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Not working on a particular chakra, but still my energy-body. I’ve decided to meditate on releasing all fear. You’d think this would be a root chakra issue, but it doesn’t feel like it’s coming from that area and I don’t think I have a root chakra imbalance. Anyway, I’ve been to psychics in person and the first thing they tend to say is “You worry too much”. I suppose I do have an underlying anxiety, a tenseness that I try not to think about. Could be past life related.

Anyway I feel a lot better and cleared after just releasing all fear. Thinking about all possible things that could frighten me: losing my job, losing my place, getting an illness, failing Uni, and just saying to my inner self ‘I’m not afraid of any of that, or anything’. It is a load off my shoulders and makes me feel more open and free. All this honest self-work should clear me up to being more psychically receptive, I would think. Or at least more peaceful and not in emotional/spiritual pain.



Secure your chakras. I was giving off way too much power freely and it was being leached. I feel much more centred since I envisioned containing my chakras so that the light wasn’t blazing out of me but is being hidden/concealed close to my body. I can actually feel the disappointment of entities that were hanging around me as well, beings that were feeding off all the energy I was giving out. I feel a lot more balanced and directed now.


This whole site someone else on here linked and it looks like good stuff.



This is again more of an RHP way of balancing/clearing (not that RHP owns it, just seems in that lane of approach).

I needed to acknowledge that I’d suffered spiritual trauma to clear my emotional wounds. So I’d mentioned here and there, that at times it feels like my soul or emotional body (not my physical) is in pain. And there’s discomfort, agitation, anxiety. Nothing overwhelming, but I was aware of it. And of course it’s the kind of thing that’s going to impact psychic development. As well as contentedness.

I believe in past lives. My current life hasn’t been traumatic. But I think most, if not all of us, have experienced lifetimes involving murder, torture or other traumatic things. Like how other problems need acknowledging. After accepting and acknowledging this to myself I think that is finally the key to understanding and removing this… blockage/wound/thing. It does feel frozen, like a trauma.

These steps we take, they can sound straight-forward, but delving in is difficult. We can come up against invisible thought patterns we’re unaware of like “I haven’t suffered that much. I’m being dramatic if I be tolerant of myself for having trauma.” Or something, anything like that.

I’m getting to complete happiness/peace, which is the goal of life. (One goal, since I’m an LHP Practitioner I know power and ascension are the others).




Some more on this sucker here. I also consider this an important update and have considered making it its own post. Really, all these updates lately have been important. I have come to a very significant understanding of the Heart Chakra. I’ve discovered another energetic flaw that was keeping me from flourishing, so I want to talk about this.

I now believe the Heart Chakra is more or less designed to be closed. I used to believe the goal was we want all chakras happy and healthy and OPEN. But I no longer see this to be the case and with valid reasoning.

The Heart Chakra operates as our weak point. It is the fourth chakra and resonates with the fourth astrological sign Cancer. Let’s look at the differences between Yin and Yang polarities. And more specifically Fire and Water energy.

Fire is optimistic while Water is pessimistic. Water goes inwards, it is sensitive and thus weak. Fire is outwards, it is enthusiastic and conquering, it is powerful. Even though Water is sensitive, that doesn’t mean Water is Good and Fire is Evil. Both are capable of being good and evil. Water signs can provide support through empathy, Fire signs can provide support through encouragement and generosity. Fire can be insensitive and Water can be so sensitive that it takes offence, carries a grudge and exacts revenge. Fire isn’t known for holding grudges, even if it is known for anger and impulse in the moment.

So while we now see that Fire and Water doesn’t coincide with Good and Evil we can ask ourselves: what is the benefit to being sensitive? If Water Signs are more prone to depression and lack of confidence, if they cry more and go through a more tumultuous life experience with emotions… what is the advantage?

Water as an element is said to be psychic. With sensitivity comes an ability for greater understanding of the subtle energies/currents of life and how to manipulate them with magic.

Even so… sensitivity is more often than not a weakness. Our eyes adapted to perceive the amount of light we have here. Too little light or too much can damage our eyes easily. While being sensitive can allow you to percieve certain things, it more often than not causes you pain. Grief. Which is associated with the Heart Chakra.

