Is Radionics and Psionics the same thing or not?

It’s literally not psionics :person_facepalming:

As far as I understand it, yes radionics is a subset of psionics.

With traditional radionics yes. But traditional radionics only has power by the virtue of the caster (like a sigil as you stated) power radionics has power by the generators pissing out life force. Huge difference.

I didn’t realise I did, my apologies.

Factually incorrect. With a Welz generator you can literally see and feel the energy with zero effort.

Incredibly simple. Yes it’s a tool and can act like a sigil but sorry it’s even easier.

Everything you have stated on power radionics in your rant has been opinion. You have 0 practical experience so your opinion is irrelevant/useless.

Try a transfer test and tell me it’s fake then. You said you’ve got 30 years energy manipulation experience so go… At least then youl be coming from a place of knowledge and not of opinion.

Please delete my fucking account. Everything I say that you don’t like gets deleted anyway. Even though you have no experience with what I’m talking about. I’ve had enough. I’ve been using this shit for fucking years and it is the simplest magic ever. Just because you religious nuts (traditionalists) poopoo it doesn’t make it any less valuable. I don’t want to participate here anymore.

The answer to the thread question is yes. Power radionics is completely different. I know this from experience.

What’s fake about them, is that they’re not machines under the definition:

“…an apparatus using mechanical power and having several parts, each with a definite function and together performing a particular task.”

, they’re empty boxes with knobs on them, with no mechanics, no motor. They don’t actually do anything by themselves.

They still are magick, not tech, they require the practitioner to make them work.

In this sense, under the definition of:

any device that transmits a force or directs its application.

As long as you consider the energy applied a “force”, then this defintion applies.

However, I do not. Energy is not a force. Force requires energy.

So, I don’t mean to say that the magick is fake, that they are “machines” is… an analogy, it is not factually true by the definitions.

So a chi generator doesn’t generate chi/od/prana/orgone unless I’m watching it? Bullshit.

You said fake machines which is just total ignorance.

A Welz generator generates the energy…

You are mistaking power radionics for radionics. I agree that trad rad is bollocks and you could just use a sigil. Power radionics is a completely different animal.

Well, that’ s all well and good for you. And that’s fine, but you don’t get to dictate other people’s approached to their magick.

Magick is highly personal, and as but plenty of other people so se them as part and parcel of the same area, I wouldn’t tell them how to think myself.

I see radionics as a subset of psionics, it’s psionic with physical objects, basically. I don’t see why that’s contentious at all. :woman_shrugging:

Give me an example of when I did…

I didn’t.

Because you are confusing radionics and power radionics. Radionics only has power by virtue of the caster… Power radionics has power regardless of the caster.

No I didn’t say that… a qi generator doesn’t do anything until you have enchanted it to.

Give the same box to a normal person and nothing happens. YOU INTEND IT o do what it does. You place objects on the input and outputs or however you designed it.

It’s basically sympathetic magick.

Thoughtforms also work without you watching them as well. So you can see it as a way to infuse a thoughtform with an empty box.

I do not, I see them like poppets, which is one of my speciaities and the energy is the same.

You have no experience with them to say that. Do the transfer test instead of talking from a place of not knowing/ignorance.

This is an example iof you blanket refusing that paper psionics work…

I know from experience it does because I’ve done it. :slight_smile: We also have posts here about it which is why I tried it.

So much for you being “factually correct”, are you trying to deny my experience or simply didn’t know you can do this?

Anything is possible in magick when you kow you can.

So not really…

Paper radionics Vs a Welz generator is doomed to fail and you are missing the point and putting the 2 in the same damn box. Complete ignorance.

So what experience do you have with a Welz generator? Since we are being factually correct…

Ikr that’s why I try make things simple for people who ask questions on this forum.

Wrong again. I merely pointed out the difference between a paper drawn radionics diagram and a generator.

Wait a sec, I didn’t say “trad rad is bollocks”… what does this mean and why do you saw that?

It works just fine. :woman_shrugging: You’re basically using a paper as a link to an astral thoughtform that you have programmed to do what you want. I’ve seen seen very powerful astral “machines” ike this that didn’t even have any physical counterpart at all.

You seem very closed minded. :thinking: Did you try and fail and assume no one else could do it just because you can’t?

As you say yourself:

These two things conflict.

It’s the same as using a sigil.

Like making a sigil

Yes I do rituals and invocations and possessions because I fail at magic…

How exactly?

You did not specify any difference, you said, and I quote, it was “factually incorrect”. With no qualification.

Which is it?

Do paper “machines” work or no?

I say they do because I’ve done it, and they’re not just paper the same way a poppet is not just a bundle of string any more.