My experience as a sugar baby

I was thoughtful by your answer…

About evocation, readings and everything else… I got to do simple readings with some professionals… most said positive things, but some didn’t, they made me aware so I wouldn’t fall in love so I wouldn’t suffer too, and many of the things they were talking about, it hit… I want to continue with this and everything indicates that it will, because we talk again, I want to see the limit, but I’m afraid at the same time too…

I don’t intend to spend more money on consultations, only if it’s really necessary, because I’m a person who believes a lot in the spiritual world…

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I find this funny XD


Sad and funny at the same time :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::joy:

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@Patty_2000 I’m unclear as to what you’re trying to achieve, on the one hand you appear to want him in your life, but on the other your opening post says you don’t want to interfere in his life.

There could be a variety of things you could do here but fundamentally I think you need to be honest with yourself about what you want, if you are conflicted then this will only affect the results of any magic you want to achieve.

If you want to get over him as someone has already suggested try cord cutting.

If you want him back summoning Sallos or a honey jar/sweetening spell may be the way to go especially for novices.

You could try calling on an archangel for healing or another demon to invite new love into your life

If you want to try more extreme measures try the Intranquil Spirit spell although this is more of curse to get the target to obsess over you until they return and they are rarely in good condition upon their return.

You have many options open to you but only you can light the path ahead.

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If it hadn’t already been suggested, I think the best thing would be to cast for someone else that can give you all the same under BETTER circumstances.

In other words, now you’ve got a taste of something you would want/desire, so you’ll say “I want THIS, but even better, without extraneous bullshit…”

(I’m sure there are other options that can give you the experience you’re desiring)

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Reading it all makes me belive you could be brazillian, am i right?

Assuming that i am right and knowing the brazillian society and how relationships works here, i trully belive you are not under a spell.

You are just a young woman with little to no experience. And you are in love not with the man, but with the break he represents in what is usual to you and your daily. This could be true even if you are not from my country, but I think this kind of situation is more common here than most people would think, and I am just saying that because I see it happening a LOT.

Using the protection spells suggested may help you (after all, i could be wrong) and wont hurt, of course. But I belive you only need time to understand that inexperience mixed with how most of us ladies are raised here leeds lots of us to situations like these.


That man is an occultist? lol
It also doesn’t sound like he was a sugar daddy, you guys just had a fling and he moved on but maybe you liked the attention he gave

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So, first off, MARRAIGE IS A GAMBLE! You are legally binding yourself to someone. Yeah, you think it’s great at first, but circumstances change. Peoples’ needs change. And so do they. But even when your spouse changes, you’re still stuck with them. I’m afraid this man took the gamble.

And as for glamor, honestly that’s just a dumb reason to be involved. There’s nothing wrong with glamor by itself but mooching off of someone else like this is very trashy. Idk what your love life is like, but I doubt men will want to get serious if they found this out about you.

And yeah, he says this and he says that. Are you really gonna believe some guy on the web? I’m a millionaire bachelor who’s served in the US military. Could I be lying to you?

I’m not trying to be mean. This is a very risky business. You’re not only risking your rep, but potentially your life. JUST DON’T!


I understand, but I thought it was a bit over the top. What do you mean he bet?
We haven’t seen each other in months, and I’m sure it will, and I’m seeing other people, but he still can’t get out of my head, for reasons I won’t say, maybe because he was my first, or he didn’t come to me, because every man who used to get involved with me, he runs after me… about him being millionaires and all, it’s really true, I met him and dated him a few times… I don’t think I’m putting my life in danger… another thing that intrigued me was also his religion (candomble), remembering that I don’t have prejudices, but he must use something to protect him, I don’t know… going on, here I told him only part 1, but then there was part 2 in which we met again in a hotel, we stayed together for a while and then he left and didn’t look for me anymore… About finding out about me, nobody knows and I don’t do anything about it. wrong lol.

Look, I can’t tell you what to think or do. I gave my thoughts. Ignore them if you want, but if you come on here saying that this whole thing backfired somehow, I might be tempted to say “told you so.”


relax, I’m not that stupid, thanks for the warning.

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What are your intentions in the sugar lifestyle? I’m going to get extremely honest. You are a product nothing or else. You are trading your youth, beauty and sex for something else be it money or gifts.

What value are you placing on yourself? What is your price tag? $$$$$

Your time is being sold as well.

Your emotions.

Your energy.

Think about all that and DEMAND a fair price on it.

This all :100: business. Get into the business mindset. These guys are hidden goldmines of knowledge and information.

Dig into that well. From what i know a few honestly love to teach some people and pass down their knowledge.

Money comes and goes, but that inside KNOWLEDGE you could get could easily set you up for life.

Also, this forum is hidden gem on wealth magic learn about it too.


Yessss, thanks :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Actively study this lifestyle. Get an older sugar baby. Research this on YouTube, hell even Twitter and whatnot.

Read articles. I have. I read and watched sugarbabies that was pro and con (for and against it). Everyone’s experience is different.

Just KNOW you have all the power YOU need.

Don’t be tricked by easy money, fast cars and faster pickup lines.

Reality isn’t sexy, but looking after yourself is.


Is there a ritual, entity or spell specific for getting a sugar mommy/daddy, for both men and women?


I don’t know, there must be lol… but there are websites and apps for that too hehehe