I came across this model on the Satantic Meditations page:


Ignoring the other chakras, we can see the noticeable difference in how the Heart Chakra has been configured/aligned by the black magician. The Heart Chakra is essentially very different to all the others. Our safety vs fear, our pleasure vs guilt, our pride vs shame. The first three chakras, when in prime condition gift us with feelings of safety, pleasure and pride. When the fourth is as “prime” (or open) we have love. But love, as we all should know, is so multi-faceted, so Watery, that it easily leads to pain and grief. What’s more, at best love still puts you in a vulnerable position. Even if it brings you joy, you are still being made weak. You are finding joy in weakness.

The Heart Chakra needs a limiter on it more than any other.

My latest personal revelation is that my Heart Chakra was hypersensitive. As someone who came from RHP and piously took the teachings to heart, I was an overly-benevolent person. I was overly-empathetic to the point where I’m not sure you can call it empathy. In having a full, open, unrestrained Heart Chakra I’d only served to make myself vulnerable in a toxic way.

When you “feel” too much it seems to block your ability to be outwardly positive and embody the good aspects of Fire. Air detaches from sensitivity, Fire projects energy outwards instead and is literally known as the energetic optimists of the four elements.

Success in ascension and life and happiness means turning yourself a little bit into a sociopath.

There are values to being good as ruled by logical thought (keeps you safe from the law, is advantageous), but when you are ruled by sensitivity to others you only get used, regardless as to whether you’re being used for the right reasons or by people in need. You are still allowing yourself to be used and not progressing yourself.

For true power to be realized the Heart Chakra must be limited.


Thank you! :smiling_imp: very inspiring



This is more of a personal update.


My most problem chakra would be the Throat. I don’t realise how imbalanced a chakra is until I stop to meditate on it and then all the things I was conscious of finally come together into a list that helps me see this chakra is having issues. Right now I can feel an energy disturbance, an energetic weakness from my chin to my upper chest. That whole region.

My worst symptom of this chakra’s imbalance is my social anxiety that comes and goes. If you knew me in person I don’t think you’d spot it. It is apparent at times though, and it’s on my mind far more than it should be when I interact with people. Reading this site’s article on social anxiety was helpful.

(I don’t believe it’s a problem that can’t be fixed by applying myself.)

Often I catch myself speaking too quietly, usually at work. Or speaking in a monotone way, like ordering food from a drivethru. And thinking too much about it.

Apparently the Throat Chakra is blocked by lies, but maybe that’s not a broad enough answer. Maybe deception stemming from social anxiety fears. Hiding. Judgment and overly fearful of scrutiny. Things that shouldn’t be taken to heart. Or worried over.

I do believe more needs to be done to work on this other than wearing the colour blue and putting stones on your neck :roll_eyes: I’m going to try putting in much less thought about it while I interact with people and try the breathing exercises if I ever get anxious. Cause the way that area feels, I reckon I could get some health problems in that region if I don’t work to fix this.

Edit: This affirmation has been helpful “I am safe and I trust others to allow me to express myself truthfully”

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I’ve been doing similar things with mine realizing my deep rooted fears and working through them, self doubt, emotional turmoil, physically taking care of myself which in turn my chakras have reacted to nicely as well as spiritual work.

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Yeah, you can’t underestimate the power of making real changes or doing physical things.

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Yes, feeling too much for others can be detrimental, but so can not feeling anything at all. IMO a healthy, “open” heart chakra is one that avoids both of these extremes.


Great post , i can totally relate

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Hello :slight_smile:

Would you midnd sharing the websites with free natal charts please? I’m reaching out into astrology and Tarot a lot recently. Something which I believe Great President Buer is guiding me towards. Runes have also had a place in my periphery recently, but the accuracy is somewhat astonishing - I’m no fool; on occassion I am looking for the discrepancies and these ‘discrepanices’ lead to greater understanding!
Researching Natal Charts is the next logical step .

