Is magick really THAT effective?

A little about my background : I had issues with Multiple and Borderline Personality Disorder when I was in high school - it was fucking me up… till ‘something’ led me to a hidden cupboard in my house that had the book “The Bhagavad Gita” in it. My hands grabbed that book as if I was hypnotised- so I started with the Bhagavad Gita (a book that changed my life by changing how I look at the concept of ‘personality’) - then moved onto basic ‘spiritual’ books like The Kybalion, some of the Gallery of Magick stuff, some Lon Milo Duquette, some E.A. Koetting.
I have mainly dabbled in theory as of now - and have had some minor success in interacting with Krishna, Shiva, Hanuman, Saturn, and the demon Zagan (I worked with him to grant me anonymity and lack of visibility at a time I needed it - it worked, and I am grateful to Zagan, as I am grateful to the other spirits as well)
I work with the government, am a musician - have an affinity with Lucifer - and intend to work further with Krishna, Shiva and Lucifer in the future.

I’m anything but a powerhouse of the dark arts. I’m a dabbler, am unsure of the potencies of ‘magick’ - and thus at this point in my life - am a skeptic.

And what I am skeptical about is - is practical magick REALLY that effective?
No, I’m not talking ‘spirituality’ or ’ self-help’ or ‘magick helped me look at the world in a different way’ kinda thoughts here.
Most of you here are practising Black Magicians on the Left Hand Path right?
I’m looking for clarifications from you - about how effective all of this really is.

Basically, what’s up with the COVID-19 bullshit? It’s been about 8 months now - this world is stuck in limbo - people are dying - things happening beyond our control -

We are basically stuck at home in quarantine - against our will (And I mention this, because LHP practitioners apparently detest the concept of having to do anything against their conscious control/will) - unable to have fun outside - unable to meet our friends - to go out on trips - to visit rock concerts - to date and romance - heck, we are even apprehensive about going out to buy groceries!

If magick is really that effective, why aren’t ‘Sorcerers’ battling this Coronavirus yet? And if they ARE pathworking against this virus, why has nothing happened? it’s HIGH TIME something positive happened - that would make life fun for ALL OF US, don’t you think?

E.A. Koetting in his book Evoking Eternity writes this : "The Evocator quickly realizes that with the assistance of the darkest demons he is capable of swinging open the gates of hell on
earth and unleashing apocalyptic devastation; that by summoning Archangels the kingdom of heaven in all of its peace and abundance will be brought to living glory on earth"

^now this is quite a bold claim, but it seems a little funny that a Magician can summon Archangels in “all their peace and abundance and bring living glory on earth” - and yet this virus has put ALL of our lives into limbo - and we have been unable to do anything against it, isn’t it?

Many of you here will tell me now, “magick cannot accomplish everything, look to professional medical help - look to mundane solutions - not everything has its solutions in magick” and thoughts resembling something akin to this.

Well of course, I admit the validity of those points - but many Black Magicians attach a LOT of potency to magick when all is hunky and dory - yet tell us to revert back to “mundane methods” when the shit starts hitting the fan? All of this has made me skeptical, and I seek answers.

Please don’t be offended - for I am not ‘confronting’ any of you - or asking you to “prove” yourselves etc - I mean no disrespect to any of you. As a skeptic, I need some questions answered. (I am tagging some people here whom I have seen and admired here. But anybody is welcome to share their thoughts)

@Lady_Eva - I am aware you have a seperate Coronavirus pathworking thread for this. But I am not talking about individual band-aid solutions to dealing with this pandemic. I am suggesting a global union of Black Magicians to collectively fight this virus, because I am pretty sure this pandemic is a pain-in-the-ass for nearly all of us. I have seen many of your posts where you have written comprehensively and eruditely on many matters - from Theogenesis, to your desire to “command the powers of a Goddess on Earth” - and I find them all pretty admirable. Please, share your thoughts with us.

@Verdo - I am aware you have compiled a thread exactly for this purpose, a thread about the “Success Stories of Magick” - I personally loved that thread, and I respect the way you write so authoritatively and intelligently about many magickal topics here. I’m interested to know of your viewpoints.

