Learning The Demonic Language?

I don’t know if this is in the correct category, but I’m taking the bullet.

Through studies, I’ve noticed that Tasa comes up in a few Enns. I’m just making an assumption, that Tasa has something with asking for their presence. I haven’t made a connection with the English language, yet. I would like to know if anyone else is researching the demonic language, and could probably teach me? I know it’ll be hard, but if it means talking to other spirits it’ll be worth it.

I’m not really a worshiper of any deity, I see deities as equal to us humans. I do believe due to the time it has been, since humans had to suppress their powers, we as humans just don’t understand how the other realms work anymore. I don’t think Hierarchy existed, until humans made it. That demons, angels, gods, goddesses, fairies, etc. all existed as equal. I may have been wrong, but this is something I believe in as true. Humans and other creatures existed as one. I know I may not be correct, but it’s a hypothesis I’ve come to.

But to the original question, does anyone know a way to obtain knowledge of the ‘demon’ language? To learn it and talk to other beings?


There is no specific demonic language that I know of. Usually if communicating telepathically a demon will use the languages of his choice, usually the language of the person he is communicating with, so the person can understand what is being stated.


first i learned from a spirit in the infernal empire who knows all demonic tongues,theres 43 species according to him,the demonic laungue channeled from vk jehnnum seems different from the demonolatry enns,same goes with the me and other magicians including koetting for example “alash tad alash tal’ashtu”
if you really look into them like i did you will find difference…

Ganic Tasa Fubin Flereous could be tranlsated to Fire protect the flame, Lord Flereous

fubin must mean lord

ganic must be fire
tasa maybe is protect

in other enns jedan is water go look up other enns to see

i actually do (but no completly) i did a LOT reaserch and questions for the demonic tongue and yes is possible,you must be omniscient and the way is actaully speaking it from nothing at all,only connected to the tongue.hard to explain.

aslo many species of the demonic can be translated i am aware of 2 of the 43 and the rest cannot be translated.


I don’t know if anyone can actually teach you the language, but there were three users here talking about the subject…

@Lady_Eva was playing with it a few years ago using Enochian as an equivalent and she gave a possible translation for Belial’s enn.

Years later, on the same thread @DerAmateurHexer played with it as well. He did a follow up here.

Last year, @Micah evoked Fastos and Meton. He asked how one could speak and comprehend demonic speech and writing. They gave him specific incantations.

I hope it helps. :slight_smile:


Thank you.

Makes sense "Renach Tasa Uberace Biasa Icar Lucifer " Or maybe to me it just makes since, as when connecting with Lucifer who is stated as the King/Lord of hell you’d want his protection. However with Bune, “Whlc melan avage Bune tasa” Bune is a teacher and a person who can bring wealth. Bune isn’t really known for protection, or at least not in my studies. Maybe it could mean multiple things, like Read can mean past and present? I love learning about other entities. I wish there was an easier way to learn from these spirits.


thats true too.words can have multiple meanings

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Thank you so much,

Makes a lot of since, when piecing them together.

@Xag_darklight , Maybe you should look at it.


yeah i looked at it,great post i enjoyed very much.

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I find it so fascinating learning about demons. It’s a love I’ve had for a long time.

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of course,simply connect to omniscience then connect to the infernal tongues simply by intention,once you made connection intent for a chant for the demon to call him

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sorry for my shit grammar i didnt meant to write species but i meant for dialects,i didnt knew the words.i apologise.

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You’re okay, I was just thinking species as in different branches of entities. Haha.

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These four translation are provided by S. Connoly in here books. Analyzing these four translation I have come to the same conclusion. We can also translate the Enns for some other demons based on these findings. For example for Prince Seere: Jeden Et Renich Seere Tu Tasa. It yields: Water (and) air Seere (you) protects. But the translation using the debased Enochian gives another meaning.


aslo i gotta add.

i can feel what launguege is on things that spirits say for example when a spirit tells an incantacion i can sense if thats demonic or angelic,same thing with dialects.

anyways the thing that i want to say is that

the words from enns seem more powerful or maybe more solid than other dialects

for example

for belial

demonic 1: itz ra’cha belial

enn: Lirach tasa vefa welhc

for the demonic one,i feel more of stream of energy like wind that goes and water that flows

for the enn,like i said before feels more solid and more composed energy in it,not expanding like in the demonic one


