Is there “simple” magick?

I wrote a reply about a month ago for a book I had experimented with. I saw this thread pop back up and I had to give another reply for something even more simple. I have been experimenting with Hindu mantras in the past couple weeks after seeing people talk about this and that mantra for this and that goal. I won’t go into detail about what I was doing it for, but one when I woke up and one later on a bit before I would go to sleep, both done the typical 108 times. I can’t even say I was even really focused on the goal at all, just the mantra. I noticed that before the goal was successful that bullshit I didn’t even realize was holding me back from the goal was cleared out of the way and then the goal was a success. I still do the mantras, but it maybe took about 10 days to work.

Can you share the mantra…?

in my opinion candle magick is the simplest.

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Check out the post I made with my experience with Mammon. To me it is very simple

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I use candle magic when I need to juice up and take more energy for my spell

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So you mean you created an “astral/mind candle” ?!?

pretty much yes

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I have been trying to :smile: add small results every now and then.

Do you think we need to focus a lot of time on it? See it burning like a real candle? Many days?

yes you see it burning like a real candle, and as a real spells, and you can repeat the spell many days in a row. Till you think its been made powerful enough to work for you.

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TL;DR: Write what you want on a piece of paper. Repeat it thousands of times without stopping, and what you wrote will happen.

Long version: Write your intention as a direct command (in the imperative clause). Record yourself or a computer text reader reading your command and put that audio on infinite loop.

Then keep your eyes and hands (especially thumbs) perfectly still and gaze at the command, breathing evenly as you repeat the command in time to the audio loop. Repeat it between 10,000 and 1,000,000 times without stopping or breaking the rhythm.

The hard part is seeing the method through to the end. Few people have the discipline to do it. But it works.


If that’s too complicated, do what Siddartha did.

Sit on a chair or on the floor. Close your eyes, breathe evenly, and pay attention to the air going through your nostrils. Think only about the air moving. Do this for at least an hour a day. That’s it.

What exactly does it do, sitting on the floor and breathing evenly?

It is a form of meditation. Just concentrating on your breathing. Don’t try to quiet your thoughts. Just let them pass. You are not your thoughts. Breathe evenly and pay attention to the air going through your nostrils. Think only about the air moving. Do this for fifteen minutes to at least an hour a day. That’s it.

What’s supposed to happen exactly from doing this?

You are basically getting out of the way of your energy body so that it can heal itself and rebalance.

Blocks caused by emotions and thoughts clear themselves, which allows more energy to flow more evenly and smoothly… energy flowing more evenly and smoothly has a direct beneficial impact on your health. The first thing you notice is feeling less stressed and having higher stress tolerance. This has a feedback loop effect in that you now create fewer blocks, and next, deeper blocks start to surface and get cleared.

Eventually, and I man, after many years with this passive but very safe method, your energy develops so that you start noticing psychic skills and you are well on your way to enlightenment.


We learn it by ourselves, what we are driven to, naturally and instinctively. Most people do magic and then after that they get back to their usual standard life after magic is done but in my book, we must become magic, being magic and magic oriented all the minutes of our lives.

All is mind, the universe is mental

Astral Magick is the simplest and strongest

And it is also the base of all magick

All traditions come back to the same science

Master your energy, your mind and your emotions

When you’ve achieved these things you’ll sharpen the ability to manipulate the astral light and transcend the astral plane which is essentially what creates this world

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Sigil magick is pretty damn simple

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Raise energy.

Give a shape to that energy, it doesnt need to be complicated or using correspondances lists… Use whatever represent for you the energy that match your intend.

Direct that energy to your goal.