Middle Pillar Variations

Would anyone like share any middle pillar ritual variations? The original one with jehova, Elohim and Yahweh doesn’t feel right, just standard 5 spheres or 7 chakra variations would be very helpful…


These are covered in the book “The Middle Pillar” by Regardie and the Cicero’s.

I just looked, I couldnt find any other variations that dont include the judeo christian godnames

The middle pillar refers to a certain things wich is based upon a judeo-christian tradition.

Wouldn’t it be better to simply work with the chakras directly instead of trying to force them upon the middle pillar?


What is that you are looking to accomplish with the Middle Pillar? Why are you doing the Middle Pillar exercise or why do you think you are doing it?

A variation is ‘‘easy’’ to create. Trial and error. Each sphere is associated helpfully with a planet, except Kether. Using correspondences you can match up the spheres to other entities associated with like Mars, Saturn, The Moon, Earth, etc. This will help you create a pantheon that you are comfortable with. Instead of using Godnames you invoke the entity into the sphere until you can feel it vibrate with the power. Just like when you are using the Godnames.

The ritual itself will have a different energy because you are changing the ritual. However most of the structured rituals out there can be used as templates, to a certain effect, if you are confident in what you are doing. Though I would also advise you to study the history and meaning behind the godnames, so you can further understand the structure of the ritual and why thing are the way they are. With that knowledge, you can confidently step forth with your own variation that you feel is powerful.

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Some of the spheres correspond to the chakras, the hindu traditions take longer and clearly it isnt the only way, im just asking for other peoples variations because a lot of people do replace the names, the judeo christian tradition hijacked the original godnames put their own anunnaki antichristic names to booby trap rituals, those arent even the actual names that are designed for a such a practice unless you want to get usurped by jehova, yahweh and have your energy harvested by the elohim and the kabbalists

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There’s a lot of assumptions in that statement.

Moving on,
I can point you to Asenath Mason’s “Qliphotic middle pillar” which is in the book “tree of qliphoth”.

There’s also her own version of a LBRP substitute.

You may also be interested in this post from awhile back:

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what makes you think im assuming, i’m speaking from experience, Jehova and Yahweh are the opposite of Lucifer, they are authoritarian, tyranical and archaic where lucifer feels like loving living light of freedom, Ive met all 3 of these entities so I know what I’m talking about if I didnt I wouldnt be asking for other variations of it, which I know there are because they changed the real one into the judeo christian nonsense, which is only feeding on people in so many ways that its absolutely insane, everything is flipped

In my copy, possibly a later edition, there are Greek, Celtic, and a Shamanic version.

To me this reads as cognitive dissonance that the rite may have triggered if you already have multiple negative associations to the tradition it is anchored in.
The golden dawn rites do what they are designed to do such as evoke and banish elemental and planetary energies, empower the aura ect. But if you already have negative attachments to the monotheistic framework the system is anchored it it can be jarring. I’ve had this happen as a result of my own bad experiences that colored this.

You may benefit from exploring Alastor crowley’s work.
Alot of it has variants of the rites anchored in the Egyptian pantheon and frame work and may be more along the line of what your looking for if you resonate well with the rite but not the frame work.

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I have a Qlippothic Middle Pillar using the esoteric formula of Satan undivided.

Envision the Shadow of the self beneath the earth, unite with it through the floor in which you stand and lose sense of gravity, feel the energy rise from there.






SOUL STAR (Chasek(ain sof aur) Bohu(ain sof) Tohu(ain)- AU-SHEH-AIY-BOHM

Hope this Helps :slight_smile:

-Lotan Vovin


Tried the Qlippothic Middle Pillar, felt very good.

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What’s the difference between the tree of life and qlipothic middle pillar? What type of difference would do qlippoth make according to its archetypal qualities?

Ultimately, you can also use appropriate Hindu god names, Enochian god names or even demon names, you can replace the Sephiroth with chakras or with the Qliphas and you can also change the colors and shapes of the visualized spheres. Ultimately, it is a technique to awaken and strengthen one’s own energetic centers and the forces dormant in them.

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The Qlippoth is wrongly labelled just the shells around divinity. In actual praxis it is the tree of life’s opposition, its polar antithesis and is connected to a pandimensional chaos that extends both light and dark on its path. It is the destruction of the ego to obtain enlightenment - and the god YHVH - and the “left hand of god” meaning its the adverse force. Through a kabbalistic only perspective the Qlippoth is aligned with pagan faith whereas “love and light” of god and the archangels is aligned with the tree of life.

The Tree of life is illusory revealed light, the golden sun that shines and creates order. It seems to be everywhere, but inside and beyond the light is the darkness and shadow, and in the outer shadow is the chaos - which fuels both dark and light and exists on its own. Darkness is the path to pandimensional chaos, whereas the egoic “light” of YHVH/Jove is constant and stagnating.

Doing this ritual I prescribed aligns you with the shadow self of your true primordial body as opposed to the created body.

-Lotan Vovin


That and if you want to talk about Lucifer or whatever, Lucifer’s light is the light of chaos. Black light, primordial light, enlightening forbidden nectar. You attain his state in the Qlippa sphere Thaumiel.

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But Yahweh is Enlil, he enslaved humanity and demonized Lucifer…

Now what in the hell does that have to do with what I said?


Oh my bad I misread it, I definitely agree with your statement on YHVH

So I see you’ve added the soul star chakra, do you know of any correspondences that could work with on the tree of life, I’m sure using both sides would be very powerful with the higher spheres