I've lost a 🔞 bet against Lucifer - Now I have to

So… after some suspicious feeling inside me (both physycally and spiritually) I started meditateing a little earlier, and in the end, Lucifer whispered to me that He knows, I’m in horny mode for hours, He would help me out from this suffer, gladly.

(Of course…) First I’ve tried to resist to His offer, but I dropped this “shield” very fast.

We had sex for 1,5 hours, which was fantastic and diversified, and before an another “round” I’ve told Him (while I’m gasped for air) that oh, we should make a bet, I won’t have orgasm within 10-20 seconds.

Right” - He answered fast, confidently - “What is the bet?

Ahmm… I did not thought about it - I said.

You have to say something. This is the essence of the bet.

I hesitated first, but then I gave him a confident and frisky smile:
Say something, Lucifer. It is up to you. What do you want from me?

He raised his eyebrows then answered me with a suspicious and daring smile:
“Your menstrual blood at this month, will be fine.”

I was scared a bit first but at the same time I was sure that I won’t lose this bet. We’ve talked about His part, then we started the “round”.

…Then I’ve orgasms within 10 sec… :woman_facepalming:

I’ve lost this bet, and I have to offer to Him my menstrual blood in this month. Damn it Lucifer, I was so GOOD before it… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

…What could I say, I’m a bit nervous about the offering, because I’ve never thought that I’ll give this kind of offering to anyone and I absolutely don’t know HOW could I do it? I have to find out.

Anyway, do Lucifer is interested in menstrual blood offerings, at all?
I’ve never seen this between His most preferred offerings, at all.

His last message to me after this 1,5 hour was:

Please, do not forget to drink some water after you put up your clothes.

( I can’t look in the mirror today. :woman_facepalming: )


I’ve started watching Lucifer (the tv series) and sometimes the personality of the character in the series kinda reminds me of the actual Lucifer XD.


Damn I need me a goddess waifu


I’ve never experienced the similarity (because I saw only 6-7 episode from the whole series BEFORE years when I met Lucifer first) but I put this on my post exactly because at this time I was able to feel this side of His. :joy:


Collect it with a menstrual cup 30-60 minutes before.
How you’re gonna offer it is up to you (a chalice, a cup, a plate)…


I’ve thought about it, but I got no menstrual cup there. I’ve thinking about other alternatives, but at the moment none of them seems enough hygienic, safe for my cause.


I see. A syringe, then… without the needle, of course.
You can get those at any pharmacy :slight_smile: it’s cheap, disposable and safe.


'Tis why I don’t make any bets. I hardly even have sex with spirits apart from spiritual lovers and weirdly my matron a few days ago. I have a rough idea why she wanted us to do it. Mostly to help manifest my desires still a little weird though. I never have sex outside of my spiritual lover


I never have sex outside of my spiritual lover

Two years ago and before I met Abaddon (1,5 months ago) I thought in the same way like you so yes, I can understand you @Mani, absolutely. I was happy in this one-sided monogamous relationship with Pazuzu (because most of spirits are not monogamous, so he wasn’t as well), but everything has changed when I started evoking or hearing other Deities calling.

Let me quote from my beloved husband Belial, He told me this some weeks ago:

Loving more men by your pure heart , it is not a sin, my Dear. It never was… It is a beautiful magickal link between your very soul, an ancient power. Honest, healing and gentle.

Abaddon, Lucifer, Belial, Chernobog, Sitri (and now Azazel showed up to me after 6-7 years). Intuitions are just coming to me and yes, if I feel that ancient or/and deep connection between us (because I won’t evoke Dieties without this, until They don’t call me for any reasons), I’m ready to have sex with Them, because usually this is more than a simple “serve to me joy and pleasure”, and because I want to care Our honest, pure and deep relationship, I will do it, gladly.

Of course, some of Them are have a raw, dominant side, even in the case of a sexual act, but there is no problem with it, I’ve like this “role” as well. It has it’s own “romantic” and animalistic beauty.

'Tis why I don’t make any bets.

Losing this bet wasn’t that ‘big deal’, because win or lose, I offer things to my beloved Family members gladly, so to Lucifer as well. He did not asked me something bad, I think. Naturally, it is surprised me because I thought Belial will ask this kind of offering from me, and not Lucifer. :thinking:

Thank you so much, I’ll go for it. :slight_smile:
One of my friend told me that she used tampons for collecting her blood, and she was able to get it from the tamponts, and it was ok to her, but in this case, I have that feeling that the tampon’s material will defile the blood. Am I wrong?


