Is YHVH really the god of this world?


Lol true!
I’d wonder what ill tempered, trolly one they decided to convert over lol
Whomever had to pick the worst Storm God in existence, even Zeus would have been a better choice. :joy:


Even though I won’t be doing it I’m curious if it’s possible to evoke Yahweh. I don’t think anyone has ever written about something like that before


God is a concept, a thought form, that became a servitor created and told he was the creator, so he was.

With that said, I think as an ultimate creator… the judeo-Christian God is extremely powerful. Regardless of the dogma and superstitions that comes with his package. If you deal with him without all that… he’s one of the most powerful Gods if not THE most powerful one.

For me, God of the bible is evil santa claus with unholy book. Whatever that book says, the truth is the exact opposite. The real God I know is consciousness… nothing else. And magick proves that anytime. No blind faith, no dogma or heaven-hell stories. Reality is the judge.

Spirituality is not science as most people know it, but that doesn’t mean we can’t or should not apply the scientific way of thinking when we deal with spirituality.


It’s common to judge all religion over what Catholics have done in the past but humans have done many terrible things throughout history. In ancient Rome, the earliest Christians were slaughtered in the Colosseum. Animals were also trained to rape them before killing them to entertain the crowd.

As far as yahveyhivahey goes, it was ancient minds who first experienced such a thing. But we are capable of accessing the higher spiritual realities ourselves. That was part of Jesus’ whole message. We don’t need priests to intercede for us. Ancient priests created the old Egregores. Personally I’d like to see all the Egregores wiped out. Start fresh you know.


I found this on wiki.

The Israelites initially worshipped Yahweh alongside a variety of Canaanite gods and goddesses, including El, Asherah and Baal.[37] In the period of the Judges and the first half of the monarchy, El and Yahweh became conflated in a process of religious syncretism.[38] As a result, ’el (Hebrew: אל‬) became a generic term meaning “god”, as opposed to the name of a worshipped deity, and epithets such as El Shaddai came to be applied to Yahweh alone, diminishing the worship of El and strengthening the position of Yahweh.[39] Features of Baal, El and Asherah were absorbed into the Yahweh religion, Asherah possibly becoming embodied in the feminine aspects of the Shekinah or divine presence, and Baal’s nature as a storm and weather god becoming assimilated into Yahweh’s own identification with the storm.[40] In the next stage the Yahweh religion separated itself from its Canaanite heritage, first by rejecting Baal-worship in the 9th century, then through the 8th to 6th centuries with prophetic condemnation of Baal, the asherim, sun-worship, worship on the “high places”, practices pertaining to the dead, and other matters.[41]


This is more my opinion but I just don’t trust him. I grew up a Baptist and all I got from him was sorrow and unhappiness. Reading the bible I don’t see a loving god just someone who is controlling and restraining. We can do so much without him, with powers deemed unworthy for us.
I think he loves the people that shower him with attention but i don’t think he has any love for the human race as a whole.


Ooh that’s interesting!


Hmmmmmm. Here’s the rub I see from my experience/knowledge: The christian god yaweh(the egregore) is not the supreme god, but he is connected to the supreme god thru the cosmic letters of Y H V H which according to Franz Bardon represents the divine aspects of the elements of creation, and by themselves have nothing to do with religion at all but are just universal aspects of the elements.

Yahweh was created after other gods/goddesses in history. Even the old testament has stories almost identical to many in the much older Sumerian texts.

Now because of the very war-like nature of this religion and Yaweh and the fear of his punishments, it has usurped much of the world and gained an enormous amount of power from it’s followers and all the psychic/sexual energy it’s taking from them.

So this egregore(Yaweh) is very powerful in his own way if you connect with his current, but VERY restrictive to you and your ultimate freedom as an individual IMO due to his very precepts and jealousy.

There is power in the bible though and even a lot of hoodoo is used with the psalms and such.

As far as evoking: I’ve done evoking and invoking Qabbalistically of Yod Hey Vahv Hey and it is not an individual entity that comes, but a presence and a connection with divinity as I said earlier.

