I've Become Very Powerful - Chakras


This is about personal power. Not so much magic and psychic abilities - yet. But like many people on here I am blazing a trail on this ascension business and want to share what’s working for me to help others and get feedback.

The fact that reality is so subjective was really wigging me out. I’ve always wanted to be able to find and work with concrete truth. A few times in my life I’ve been convinced that I’ve found the concrete truth, only to grow out of that and realize it wasn’t the case. (Talking about my Christian and RHP backgrounds.) I suppose power is the only real concrete truth. What grants us the most power and freedom is more so truth. While religions and entities can be explained away as egregores and mind-trap-prisons, there are two things that I am willing to stake on as being undoubtedly true.

One is Astrology. Natal charts are complicated but always ring true. I can see the truths to it in all the friends I know, and celebrities too. I got my natal chart done on a free website and it was me down to a T. How could that possibly be coincidence? Either Astrology is real, or there was enough collective belief in it over the centuries to make it real. I’m gonna choose to believe it’s real for now, because I like there to be concrete things in this world. I seriously recommend all of you get your natal chart done at a free website, it speaks for itself.

The second thing I now believe undoubtedly to be true are the Chakras. I was looking up posts about them on here and came across Asbjorn Torvol’s post about chakras only being a metaphor for our qualities and not actually invisible organs sitting there. The spiritual dimension is obviously tricky to pin down due to the fact you can spawn things instantaneously and everything can fit inside everything an infinite number of times. So chakras could exist because enough people believe in them, or when we put attention on them we translate those personal qualities into an invisible organ that is either healthy or not, depending on the personal qualities they’re representing. Either way that makes them real to me. Or I’m going to choose to believe they’re real, cause it’s convenient and I want to.

Anyway, I hate that this post is already quite long. I also want to point out that there are obvious parallels between the seven chakras and the first seven zodiac signs. Might see if I can put in some images to make this more interesting. I want to share my process of correcting my chakras (personal qualities) and how it has helped me and how it may help you.

First of all: Chakra Work. Visualisations and chants and crystals only have a temporary effect. They can not unblock a chakra because a chakra is a representation of our real physical-mental qualities. What blocks chakras are our beliefs, negative thoughtforms. To unblock the chakras we need to make real changes. And those changes could also require affirmations, spells, evocation help, introspection, healing of past pain/trauma, corrective thinking and most likely determination.

  • I do believe that the lowest unbalanced chakra is most likely the root of the problem. You must start at the bottom and work up.

  • Meditating on trying to intuitively find the reason for an unhealthy chakra has never worked for me. I don’t know why. Instead I would get sudden realisations days later of the practical cause. I then fixed it and subsequent physical/spiritual problems quickly mended.

root Root Chakra. I don’t believe I’ve ever had a real issue with this one. There was mild anxiety that I used to believe was coming from here but I later found it to be coming from a different chakra. If I ever had an issue with this chakra I healed it quickly with the basic meditation and power affirmation, feeling secure in the universe and all that.

sacral Sacral Chakra. Also fine with me. I don’t have any addictions, except coffee I suppose. I’ve heard that religious or other admonishments about natural inclinations can harm this chakra too. But all you need to do is accept that we are all innocent children of God (even if we’ve killed with magic) and our wants are valid. Our beliefs harm us, and unfortunately this is no less true when we are vulnerable children and ingrain beliefs easier, which is why when we heal chakras we are so often correcting beliefs from our past.

solar%20plexis Solar Plexis Chakra. This is where it started for me. This one had always been fucked up. It seems silly now to think that I could have ever felt that I wasn’t enough. I can trace this back to weird peer behaviour when I was quite young, so this could have even been past-life related.
Physical symptoms I had: strange pain and feeling of weakness in the actual area, like if someone hit me there it could’ve seriously floored me. And my blood sugars were being weird, not that I’m diabetic, but I can recall feeling very high after sugar and once tested my blood sugars after eating jam and found I was out of normal range, which could point to my pancreas acting up, and it’s in that area.
Anyway, in primary school I let myself be the butt of jokes with friends. In high school I had very low self-esteem, which isn’t at all uncommon in teenagers. Being deficient in this chakra really made me super vulnerable in a sense. Like things and people hurt me so much more. Cause I didn’t have much of a sense of self.
All it took to correct was me accepting the things I already knew: That I am just as divine as everyone else, and honestly am more ‘in the know’ than most everybody else. I deserve to be here, to take up space, and so do you. I went back and looked at my old feelings of insecurity and released them. I reckon we can have a big ego, and a problem with our solar plexis chakra can still slip under the radar.

