Politics & Magick - Public Etiquette and Forum Rules

We’ve been having some marked tensions here lately in the aftermath of a decisive election, with heightened emotions approaching the limits of what should remain, to the best of our abilities, civil discourse whether we happen to agree on every thing or not.

I swear, politics and religion - at most any party or on most any forum, they’re the two things everyone tries to avoid at any cost. You can talk and even banter about sports, literature, television, and healthy people don’t get overly invested: but mention politics or religion, and everyone loses their goddamned fucking minds. And, true, those topics are certainly more involved, and of larger consequence, than all but the Mayan Ball Games and Golden Asses of sports and literature. Thing is, though, this isn’t meant to be “most any forum”.

I won’t go into the stated philosophy of BALG or the literal declaration of war against morality-club occvltvm et censorvm - I’m sure you’ve already heard that, and hopefully that’s why you’re here, because the essential philosophy behind the thing is something cutting-edge, shockingly ambitious in scope and, yes, heretical in the eyes of many.

BALG happens to exist right now in a time that has witnessed an unprecedented magickal action to affect world politics on a massive scale. I am not talking here about BALG agreeing or disagreeing with one or other of the ‘sides’ - I am talking about the thing we have observed taking place, those of us who have observed, of how a very important border has been crossed in the magickal awakening of people and how popular efforts on a large scale have been shown to alter the course of history in a magickal way. Like it or not, there is no going back. The Fire has been stolen from Heaven. Whether you agree with this use of that powerful sorcery or not, there’s something to learn here - you as a person may not be interested or may find the idea repulsive, but BALG as a forum will not be the cutting edge of the ongoing magickal revolution if it tar-brushes TABOO across this latest groundbreaking advance. We are not trying to behave as mundane people with mundane feelings - we aim to be sorcerers, in order that we may become gods. We’re going to have to demand more of ourselves, because Time is moving along whether we want to ride at the wave’s crest or be rolled under the trough.

Of course, no one’s going to make you care, that’s not our right or our interest - just as we will certainly not prohibit those who do follow this development keenly from discussing it on an open forum, so long as they abide by the forum’s rules - just like we all will be doing. Which brings us to the whole recent upset over some members’ dissatisfaction with open conversations touching on this topic, which has led to the temporary halt while your mods get together and figure out what we need to improve, during which I have also solicited any and all members to make their thoughts known to me for consideration in ‘taking the forum’s pulse’ before action. Thank you so much to all of you who have spent their time and shared their insights with me, because this is what helps keep me in touch with what’s really going on and able to act in good conscience towards the real picture drawn together from what all of you have shared.

It’s been good news, it really has, because guess what: on the foremost and predominantly important thing on everyone’s minds - you all wholeheartedly agreed. Every single one of you who generously took the time to fill me in on your evaluation of things - limp-wristed liberals and pebble-brained conservatives alike - was absolutely opposed to the idea of any ‘censorship’, ‘safe-spacing’, or any other flight from the discussions for the sake of a tiny minority’s feelings who, on a black magick forum, were bound to stumble onto a thread about death curses or blood sacrifice sooner or later and experience even crueller anguish of sensibilities!

Perhaps the divisiveness of a hotly contested election with passionate convictions on all sides has led (with most or all of us) to viewing with suspicion the threat of geopolitical-sorcery discussion closedown as a ploy to appease “the other side” - and I mean both “sides”, because each one is “the other side’s” “other side”. But let me tell you - you’ve all spoken who cared to, and I’ve listened to it all: you have all in agreement expressed the desire for BALG to remain a free and open forum to include the discussion of grand-scale sorcery directed into politics and history just like love, money, and all the rest. A mere handful have not seemed up to reading threads that do not agree with them, but that is their business and it is entirely within their power - not to read them. No black magitian is going to hold your hand here (and if they do, don’t get in the van), and the general membership of both major “sides” in this political mess has expressed the desire and indeed the stridently emphasized importance of a free environment for mature discourse. So we’re going to give it a go. That said on maturity, let’s get down to what your forum moderators expect of you in this.

-First, and always on here, the regular forum rules always apply. Really, the spirit and essence of what will make this work can be found there, but since we do admit that magick applied to politics, much like that applied to religion, is inherently more divisive and subject to undue turbulence on an open forum, following are guidelines of etiquette that I believe everyone involved can follow in good conscience, because it is what will get all of you, after reviewing your solicited opinions, what you want.

-The creator of a topic, or OP, will make the general bent of their intended discussion prompt pretty clear in that first post and title. Respect the OP! They may be sharing a report of a working, or they may be soliciting opinions. Since derailing threads from the OP’s thrust of discussion is against the forum’s rules, this original intent is pretty important to understand: there is a big difference between: “I would like to sound out interest for a working group creating a sigil and thoughtform to accomplish this task and report findings publicly here,” and “I’ve been turning the idea over of performing a ritual to accomplish this thing; is this wise? What would you foresee as possible pros and cons?”

-If someone personally insults or harasses you, let us know - if you find distasteful subject matter that isn’t directed at you and view its existence as a threat to your sensitivities, for heaven’s sake click away and take a deep breath or something. Congratulations, you now know which thread not to click on, just like any of us who have known the horrors of Rule #34. Life goes on, if you’re up to it.

-There is a big difference between disagreeing and being uncivil. Have your conflicting say civilly, if you must, insofar as the OP’s opening intent solicits your input in their working or question. But valued and personal opinions and preferences are seldom swayed by words from strangers, and this is not the place for proselytizing - political as well as religious. If your (civil!) critique is not met with the opening of dialogue, move on and don’t waste either of your time. Again, use common sense in appraising which threads seek opinions and which need distraction-free focus for an ongoing working.

-Timothy may see fit to add in another subforum, and he may not - until that decision is reached, this is what we’ve got - make it work, be adults, it already seems evident that the emotional aversion has been very much a small minority and the entire rest of the forum, of all political and magickal leanings, considers this worth discussing - and those that don’t, don’t have to click on the threads about these things! (I’m dying a little inside for even having to say this)

-No, these rules aren’t perfect, nor are they meant to be. We shouldn’t need even these restrictions, but we’re going to give this a test. The funny reality is that, when it comes to politics, we apparently need this right now, and all of your input leads me to believe that this is a better course right now than pulling the plug altogether on this revolutionary new magickal target. We’re magitians - I hope we’re up to this little thing, among others.

Naturally, the input needn’t stop. Ya’ll can always message me privately any concerns in confidence, and I will do my best to address them impartially and in as timely a manner as my days allow. The same goes for Lady Eva, we are here for you and will do our best for you to the utmost of our abilities - and that includes all of you crazy, passionate fucks.

Please stay in touch,


Claidheam, with my member hat, mod hat, and wannabe-goddess hats all on at once, you’ve made an absolutely excellent job of this, and taken what I was hoping we would achieve here to a clear, decisive, and positive place!

Thank you for putting your time in here, you’re a star. :slight_smile:




Well it looks like I missed something … flamey… while I was away… and I’m kind of glad I did. I dislike it when people can’t just realize they disagree and nothing more. That goes for me as well, as I’m just as human as the rest of us.

Excellent post, excellent reminder: and thank you. I’ve come to view this forum as a place that truly practices freedom of speech. I’ve seen points of view from various sides of the spectrum here, and I’ve appreciated that largely they were discussed with only the occasional trolling and/or a$$hatting. Which is why I’ve stuck around.