A thought: Some say these Spirits are able to communicate in our own language. Do you think it is possible they speak in the Demonic tongue in order to (at times) bypass our conscious mind, so that we don’t ‘edit’ their messages? Like when you really want the answer to a question to be ‘yes’ and you filter out or dismiss everything that isn’t a ‘yes’.
The Enochian Angels after all were perfectly able to communicate with John Dee in the English. I think I read (somewhere sometime) that they (or Dee) wanted to communicate sometimes without Edward Kelley consciously knowing the content.


Well demons and other entities; I believe, can faze in and out, as well as communicate telepathically. Unless what I’ve been told is wrong, demons have more powers than modern day humans.

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i never really tried to do research on demons or beings of higher existences, but i have done enough heroic journeys on high dosages of LSD and Psilocybin Mushrooms/ its was Mushrooms at 8 grams that showed me such sights that the human language will never be able to explain , the realm of beings entities spirits and deities roam freely co existing together in harmony/but i believe that what i seen was shown to me by my own inner demon And i also think that demon of higher level of divine power are nameless and dont speak they vibrate the energy around them and it echos and ripples through the fabric of that dimension and never stops vibrating n actually intensifies / because being in the presence of a divine being u can tell without even asking but by feeling its immense spiritual pressure(lol Bleach reference) And from what ive experienced then trying to pieced it all together four years later and i only managed piece not even a fraction of the truth shown to me/ pin pointing clues facts N religious history and what the earth has taught the ancient people alot of things make sense to me, this is just my belief based off logic and following the path of the truth, and i gotta say the human beings before us did really well with spreading out the truth with making human made constructs like time and made up religions i think were made through blood pacts with beings with no divine power/ beings that are divine can from what i can remember do things like how dormahmu was protrayed as in dr strange the thing is entities of infinite divine power have now actual shape they are constantly adapting to their surrounds/ warping changing or bending reality as they please without affecting or causing a drastic disturbance its exactly like how scienctist say beings of certain beings of lower dimensions cannot see nor notice the higher beings phasing through them nor do they notice their presence,ND from that observation i know now that if a being of divine powers was to interfere or interact with beings of physical form their powers are so great it could erase the universe and reality it touched/this is turning into rambling but it makes sense to me/in all I believe every living thing has a soul and everything with a soul(a earth being the giver of death to bring a new life)has a divine being(A spirit of dark and light combined the balance of energies within, the fighting spirit and wisdom from god )its quite fascinating to me to piece together the clues to the real truth of everything that is and will be with this new found belief i dont fear death because thats when the true journey begins…on and the one truth that stuck with me always is the truth that true love is the key to happiness,and true love isnt a feeling nor and emotion but a deep and conscience of emotions and empathy, love is the act of true selflessness the urge to share knowledge and wisdom to help nurture any being of life to be prepared experiences in life that are true tests of god, i believe a being who never had anything and had to fight with will power and might of their spirits are warriors whos spirits will always pass on the torch of pure divine strength…so if any soul that actually took the time to read this i hope i opened your mind and widened your perspective and views on people of all types. i mean i aint saying that like i dont judge…there definitely is fine line somewhere but eh i dont actually know shit haha, but i do suggest u make an alliance with ur inner demon because that will be your strength in fighting spirit against any forces with divine power. ur spirit is who u are as being of pure energy and ur soul is just a temporary vessel for us humans as a tool to strengthen our spirits through the experiences of pain.

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There is a demon who teaches a demonic language, His name is Fastos, there are many demonic tongues, i dont know wich of those languages he teaches but according to what people have channeled from him it’s probably the “original demonic tongue”, and according to Fastos this is a powerful language, it works like mantras you can cause changes in reality using it.

I read lots of books, but the taza sasa, seems recently. Even the black lords a coven i gess has their own language. Plus, some peopls tat are into satanism. I tnk enich petruccelly. Has his own language too. I gess depend which spirts u. Look too. According a book. Same spirts like arcane aragne has words but in their own tribe, or kind, which sometimed its local

The Black Witch by Enoch Petrucelli is a good point to start learning the demonic language