Is YHVH really the god of this world?


Honestly I would still tell everyone I believe in god cuz people will start looking at u weird or unless u tell them ur athiest. But either way it’s good to hide the fact that ur an occultist from others


I’d rather be sacrastic and be like which one? lol


This is all good info thank you


When I look at Jehovah, what I see is like a painted lampshade that’s been placed between humanity and what I would call God. It has the light and feel of that higher level but the light is being filtered so you’re not getting the full energy and this entity Jehovah is blocking/vampirizing the energy you’re sending up.

If you’ve read the chapter in the Key of Solomon where they tell you how to make sacrifices to feed and empower the various planetary spirits you’re evoking, it should start ringing some bells with Deuteronomy. You make sacrifices of certain kinds of incense, animals, wood, etc, to build up these thought-forms you’ve created and make them more powerful. It kind of gives you a real clue what this entity the priests were having everyone make sacrifices to really was and who was actually controlling it.

I’d encourage everyone to get an annotated Bible like the Oxford Bible and read the Book of Genesis very, very carefully - particularly with an eye to whether the word Elohim should be translated as “God” or “The Gods.” Forget everything you’ve ever heard and just read exactly what the text says. The Elohim simply does not remotely fit the description of the God modern Abrahamic worshippers believe in. He (or they) is explicitly physically localized - he is a physical dude who walks around on the earth and is not omnipresent. He is explicitly NOT omniscient, though he does have magical powers. He lies to humanity repeatedly and is explicitly afraid that humanity will become like himself (although he refers to himself as “us” in these passages. Contrary to what we all learned in church and through the media, the Elohim did not get angry at Adam and Eve and punish them for their “disobedience” or “sin” by casting them out of the Garden of Eden. He explicitly casts them out of the garden because he is afraid they will eat from the Tree of Life and become immortal. If you read the Eden story as written without any doctrinal or sectarian interpretations or insertions it is clear that the Elohim lied to humanity and the Serpent told them the truth. It’s also clear that he was pissed off at the Serpent for informing them, not for “tempting” them to “sin.” The God of Genesis has literal sons who are literally his progeny who are literally physical beings walking around on the earth (NOT angels, watchers, etc). Some of them intermarry with humanity which produces a race of demigods - there is absolutely no comment on what God thinks about this - nothing about fallen angels or wars in heaven. All further writings on this subject are apocryphal. A little while later he regrets creating humanity because they’re “wicked” and decides to kill them all, along with all the other living things on earth which sets up the running pattern of him being a homicidal maniac who explicitly hates and regrets the creation he supposedly loves so much.

I imagine if you were building a society around a patriarchal mind-control cult and wanted to make sure that the small group of men who owned and controlled everything could do whatever the hell they wanted and get away with it, you’d probably concoct a similar abusive sky-daddy character for people to project their feelings about the authorities in their lives onto. Sky daddy hurts you because he loves you. He lies to you because he wants what’s best for you. Sky daddy has a secret destiny for you and a special plan for your life, but first you have to prove your love and loyalty to sky daddy by submitting to a bunch of highly oppressive rules that regulate every aspect of your life, making endless sacrifices to sky daddy, enduring a never-ending series of trials and tribulations, etc, etc.

For some time now I’ve been piling up evidence that neither the Torah nor the Hebrew language are anywhere near as ancient as we’ve been led to believe. I think Judaism might be a spin-off of the Greek mystery religions or heavily cribbed from them. I’ve also been having a lot of doubts about the Egyptian religion as it has been described to us by 19th and 20th century authors. I’m starting to think that Ancient Israel and Egypt might be in the same general vicinity as Atlantis, Camelot, and Shangri-La. This is a whole separate topic, but there’s no escaping that the secret Greek name of God is IAO and pronounced “Yaow” or “Yo” and the secret Hebrew name of God is IHV and pronounced “Yaow” or “Yo.” And I-A-O loops you right back to Isis-Ra-El. Jesus, of course, is Iao-Zeus. This line of inquiry goes on forever.

Why do some Angels have an EL at the end of their name

Holy shit. I would have never been able to figure that out. Thanks for sharing


Why does the 72 names of god work to change yourself if he’s just a war deity etc. I’ve gotten good results from working with the names


Because they’re the day and night aspects of the 36 decans of the zodiac. Pretty much every system of magic in human history uses them, just with different names and thought-forms attached to them.

Be careful working with those. They get you there fast but don’t correct for the karmic whiplash. It’s like a taxi driver that gets you there so fast he throws you through the windshield when he hits the brakes.


I SAY, verily, NO.


