Mantra siddhi

Is it possible to get the benefits of mantra recitation by listening to it rather than chanting?

Lets say i want siddhi of a mantra…i have to say it 10000 times…if i listen to it recitation of the mantra 10000 times will it work?or do i need to do recitation myself?

Will passive listening or chanting while doing other work will do with siddhi of the mantra rather than meditating sincerely or focusing on the deity?

To attain siddhi, you have to actually chant the mantra yourself as proper vibration is important. It requires deep focus, something you don’t get from just passive listening. If it was that easy to obtain them, then the comments section of the various mantra tracks on YouTube would be full of people claiming to have the yogic superpowers, and yogis wouldn’t sit in asana and chant for hours.

However, listening to a mantra is useful for relaxation, simple meditation and inducing energy flow.


What if i recorded the mantra in my voice and listened to it for 10000 times

still no or maybe it can work but you have to be in mediation focusing on mantras rather than listening while doing other things


Yes it is possible to get some benefits of a mantra by listening it but you need a third party who have an empowered voice it means the voice of someone who have already mastered the mantra by chanting it during longtime and have fully awaken the inner shakti within the mantra.In this case you can record the voice and listen to it, you can find some of these mantra on youtube but you cant be certain of which have fully awaken the mantra or not.

It is better to stick to one mantra and chant it 125000 times ( make several mala per day) or to keep chanting it all the time in your mind no matter what you do within few month you will have awaken the power of the mantra and get full effects. One of the best way to start is to awaken a short mantra as it is more easy to chant a seed mantra than a long one. For example Shreem, Kleem, Gam etc. In another post I have given a mantra practice for the throat mantra to awaken Vishnu powers. This is a simple one.


I’m sorry, but no, it’s not that easy. Passive listening is missing the point. There are no shortcuts.


True even i tried the passive listening . Didn’t see much benefits it only helpful in situation like if you feel negative or anxious and want to calm your mind than passive listening help a lot and also build more faith


As has been said, it’s great to listen to them. But the point is about the vibration. If you aren’t making the sounds, it’s not going to do for you the full effect of what it can do.

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Can you mention that throat chakra mantra here pls?

I can give a bit of advice on the subject even though I am no expert by any means. I have been practicing attainments by repetition and 100,000 in only the seed amount. You have to chant a mantra 100,000 times for each syllable of the mantra to unlock its power, so say at least one million times minimum. And at least one million times for each attainment you seek to unlock which takes a long time. According to lama Tsongkalpa, you practice your essence mantra bare minimum 108 times day over the course of four sessions for at least four months. I’ve shortened that as I practice the mantra from sun up to sundown which is exhausting as hell. That’s how determined I am to see results happen. Most of this information comes from the book Yoga Tantra by Lama Tsongkalpa.

Who is a siddhi

A Siddhi is the Sanskrit name for a given psychic ability that you can develop through practice.

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I doubt a mantra on its own will reveal and release siddhis. As I understand it takes a lot more, like clearing energy centers and balancing your energy flow etc. etc. and even then, in most yogic traditions siddhis are seen as a byproduct of a rigorous spiritual practice.
Chanting the mantras yourself is the least you can do if you are looking for a lazy way to gain magickal abilities.

To repeat what others already said. It’s all about the focus, voice control, breathwork and causing the vibration.

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