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Hello ok so… apparently I’ve came into a agreement with baal or asherah unknowingly. I don’t know how to undo mind magick I’ve been casting spells just by thinking, I’ve hurt people unknowingly. I’m not a God so apparently they are using to influence and destroy humanity, I had no idea about this I need it reversed I’m looking for a highly racked person to help me reverse this. I have a family and my city is in danger I also have the evil eyes, it definitely has something to do with the asherah the queen of heaven. I joined a circle a clearly I’ve been used for there greed, everyone is talking like ms dressing like me and even popping up with my business ideas. Also felt something in my left hand moving, definitely some jinn magic as well, I don’t know how to tell them I don’t want to be part of them and I swear it was all unknowingly I was tricked into coming into agreement. People are dying and need people who willing to not just save me my family or city or career but humanity, please I did not want these powers or wanted to be a fallen angel please. None of my family believes me

Alright. You already posted this. Why did you repeat yourself? Duplicate threads are frowned upon here.

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Sorry I just want my life back to normal don’t really know anything about magic or group chats honestly

If you use this thread as your introduction (I edited your title), we can carry on the help topic on the other thread, then neither have to be deleted, but if that happen, please do make an intro post. :slight_smile:

Rose’s ‘I need help’ thread:

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