heart Heart Chakra. This was the biggest problem for me. Even though the cause of it could be pinned to the solar plexis, it was the heart chakra that was most in distress. Unsurprising cause I’d always been someone who wanted to date but found it difficult. I let the grief of that overcome my thoughts. This chakra was overactive in a disastrous way. The reason I was probably so desperate was because this was being linked to the previous self-esteem issue in the solar plexis. When one chakra is unbalanced, all of the ones above it become blocked or unbalanced as well. Neediness in love can come from joint issues in the solar plexis and heart chakra.
Physical Symptoms I had: constant chest aches and pain, enough to be noticeable. Still some tension around my upper rib area, though it’s almost all gone now.
I did several things to unblock this chakra. I released fear and holding back of pursuing the LHP (don’t know why this caused an issue here but it did, I felt lighter in this area when I released that.) I confronted thoughts that I was aware of, but it helped to fully face them and acknowledge that my dating history and love disappointments made me depressed. I did an evocation to get a boyfriend and that was answered very quickly. So I made myself accept that I can have loving relationships with people thanks to the beings I work with. The pain is almost entirely gone. And today I am still working to replace grief in my energy field and past with gratitude. This could be all cleared up in weeks if not days.

throat Throat Chakra. I had no idea there was a problem here! But like I said, when one chakra’s out of whack each chakra above it can’t be functioning properly. It was astounding to realise the issue here, and also relieving. I remember whenever meditating on my chakras I had the most difficulty sensing my throat, meaning it was under-active. I’m thankful I now know why.
Physical symptoms I had: sensitive teeth, weird swollen glands.
I communicate well and can say “no” to people as needed, so I had no idea there could be an issue here. I understand what the issue is now, it was something I’d asked Belial for help with. Shyness, being too self-aware and anxious in certain social situations. Things that inhibit you from expressing yourself. Not in every social situation, but quite consuming and bad nevertheless, now that I reflect. I’d wrongly believed that by healing your solar plexis you would automatically express yourself confidently, but that is not true. Confidence in talking, performing, being at ease expressing yourself to other people and the world in any way has to do with this chakra. Now I know what I need to do to fix this and which affirmations to use. I have gone to Belial again about this and meditated on healing this chakra and correcting the thought-patterns. Working to overcome this issue so that I am always calm in all situations involving people. I suspect this could’ve also been a past life issue, getting killed for something so being overly cautious of how I’m perceived.
I think my glands are almost better. They did a weird thing when I was working on healing them, it was the left side swollen and then suddenly the right for a day or two, and now the left again. But this just shows how much our thoughts can effect our body and health.

third%20eye Third Eye Chakra. This chakra also surprised me. Like the throat, I didn’t realise how much I was being negatively affected by it being unbalanced. This chakra’s unwellness was responsible for my lack of clarity, feeling dizzy in my own body, and for my delusions. Racing thoughts, an undisciplined mind. It was also the cause of the mild anxiety, because I literally couldn’t see what was around me in the sense of being in my own power. I couldn’t see that I was safe because I WAS being effected by delusions. I wasn’t clear. Now I’m more in my power. I’m becoming more and more clear as I work on this chakra. I see life and my own situation and situations around me much more clearly than before. A shame that it seems people can’t get to here until they balance all that other crap. No wonder humans are mostly “unawake”. No wonder we all have our own “collective delusions”. And since our thoughts are power it’s no wonder that this chakra is also one of psychic powers, seeing as a clear and balanced mind is a powerful tool for changing reality.

crown Crown Chakra. I’m not here yet. I don’t know what much there will be to unblock, but perhaps I’ll be surprised like with the throat and third-eye. I suspect that once my chakra work is done, all that grief heart chakra energy gone and my third-eye mind completely focused, this chakra will be able to download stuff from higher intelligences. I’ll be able to gain information, feel zen with the world. Will probably be able to soul travel and do all that too. I’ll make update posts when I get there, probably on my journal. I’m not even sure what does block this chakra, but I’ll be sure to look into it soon.

So in conclusion, I’ve become quite powerful through the act of “knowing thyself” and changing these literal parts of me. I’m sure this directly relates to ascension and magical prowess. I’m a much different person now. My intuitive abilities have massively improved. I am still in the process of balancing but can only get better. These chakras, introspection and the beings we evoke to create change in our life are all tools at our disposal to help us become gods. I don’t like that so many people on here battle with depression and anxiety issues. We are gods and have the power to work through ourselves and become our best selves, so I hope this helps people struggling with not enjoying their lives/self as much as they could be.

