LGBTQ Magicians’ Working & Networking Thread

This is a working, and networking, thread for magicians who identify as LGBTQ.

All kinds of people visit this forum and there is a very diverse spread of political ideas, beliefs, practices, and ideas about what’s best for both the individual and for society.

This forum also discusses matters some people would find distasteful, taboo, and so on, covering as it does baneful magick, spiritual vampirism, and rejection of the mainstream Abrahamic religions which have shaped much of western thought in recent centuries.

After a consultation process with members last year, we decided against blanket censorship of anything that may conceivably upset someone else (since that would include almost every topic on here), and instead to handle these by permitting people to post any kind of magickal working, provided it didn’t name any specific person as a target for curses, and that topic MAY NOT be derailed or subjected to hostile argument in a manner designed to contravene the free will of the person posting that working thread, or force them to waste their time justifying their Will.

So this thread is to give LGBTQ magicians a space to discuss their work, magickal experiences, and to network, whilst making it very clear that this is NOT up for derailment, or for being closed down by people who dislike the intention of the thread.

I’m making this OP myself to clarify this, following attempted derailments of other threads that touched on all kinds of matters some people find controversial, and to emphasise beyond doubt the seriousness with which moderators on here view attempts to silence someone’s working thread because they disapprove of the subject. Consider this a pre-emptive caution, that such derailments and comments are not permitted, and if you dislike the premise, go look at something else! :wink:

Thanks. :slight_smile:


Hey anyone else lgbtq?


I am. :slight_smile:


Yas! Lets Get LGBTQ Mojo WERKING!!! lol :stuck_out_tongue:


Lil bit Q here, and wholehearted support for all these folks!


YESSSSSS we should do a group working​


I just wanted to just chime in with some encouragement and praise. I’m extremely happy that this thread exists. You all are potentially the most powerful personal transformation magicians that exist today. From finding sources of inspiration, to charm and illusion, many of you have had to learn from the trenches with little to no support. Hopefully those days are ending. Keep on kicking ass.


What kinda working?


Any working honestly. We should do one to help the different communities

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Maybe a protective or defensive ritual calling on LGBTQ friendly deities and spirits. I did something similar earlier in the year for the return of Ishtar in spring.


I wanted to add my support even though I’m a straight fella. Stand with you guys!


Sound good! It seems we have a small army but in great power.

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Hey when are we gonna start this?

I too am gay! So, yay!

And @Nagathex when it comes to magical working, I like to make sure the stars are in my favor. So, I decide what I need to happen, then I research what kinds of Astrology is auspicious for my goal. I find out what day that will be, and in the meantime work on structuring a ritual.


That is true and with that weird full moon coming up this week isn’t a good idea

What makes the next full moon weird, exactly? I haven’t heard anything.

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The full moon is in the sun and Mars. 17° Capricorn.

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I was vice president of The Gays the last time I was in community college! I have to tone it down on my street though. I guess some people don’t realize they’re not in prison anymore. Anywho, it’s great to meet all of you!


Luna can’t be ‘in’ Sol and Mars, that’s not a concept in Astrology. I looked at the chart:, it will be in Capricorn, that’s true.

Luna is conjunct Pluto in Capricorn and both are opposite a conjunct Sol and Mars in Cancer. This is a powerful and charged experience, but it’s not a time when we shouldn’t do a working. If anything we should do a working to direct the powerful charged energy to peaceful and reconciling purposes.


Weird. Hold on one sec. I saw it on FB in a link.

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