Is YHVH really the god of this world?


@Robert If he is the god of this world, would anything in revelations be true? What about his second coming?


And have you asked Yeshua himself, just to make sure?

BTW, I gotta say you are so pro about this topic.


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I believe that king of kings is Baal, Beelzebub. I believe at one point in time he was called YHVH and it’s the dogma that is incorrect, not our father. Lucifer is the son, the sun, the light. Our great mother is astaroth. The true trinity of many, many names


Was watching a documentary the other day about Jesus. The second coming was initialy taken from a single strofe and was more intended more like the meaning ”ill go away to buy some milk and then be back”.
Seeing as he didnt returned that was later used to form the idea of the second comming along with the end time.


After doing my own research I have come to believe that YHVH indeed does exist. As a christian, during worship, i invoked his essence many times. However I no longer believe he is the one true god. He is one of many gods and a very ruthless one. The worship from humans on Saturdays amd Sundays must make him get pretty high off their energy. He is selfish and makes too many demands just to please himself.

He had nations slaughtered for worshipping other gods. One of these gods was Beelzebub. His people were not allowed to mix with other tribes because it would defile them. This shows me what he thinks of humans who do not worship him. He made the mistake of allowing his translators to write “I am God and there is no other” yet in another book he commands that we worhip no other gods. If he was the only god then there would be no need to say that.


Well there’s a big difference between lowercase gods vs uppercase God.


What? Lol


@Malicious So, are you still a Christian?


Hell no :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Not according to the JCI religions. Satan possesses that title.


The original Greek translates best to Lord of this Age.


I have seen his power many times. However it was the faith of those who followed him that fueled that flame. The power we possess pretty much misunderstood and credit given to him.


Absolutely true, that’s the secret behind all those religions. They enslave the real Gods and give honor and worship to false God to keep people under control. Still successfully done until this day.


I use to believe in healing using the name Jesus but after I left that belief system I actually got mad about a horrible toothache that lit my face on fire. I told my brain to reach the nerve and shut off the pain. I believed it would happen and it did. I could feel the throbbing but the pain was gone. Didn’t need the name of any god for it. :+1:


Does anyone here use the 44 seals of Solomon


Where did you find out YHVH is a tribal war god?


I agree. That’s why it’s Gods vs god. :slight_smile:




What exactly you didn’t understood?