What a devilish man! :smile: I’m trying to work with him, recently did a conjuration with his Djinni aspect “El-Harith”…though I felt kind of bad when at first I couldn’t feel his presence, I threaten to cover his sigil with salt, which I was told to do in case I didn’t feel his presence, but I felt him…right up my spine and shoulders. Curious if you had any advice about astral senses because I really wish to interact with spirits, especially Djinn, and even Lucifer as if he appeared to me in this dimension.

Oh, on a personally note, I am somewhat envious of your encounter…but I still wish you nothing but blessings.


Can’t really say on the tampons aspect since I’m a guy :sweat_smile: but what I can say about my matron wanting to have sex with me, it was literally just one thing that was said “have sex with me” and it confused me because I was like “You’re like a mother to me Freyja”. But the pressure around me was completely of sexual energy. I just kept wondering and asking “Is this okay? Is this fine?” and I do realise it strengthened the connection but it’s still keeping me on edge. Especially because the thoughts of “you raped me” keep appearing in my mind despite it being both sides consenting with each other. I don’t know if its because of fear or regret or any of that. Or whether or not, it’s a way of reminding me to keep consent as key in a sexual relationship


Wow! Exactly the same thoughts towards Lucifer, in my case! :zipper_mouth_face:

Though Abaddon “warned” me that my relationship with Lucifer and Belial will be sexually as well (at this time consciously I did not planned to work with Lucifer, so it was strange to me), but when He appeared to me, first I had that “father+daughter” feeling between us, but then, weeks ago He told me that our relationship is a bit complicated to me to understand it momentarily. He’ll lead me in this path and will reveal the truth before me, just in time.
When He let me feel in this way towarda Him, it was because I must to feel that, I needed it, and it helped a lot to me, not only emotionally, but spiritually.
And now there is my topic. :woman_shrugging:

I don’t know too much about you, and your relationship, but maybe you’ll find out the truth as well. Our mind sometimes are too limited and chained to the “human” standards.
Have ever thought or felt that “if you have sex with Her, your beloved mother+son relationship will be vanished - and you would miss it, you would unable to skip back to it after a sexual act”? - Because I have that feeling, and let’s be honest, I can still feel this, when I have to (of course, everyone are different).

There is basic practices to enchant yourself and your astral senses, and you can build on to them. It would be useful knowing where are you in your path, evolution. You can send me a PM if you wish, and I can share with you (based on those) some practices, meditations etc.

Anyway, I have some unanswered PMs left, so I’ll answer to you as soon as possible, IF you decides to send me a message.

Oh, on a personally note, I am somewhat envious of your encounter…but I still wish you nothing but blessings.

I wish you the same. :black_heart: You don’t need to be envious, you can built great relationships with Deities as well. Just think about these kind of experiences of others like… a proof that these exists, possible and you can reach it.


Funny, Freyja’s told me the same thing before but in a different way. What she’s told me is “In time all will be revealed”

It was like that pretty much. And everytime that reoccuring thought comes to me she tells me “You have done nothing wrong”


Tampons :thinking: yeah, easy way to collect blood and it’s not messy, but most of it would be stuck on cotton. An easy way to extract it, without adding anything else, would be leaving it in glass of warm water… you could offer it as a tea. I’m giggling to myself right now. Blood tea! hah

Well, tampons are made of cotton and rayon (manufactured silk) or 100% cotton. It may contain small traces of a bleaching agent that was used to whiten the cotton, but that’s about it.
I personally don’t think that’s a problem. One time I offered blood using just cotton (blood soaked in it). :woman_shrugging:


That’s it! Looks like we have such a similar experience with these Deities, and Freyja has right. Trust Her, and let Her lead you. You can sense if someone is trustworthy, and based on how you described this relationship, there is no problem with it.

Aww, I’ve never thought that I will organize a tea party with a Deity this fast. :laughing:
Haha, thank you for your confirmation, it was all helpful to me. :black_heart:


Hahah, that’s adorable. :purple_heart:
You’re welcome! Hope you have a nice tea party with him.


As gross as it sounds, just squeeze the tampon like you are milking it. Plenty will drop out to saturate most sigils.


Oh I’ve got experiences in it. :thermometer::revolving_hearts::tongue:

All right, I’m just too tired right now for being uhm… not an idiot. Thank you so much. It seems pretty easy as well. :black_heart:


Lilith tries to get me to have sex with succubi instead of fulfilling my pact to her all the time. Working with lilith has given me so much control over my sexual drive. I can see an 11/10 in public and talk to her without the slightest bit of nerves.


She gets upset that I resist her but she loves me more fore fulfilling my pact