Social Anxiety

I’m actually just going to put chakra updates here, like a second journal but only about my chakra work. Since I find it so important and I hope other people find it useful too. Anyway



I just removed another block to my heart chakra then. Today and yesterday I was feeling a pushing pain making it harder to breathe on the top of my chest and back. Now I feel so relieved and breathing easier now that I’ve released it.
The grief I healed was facing my past when I first started working in Nursing. Stepping out of schooling and into the real world. Working in a high care nursing home at age 19 and facing some horrible stuff and realities about the workforce and this workforce and how the elderly are treated. There was immense pressure and my Mum wasn’t helping at home, she probably didn’t know the pressure I was under. There were times I’d be at home afterwards crying feeling like I couldn’t do the job and would have to quit, even though there was nothing else I had a qualification for or wanted to do. Plenty of the young girls who work in aged care often get pregnant or need surgery for growths, just the kind of pressure people are under.
Nowadays I work calm and peaceful night shifts in the lowcare ward. Though I did work day shifts for years and after six or so months I got very good and confident. But yeah, reflecting on that part of my past and acknowledging that that time in my life was hard and a shock for me has healed a serious block in my heart chakra. Now I feel relief.
I think that if we look back at hard points in our life, acknowledge and release them that can also undo grief in the heart chakra or unblock other chakras.
I called on Lucifer because I was really trying to contemplate the cause of this pain. He numbed the pain for me and I could ponder it myself and eventually realised the grief that was causing me to emotionally (and kinda physically) ache.


What did you exactly do to unblock your sacral chakra n throat chakra?

Mine are blocked, i checked using a pendulum. Pendulum was rotating counter clockwise.

What can i do to open my sacral chakra n throat chakra?


Look up information on the chakras themselves. Do introspection about yourself and past issues that might be effecting your beliefs. You need the courage to be honest and unravel yourself, even if it’s strange. The chakras are metaphors for your inner self.


Serious shadow work. Im doing this as well. Yes, one must be brutally honest with self. Also, willing to go through some pain because wounds hurt.


Serious shadow work? Whats that?


It’s a whole other thing but still related, you’ll need to Google or search function it.




Interesting post, @Encore19. Thanks for sharing.

On chakras: I just recently started working on mine, but already believe in them. I don’t think they’re organs on a physical sense, but more of a spiritual sense.

On astrology: I’ve never been much of a believer in astrology. After reading your post, I went ahead and checked out my natal chart provided by a free site as you suggested. I’d have to say it was just about 50/50. Half of it sounded very much like me, yet the other half was completely wrong. Although to be fair, I’ve always been sort of an odd one.


Its where you work on the dark parts within you…healing traumas, changing behaviors, etc.


I would say the parts that don’t match have more to do with upbringing and choices. I was told from my birthday that I’d have very difficult relationships but since I’ve empowered myself through magic I’ve avoided that. Either way fifty percent is more than a coincidence. I fully believe in astrology


Astrology is more like tarot cards. They tell us things we need to know, thing’s we’re not admitting to ourselves, but they’re not so specific that it point blank tells us. You can’t use astrology to change yourself physically, but you can use it for prediction of the future. Certain planets and stars give off certain energies and when they are in a certain position, they combine to affect us in a certain way, thus if we can research when that will happen in our lives, we can be prepared when say the planets have energy that might bring the end of a relationship (personal or not).

I personally use my own chart and an Ephemeris to predict what may happen when and why.



Boy am I a mixed up individual. Suppose this explains my obsessive mentality and the fact I was walking around in constant non-physical pain in my chest area. I have done even more unblocking.


Realised I was giving too much. That sounds like a nice, modest problem to have. I was working on the throat and sensing the issue and I felt pointed back to here and shown this was another issue. I am relaxed now and know not to give too much of myself, whether it be to those I perceive to be in need or in general.


As this rules grief I am trying to force myself to be lighthearted and enjoy life more. My incubus had been telling me he wanted me to have a more lighthearted approach so things manifest better and I enjoy life more and stuff. This is something we need to actively choose, to be happier and at peace, so I will do this more. Not that I was griefful but frequently dark and bitter.


Had to really face how hard social interactions are for me at times. It’s such an on-off thing. A common phrase hit me hard with a new level of understanding: be yourself. All the gurus say the throat chakra is blocked when we’re not ‘speaking our truth’. Perhaps I’m too anxious about presenting myself to people in a certain way, which is still in effect hiding. I have been envisioning my solar plexis glowing like a yellow sun and moving to my throat, so that I am entirely just myself in how I express. My throat chakra does need a lot of work, but I can’t go wrong now.


