List of known demon names?

I need to know all the known demon names
Thank you :blush:

there’s a few exceptions like Asmodeus, as he’s a Djinn but he is still listed as a demon.

C’mon man. Be realistic.

The list of enns @anon48079295 just posted only encompasses the demons worked with in demonolatry. There are plenty of demons not included, and it is kind of silly to expect us to do the work for you instead of doing the research yourself.


Thank you you just made me remember a website with all the demon names!!!

I guarantee you it doesn’t. To try means you don’t know how demons work.

If all the demons manifested on earth at once, they would blacken the sky. The big guys are legion, and they all have millions of legions under them.

I think you mean the commanders, the ones you want to prioritise, who will bring the most power into any situation? Not “all”.

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Impossible as others have said, but try looking through this for some of the ones known to people who then went on to write grimoires:


I could be wrong, but aren’t there like… millions of demons out there? :thinking:

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