Thanks for your help with this

Darkest Regards

Ave President Buer - Ave Satanas

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Is one good one, but there are others you can find by just searching Google. Just don’t get sucked into having to pay for one xD

Well… I remember reading this in your post a while ago. I’m a cold bitch. That is loving dose not seem to be available especially the sweaty variety. Mainly I’m not open to it with men anymore and if I bother it’s not fkg free…I think closing the heart is a safety mechanism so
I’m m not sure if it’s beneficial or not to have closed o r open. Personally I’m keen to utilize as much power as these chakras can harness then dissolve them…
What is your take on this concept?


Hey @Encore19
I have a question.
I am only able if I want to work with my chakras meditatively to "breath in them’’.
For meditative work, what could you recommend further?


I think the most important thing anyone can do with their chakras is understand how they directly relate to blockages. I’m not sure how effective meditating on them is if you’re not getting direct insights out of it and thus release and better flow.

But maybe some people are able to visualise with their chakras and it leads to a direct personality change/removal of a negative trait or habit? I mean I can’t say anything’s impossible for certain…



I’m doing a lot of making up for the time I spent between the ages 15 – 21 in which I tapped way too hard into the desensitized version of myself. A floodgate of emotions broke me down and I’m just now paddling back to shore, gasping for air.

If you try too hard to suppress your feelings, it’s not going to be good. It has to come out eventually.

You can’t become “a little bit of a sociopath” – It just doesn’t work that way.

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I think you can…

But it’s possible I was dwelling too much in my emotions, too much in the idea of goodness and empathy, so for me “being a little bit of a sociopath” is just standard-person empathy/apathy.

But when you consider the differences in elemental energies… You may think having a balance is best. But I was overdoing it with being overly emotionally vulnerable about things and not having much enthusiasm and conquering spirit. Psychicness and experiencing love (so long as it’s safe) seems to be about the only benefits of Water energy.

I think I get too caught up in semantics when I say you can’t become a little bit of a sociopath in terms of the diagnosable personality disorder ASPD which is what sociopathy is and I took away from your actual point. I can be too literal in times where it’s not helpful.

I have always been detached from a lot of emotions (you mentioned the zodiac before, and I’m an Aquarius, so that part of the zodiac always rang true for me) but decided to try and open that side of myself so that it consumed me as a person, in which I was hurting the people around me with no regard for their safety or happiness. It’s too easy to get lost into your dark side, so I was trying to express caution.

When you try to cancel out some of your empathy by desensitizing yourself, it can lead to a spiral, as it did for me.

So just be careful to implement healthy amounts of all of your qualities as a person.

The most METAL shit I’ve ever done was face the fact that there are a lot of sensitive aspects of myself and that doesn’t make me weak – I’ve been working through them and letting myself cry at anything in front of anyone. If you can sit in a walmart parking lot weeping while also not giving a shit about what anyone around you thinks, then you can work on controlling those feelings better.

It’s almost 3 am so I may be rambling


Yeah interesting point.

Sensitivity certainly doesn’t equal “being good”. Since without it you can be insensitive and uncaring, but with it you can be ‘emotionally immature’ and lash out at people or hold a grudge for your whole life and plan revenge.

Sensitive people can be “good” by understanding the feelings of others, and insensitive people can be “good” by understanding fairness through a logical lens (I’m a Libra).

RHP beliefs and philosophies seem to reckon that at one point intellect and love (or empathy) merge. But now that I am into the LHP that… may not actually be true. “Love” and “empathy” serve the purpose of being something you can enjoy with a select few chosen, not as an entire philosophy towards all existence.

And yeah as for the crying in public, I don’t do that cause I don’t want to draw attention to myself and cause it’s embarrassing, but I have always always understood that it’s best to be self-serving when it comes to your emotional needs. I can understand why guys may want to “be a man” when it comes to an image, but if you are alone and crying or feeling emotions would be healthy for you, it’s just the most ridiculous thing ever to me that anyone would not do what’s best for them because of some idea that means nothing? Okay “be a man” in public if you must but to not take care of yourself when it’s behind closed doors anyway? Absolutely stupid. And detrimental.

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