I have not evoked nor invoked Yahweh tho and have no plans to do so, as I do not want to be connected with him anymore as I once was from my upbringing which has caused me tremendous mental, emotional, and psychic anguish/damage trying to be perfect for him, so that he would accept me.

In the words of the crying Comedian: “It’s all a fuckin joke!”


Ex-Catholic here: I’d say that if he really exists, he’s a narcissistic power-hungry genocidal dictator who acts like an abusive-husband/father when exhibiting his “nice” side:
Also, he lost a battle against an enemy faction because they had chariots made of iron.


Interesting. :thinking:

Isn’t it well known that many spirits hate iron, for example the Jinn and the Fae?

That gives a little more proof that YHVH is not the creator god of the universe, but possibly a land spirit or spirit of place like the Jinn.

I posted this on another thread showing how YHVH came to be from wikipedia.


I like the idea of YHVH being a Jinn or the God of the Israeli people, perhaps even alongside other gods, but I still think he’s a narcissist hence him insisting that he is the only god and stories of him trying to stop people from worshipping Baal.

His actions and only caring about the Middle East don’t sound at all like something a creator of our Universe would do; personally if a God had created our universe, I’d say they’d act more “deist” than caring about the affairs of the inhabitants of orbs, considering how mind-bogglingly massive this universe is.


I agree wholeheartedly, I view the creator of the universe as the macrocosmic fractal of our consciousness, what some call the source or the all.
(All is mind, the universe is mental.)
(as above, so below.)
Yadda yadda etc

And the deist approach is the most accurate to me.


This gives the information from the Joy of Satan website, concerning YHVY


Oh gosh I would believe them immediately.




That makes sense. Many deities require devotion from people… not that there is really no other Gods out there, but they demand that their followers don’t worship anyone else. I believe this is the case with YAHWEH or whatever his name is.

When people worship a God or Goddess they believe they’re the creators. Or they’re existence or “The All” not only an entity or a spiritual being. So it’s not that strange that YAHWEH says that about himself and demands that his followers believe it.

At that point, it’s just another Pagan religion. Based on devotion and personal belief. The problem started when that God became too aggressive and his people used him as an excuse to kill and think of others human beings as animals… calling themselves sons God and that God created a flood to punish all living things because his sons had wives from humans!!! Crazy stuff… then came Christianity and Islam and suddenly YAHWEH looked like an amature compared to Jesus or Allah. Glad it stopped… can’t imagine the world with more of those. We’re lucky, I guess.


YHVH is an acronym; Yod, Heh, Vave, and Heh, respectively, are the representative characters of Fire (Crown/Mind), Water (Throat/Heart), Wind (Stomach), and Earth (Sacral+Root).

Elohim is Plural, a reference to the entities of the Host.

What is Supreme transcends entities, for entities are bound by reality.


Yahweh was a storm god who became a tribe’s patron deity (happens all the time) who then declared him superior to all other gods and goddesses (also has happened before with other tribes and deities), and then went to declare him the only god in existence - everything else is false and are demons.

So, no, Yahweh is not the god of this world, if you follow the historical trajectory.

But what would give me cause to study and meditate is: after the destruction of the Second Temple, Yahweh’s name disappeared. A variety of names began to be used for him (El, Elohim, Adonay, Shaddai, El Shaddai, haMaqom barukh hu, haShem, Elyon) - all appropriated from other gods or created to describe him. If his name isn’t used regularly, does he benefit from the worship supposedly directed in his direction?


Very interesting that’s a good point


No. The God of this world is Ishvara manifested as Brahma (Creator), Vishnu (Maintainer/Preserver), Shiva (Destroyer). Shiva is linked to Satan. Satan is also linked to Set (Seth).
More info: Who is satan for you


Hail, Satan,
Lord of Darkness,
King of Hell,
Ruler of the Earth,
God of this World!

God Who invites us to become as gods!
Muse of our civilization,
Dread Enemy of its tyrant god!
Satan, mighty Liberator,
Bearer of true Light!

God of our flesh,
God of our minds,
God of our innermost Will!

O mighty Lord Satan,
teach us to become strong and wise!
Teach us to vanquish the enemies
of our freedom and well-being!


In Nichiren Buddhism, Shakyamuni Buddha is the Lord of this Saha World.

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