This question sound to me as the old debate who is right, who has the truth or who is the true God if there is such a thing as a true God… so many religions, so many gods, so many pantheons around the world along history… Maybe there is something far beyond our understanding, far from this multitude of deities. The Romans had an interesting concept: the involuti. Those primal gods beyond gods themselves. Something as the Gods before of the known gods. This is a real mystery. I tend to see religions as systems applicable to that culture at that time. Nowadays we see all kind of stuff being brought to light. Several attempts to revive old religions. Amidst this multitude of teachings is very easy to get lost. So I try to keep it as simple as possible. Is Yahweh the true God? No. He is just one among millions. Some gods are stronger than others, I mean, some have been worshiped most so they are stronger. The “power” behind those gods is somehow imprinted in our minds because centuries of worship. The better is to work or walk one path at a time, if you don’t fit change to another. We as humans are so different from each other, and we are becoming strangers to other fellow man and woman. At the times of tribal society things were simpler, people united to collect, to hunt, to sheep, to grow food to live, to defend themselves… survival… Today we have other needs besides survival. We are not part of tribes anymore, we lost part of this collective feeling, we are individualistic. Our civilization changed and with its change our perception of the gods are changing also. We don’t believe in such things the same way our ancestors believed. Our ancestors put everything they have in the hands of their gods. We by the contrary are taking the power from the gods. Maybe it is evolution, an awakening. Maybe there is not such a thing as a true God. Maybe there is only this known universe, pulsating, creating and destroying worlds. What matters most is what we think at the present moment, I mean, our relation with this mystery. It can lead us to enlightenment or to madness. It is the “razor’s edge”, and to walk through this we need lots of imagination!


You saying the Goetia demons get you things quick but give you a wiplash? Or did I goof that entirely , if so I apologize haha


If you threaten them with Yahweh and his archangels, I guess you’ll get the whiplash.
Anyway, that’s not my approach to Goetia.


I have this on my clipboard, just dropping it here in hopes someone may find it useful:

The Kybalion PDF, archived link.


Thank you, y’all ate the best!


My experience so far seems to indicate that angels spend all their energy at once, producing a scenario where things can shoot forward quickly, but once you get there that’s it. This creates a “whiplash” effect where everything wrenches backward because the moment the energy is spent the karma that produced the original problem/situation reasserts itself. My repeated experience with the Shem was that things would quickly improve only to immediately get worse.

Demons seem to spread out over time and control all the variables and angles. It might take months or years to get results, but they seem to micromanage things so they navigate around karmic issues enough for a gentle-ish landing. They don’t eliminate the whiplash but reduce it to the point where things go into stasis. I get the impression that they eat a lot of the energy that would manifest as negative repercussions. So the issue with demons seems to be that they get results but don’t do anything about the karma that’s producing the life situation you’re trying to improve. So you have to keep calling them in order to have any forward momentum because your old problems keep weighing you down and never get resolved.

In other words, with angels, unless you keep calling them and feeding them more and more energy there’s going to be a disaster… and the more energy you give them, the bigger that disaster gets.

With demons, there’s nothing fixing the underlying issues that are causing the situations you’re trying to get away from, so you move forward while staying in stasis. Your old problems and patterns keep weighing you down and reasserting themselves and every time you resolve one problem an eerily similar one takes its place. Again, you have to keep shoveling energy in to avoid the karma.

I have NOT encountered these issues with planetary spirits. Planetary energy seems to introduce trends and as long as you keep asserting that energy, the trend continues to build and gain momentum, and when you stop asserting everything just gradually fades back to normal.

At any rate, I’m starting to notice that Eastern systems of magic deal with these issues a lot better than we do and see dealing with karmic issues as a basic component of a magical operation. I know there are words of power and angels that temporarily “negate” or “reset” karma, but the effects are extremely short-term.


Some people say it’s the other way around. Where demons give the whiplash etc. It doesn’t matter what entity you use as long as it feels right for the situation. All spirits are capable of giving that whiplash effect and all of them can give a result without it. It doesn’t matter and shouldn’t be something that u think about when deciding to work with an entity whether angelic or demonic


A question i’ve always had was how can Yahweh be “the all that is” and the creator if he was a pagan deity before that and was a composite of El? I guess
what I don’t understand is how can it be the God of the cosmos and a pagan deity.


Are you sure you guys are speaking about the god Yahweh. All those things that happens is because of humans and religion. Religion is the complete opposite of spiritually. It tells everyone that magick is bad and that others that don’t follow other religions is bad. That’s why all these horrible things have happened in the name of god. People trying to gain and maintain control of the world.


Religion and spirituality are mutually inclusive of one another, just like the Egyptians had their religious priesthood so to the Brahmins and Druids had theirs, to act on behalf of the non initiated.

It has rules and doctrine but so do magical systems.

They all do this, it’s competition, everyone wants to sell an agenda, and every religion has its mystic side and esoteric truth, some just more than others.

A Lot of grimoires are JCI based, christians were practicing magic for along time until the church decided to crack down on it to clean up their image, because the protestant were claiming they were sorcerers.

Even modern dark grimoires of today still use the JCI paradigm
like demonaltry, qlippoth, ect. :thinking:

Well there’s way more to it then that.

And lots of people want control over the world, I mean that’s the point of magic in a lot of cases
" Imposing your magic will over events or people and the world to bring about your desires"

The Christians have their magic
The Egyptians had their magic
And Black Magicians have their magic

So let’s see who’s is stronger.

SPOILERS: Druids Win. :evergreen_tree: :rofl:


I just saw a thread about this, what is up with talking about that asshole yahwah?

It is a Christian concoction that is believed by some scholars to be nothing more than some ancient storm God.

I’m more likely to believe in Azathoth on to Yahwah.
Yahwah is nothing as far as I’m concerned.

Daemons say he’s an asshole BTW, but I dont waste my time or theirs asking dumb questions about Yahwah.


Hey storm gods are pretty cool! :rofl: