Is there “simple” magick?

My question is exactly as stated, is there simple magick? Some might think I mean easy, but I mean simple. I’m talking about something that doesn’t have so many steps and what not, candles robes or whatever. Something that just needs you and can be done. Similar to a LoA method I learnt, instead of all this visualization, scripting and etc, just let go and everything is yours. It may be simple and “easy” but it is really powerful. Is there any form of magick similar to this? It can be done quickly, simply and easily but its powerful.

I just thought I’d ask because I was curious , I appreciate any responses.




I think Goetia Pathworking by Corwin Hargrove might also be worth taking a look at.


There’s also this:


There is a publication named "power of magick " and has 7 books about practical magick and all of them need nothing .
I used two books from this publication
The Magick of Angels and Demons book by Henry Archer and Lucifer and Hidden Demons book by Theodore Rose

There is a book called “Mind Magic for Beginners” by Merlin something. It goes through just visualization to the point of making it currently real and letting it go. Sounds super easy, and it is, and I’ve good success with it. No tools or anything needed


A book like this method is "Angelic Trance Magick " by Ben Woodcroft by Power of magick publication., with a lot of positive reviews in amazon , easy and effective though I have never tried it by myself

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great tutorial, really helpful for new magicians. i only practice white magick now but i have divided into darker magick before.


Power radionics.

It’s a trademark. They have their own website, which is just a marketing brochure with a retro 80s HTML4 look. I’m not sharing it as it looks like a massive grift and we don’t link to commercial sites unless they actually say something real and the professional part is secondary to the info.

May or may not be the same thing, but I remind people that violating copy right law could get the forum owners into legal trouble, so please don’t offer copyright materials in the threads.

The state of this. How not to tell you what it actually is 101. :joy:

I wouldn’t call this “simple”.

You buy fake “machines” (you could btw just draw them on paper to get the same effect) and they give you a focus for your will, no different than a sigil really… It’s a tool like any other, but not simple and not needed. You still have to actually do the work yourself.
The fussiness of this branch of psionics crosses the line into fluffy land in my opinion. It’s sort of, poetic, in a techno way.


I guess the way I can describe easy / simple magic, is this; I write a spell and then burn it. Very simple. Very old way too. I also would be able to say that, when we evoke or invoke, we are doing easy simple magic. Some people say that the burnt paper of a sigil is chaos magic, but I disagree. It all depends on what we do.

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Work with white light and violet light and manifest visualizations with spirits from those bandwidths of light through structure because white light is timeless and violet light vibrates extremely fast which can bridge the instant manifestation from the white light into the lower realms of duality and waveform particle acceleration which will drastically increase manifestation skills and the cool part is it’s all through mental power

You can call any spirit through the white light because non vibratory, it’s beyond time and space thus you directly summon them from the same creative spark you both spawned into existence from

If you just breathe white light it will change your life and unlock limitless power


Where could I learn it?

I’ve had success from just focusing and visualization a candle burning, visualizing putting out the ingredients, and just casting that way, many times I have been in places were I need to use the spell, had the spell on hand but nothing to cast it, and did all visualization of the things needed and its worked 8 out of 10 times.


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Have you had good results with Magick of Angels and Demons?

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All of my rituals were successful except a situation that was completely out of control.
If i had to choose one magickal book, i would pick this book without any doubt.