Dear Encore19;

Amazing and beautiful post. I am also starting to work on my chakras.
Having to deal with brutal honesty with our own personal realities is the hardest part. At least for me, cause it’s literally killing me. But I think I’ll make it thru.

This thread is bookmarked, I have to follow your work to gain more insight about working with chakras.

If you are interested in soul travel I would suggest you look into EA’s book Ipssissimus or his Soul Travel program. His ST program is what started me working on chakras. I think you’ll like it.

Anyway, please keep us posted with your chakra work.

Best regards,




I had a very happy childhood and when I got to high school and started to get depressed I was acutely aware that school was going to get harder and harder, year by year, until I was out into the real world. It filled me with doom and despair. My parents really ingrained this into me, always saying we had no idea how hard life is, and they didn’t know how much I took things like that to heart. My life now is thankfully comfortable, and I don’t work hard at night shift, though yeah it took me pain and effort to get to here. Anyway, feeling a lot better after investigating and clearing this.


Great post. I just finished reading Yoga of power by Julius Evola and he mentions the Muladhara as being yellow… Can someone comment on this? Here is the text:


Corresponding to the sacral-coccygeal plexus, the muladhara-chakrais located at the base of the spinal cord (at the tip of the filum terminale), between the anus and the genitals. It has four petals, corresponding to the Sanskrit letters va, sha, ca, and sa. Its color is yellow. Its mandala is a square, which in turn is the earth’s mandala. The earth is the tattva corresponding to this chakra. Its mantra is LAM. This chakra is related to (1) the cohesiveness of physical mat- ter; (2) the tanmatra of smell and its corresponding organ; (3) apana, or “down-breath”; and (4) the human skeleton.

This chakra is the seat of the “god of the earth,” or of the demiurge (Brahma), and of his Shakti, Dakini. The elephant on which the mantra LAM is sometimes inscribed represents the bulki- ness, weight, and stasis characterizing the manifestations of the earth’s tattva. In the middle of the chakra one finds an inverted triangle, the symbol of the Shakti principle. Inside the triangle one finds the svayambhu-linga, on which the mantra of desire, KLIM, is written in red. According to a text: “Within it [the triangle] the self- subsisting reality appears in the form of a linga [phallus].” This means that the self-subsisting power, in this context, takes the form of a generating power. Inside the triangle one may also find a dormant kundalini, wrapped around the linga with three and a half coils. This serpent obstructs, with its head, “brahman’s threshold” and the access to the sushumna, which departs from this chakra’s center.

Various forms of the affective and emotional life of ordinary people are associated with each chakra. The following are asso- ciated with the muladhara-chakra: greed (lobha), false knowledge, credu- lity, delusions, and indulgence in coarse and obtuse material pleasures. The force that induces sleep is also ascribed to this chakra.


Well I disagree with a lot of that. Physical matter is supposedly light at denser frequency, which a lot of spiritual/occult beliefs say and I’d believe that. That physical matter is the same original light of creation slowed down. The seven chakras vibrate at different speeds, and the slowest vibrating colour is red which is why it corresponds to the base chakra.

False knowledge and delusions has nothing to do with Muladhara’s purpose. I’d treat that text the same as I treat Buddhism where in the Tibetan book of Living and Dying they say that after we die we will see five glowing orbs of light and we need to choose which one to float to, and passages in the Bible that are similarly specific and ridiculous. Just garbled false information from some weird gnosis, channelling the wrong stuff or their own mental regurgitation.


Going to do serious work on my chakras. Trauma and PTSD have royally screwed them up, no doubt, so I should definitely work there. I’m also working on divination and wondering if tarot can help direct me to the most pertinent problems facing each chakra.

My goal is to unlock psychic abilities one day. There are loads of people teaching things like telekinesis, but I think I’m too blocked to effectively learn. My thoughts are a mess, too, making meditation difficult.


It’s a noble thing to work on. It takes a little while to figure out the correct approach, when to sit with the pain, when to yield versus when to overcome mindsets and make that leap. You got to be feeling inside yourself to know the right thing to do but facing the issues helps.

And you can do evocations too, like I have to make my social skills better.


Cool. I’m particularly bad at evocation, as I can’t sense anything yet. I’m not too sure how to go about learning it, and EA’s books aren’t all that helpful to me. He doesn’t do much in the way of step-by-step, and unfortunately learning to work with your mind and subconscious is vastly different than learning how to program an app…

I’ve started doing Qi gong, as sitting meditation is very difficult for me. I intend to incorporate yoga and traditional meditation some day, but for now I need to be moving to keep myself from either floating into La La Land or getting obsessive over my problems.