young people my age… whatever…

and he already told me that we can’t fall in love, because he is married and won’t leave his wife, because she was with him from the beginning of everything. And I caught him in a good phase… a lot of couples break up today, but in his specific case I don’t think that’s possible… he said he cheats, but he’s a great husband… sex is an “escape valve” for him

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Myself, some months back, spent a nice evening with a lady that had a similar effect on me.

In that, even though I know it wouldn’t work out and I don’t think I’d pursue a relationship with her, I found myself having all these goofy fantasies with her. (Taking her clothes shopping, inviting her over to my nice place I don’t actually have and cooking a nice meal, something exotic maybe, running her a hot bath to relax in, taking her to shows, blah, blah, blah, basically spoiling her lol)

I realized she let me experience an element of expression and affection I haven’t been able to exercise or do for quite a while. Outside of that, maybe she ticked off some unconscious boxes for a (so/gf) template I’m not consciously aware of.


I feel the same way you do… and it hurts me… but at least the woman you went out with was single, right? hahahaha. What I liked the most was that he made me leave the real world a little and enter his, so much so that my first kiss was with him (even though I don’t know how to kiss properly)… I’m suffering from bullst, but I don’t know how to control my emotional… people say I’m smart and I have emotional intelligence, but I’m not… when others ask me for advice, I know how to give it, but when it’s me, I don’t know what to do… but I know it will pass… or not … I even lost a bit of hunger, all because of bullsht…


Honestly I’m not seeing this as much different than many first loves or big time crushes. I have thought I’d never love again or find someone right for me more times than I can count.

But it’s also really pretty common to have the first one feel like it’s a big deal, even if it’s just a crush.

I personally have a tendency to obsess and try to fix things, give people more chances than they deserve and I generally suck at getting over relationships.

Cord cutting can help with some of the obsessive thoughts, longings and wayward feelings but really it’s up to you to either ride it out till someone or something else catches your attention and demands your brain power, or you can actively work at lessening these feelings and thoughts.

It’s okay to have them, just not to let them dictate your life. Sometimes we need to cry and have a pouty day or two or week or whatever. I find it becomes depressing and energy draining though.

It’s a good time to surround yourself with people who actually care about you if you have any, socialize and meet new people, take up a new hobby, research a topic that you pings your interest and to help others.

I usually find helping others to be a grand distraction from whatever life’s woes are. It’s generally a rewarding and validating type experience for everyone involved.

Sometimes I have no one around to help, so I’ll give free readings or a situation will appear out of nowhere that provides me an opportunity to aid someone while distracting and helping myself.


This part is so romantic and you experienced one of the wonders of life :slightly_smiling_face:
At last, you might say, and even though it didn’t happen in quite the way you would have preferred, you still experienced something new to you and now you can grow from that.



I’ve seen dozens of cases similar to yours, with almost identical personal profiles.

Both the way he approach and the way he try to impresses you.
Even the fact that he’s a Candomblé follower (which means nothing)

I see a mixture of seduction techniques with spiritual influence.

Could it be a spell? I believe so and with a very specific objective of making you want him against your real will.

The only advice I can give is not to spend money on endless consultations or rituals, even in desperate moments.

and remember,
Magic only has power as long as you believe in it.


I disagree here.

I feel like it’s a bit paranoid to try to put this in a perspective where somebody is the victim of someone else like that.

It also puts an unnecessarily negative overtone onto what was an otherwise pleasant experience (circumstances notwithstanding).

I say, enjoy it for what it was regardless of circumstance.


Do a divination, reading or evocation about her case and then we’ll talk again.

I will not use sweet words on something I see just to please someone.

I’ll be back in 4 months on this topic if it’s active.


It could be that too, it has two sides:

Or he used some spiritual artifice in addition to seduction.

or I’m just too silly… the weird thing is, he hasn’t reached out to me anymore, and he doesn’t save the girls’ contact on his cell phone because of his wife, so if he doesn’t call he doesn’t talk. I had to call him today and we already scheduled to leave, but I’m always suspicious, of course lol, but I’m going to play his game. And he left the paid site, probably because his wife came back from a trip, he seems to be afraid of her and she is jealous. I don’t think he would miss doing spells for something casual, anyway, I don’t know lol.

the funniest thing is that we stopped talking for a few days and I was normal, I knew he would come back, but I didn’t put much faith in it… then suddenly I start to feel weird, bad, I lost a little bit of hunger for a couple of days. days, and just thinking about him, out of nowhere… today I got back to my normal self, after talking to him… weird, but ok… it could just be my crazy mood lol.

And yes, the fact that he is from Candomblé doesn’t say anything, and I don’t want to sound prejudiced, but you never know what he uses his religion for, whether it’s for good or for bad.

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Yes, it could be, It’s a possibility…

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