@Norski - Your posts about “the appropriate mindsets a practising Mage should have” - have indeed given me valuable insights. Also, your threads and posts about working with various entities - regarding the way they act with seduction/love/relationships - have all been highly appreciated. I want your viewpoints on this as well

@Azi_Dahaka - I loved your thread about “The most powerful and dangerous currents on the planet” - and I’d love it if you let your thoughts known to us as well.

@Anziel_Merkaba - You are a powerhouse of Chaos Magick. I honestly consider your posts regarding Chaos a bit too advanced for me at this stage in my magickal ascent - and I’ve also seen your thread where you went on a mission to harness the powers of each of the 72 Goetic Daemons over a span of time. Please, help me out by sharing what you think.

@C.Kendall - I’ve found a treasure trove of valuable information on your youtube channel, and I consider you a Black Magician worth his salt. Your thoughts?

@Mulberry - I liked many of your posts and threads as well. I have gained a lot reading about your posts on various parasitic entities, faeries, various spirit-entities, Nergal et al - I respect your knowledge, and I want to know what you have to say about this.

I predict some of you maybe telling me stuff akin to : “Well, why aren’t YOU doing anything about it?”

Look, I’d love to do something about it - if I was not a dabbler merely starting my journey. Right now, skepticism clouds my mind, and I seek answers.
I do not ‘command the powers of Goetic Kings and Archangels’ - but a lot many of you here have interacted with these powerful entities right?

If you indeed have, why are you held against your will in home-quarantine as a raging virus puts our entire world in limbo?

Are these magickal methods really that potent, or am I wasting my time as a dabbler thinking Magick will change my life - and am better off considering all of this more as fantasy than as something that can affect our reality?

Do not please think for a moment I’m telling any of you guys here SPECIFICALLY to do something about it. I understand many of you might have other priorities and engagements in life etc ---- the doubt I have in my mind is more like “Is this Coronavirus thing really not that serious a matter enough for any Black Magicians to consider it a hindrance in their lives to want to move the forces of nature against it?!”

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You’ll never believe until you start experiencing it. The opinions of others will not convince you and shouldn’t.


This is not all the magick that is available to be learned. If you learn from the gospel of Matthew, there are a lot of lessons of what is called “high magick”, and by the study and practice of them, I’ve come to know the limits of myself and of others.

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How did your experience go with that?

That really depends on where you live. In Ohio there isn’t a lockdown, but there are mandatory masks now in most counties, as well as other social distancing measures taken.

The world moves in cycles, and those cycles are great and terrible. Also, I feel like the whole Chinese Flu thing is blown way out of proportion for what it is, projected statistics are showing that it’s mortality rate isn’t much higher than regular Influenza.

In any case, with how I personally work, I can’t directly counter a hard-set path such as a world-cycle.

It can be, depending on the practitioner, the scale of the thing they are trying to accomplish, the methods used to attain their goal, and the energy they put into their goal.

Theoretically, magick can accomplish everything, but the ability of the practitioner to reach those heights is limited to their skill, mindset, and numerous other factors, some of which cannot be easily changed. Society as a whole tends to err on the side of pessimistic realism where they cannot easily see that magick is a thing, and because of the collective disbelief, magick as a whole is a lot weaker in most cases. Not to mention the practitioner’s own hangups and deep-seated views on the matter.

Honestly, there isn’t that much difference between an advanced Chaos wizard and a Hermetic wizard. As far as my Goetic operation, I also did a followup operation involving the 72 angels of the Shemhamephorash that you might want to look into.

As far as power, I don’t really consider myself powerful, just capable, if that makes sense. My mindset leans towards precise applications of power to specifically guide pathways towards results, instead of trying to directly manifest results. I genuinely cannot see myself to be as advanced as people seem to think, because I see how little I’ve actually accomplished and feel like I can do much more if I work for it.

Thank you for the kind words.


Excuse me, but this is a juvenile point of view. LHP or not, the current COVID crisis doesn’t end in good measure because people is fucking stupid and doesn’t follow the precautions guidelines. It’s a virus, or what’s the same, a living thing. Millions and millions of living things. You’re not going to kill them all with magick. Oh, well, I’m sure you could try, but good luck with that.

Look, buddy, nobody likes being stuck, but an average person should understand why the lockdown is a thing and why staying at home is the right thing to do. Stuff like this has happened in the past, it never was so severe because there wasn’t a middle class and way less people could travel, but this is our reality now and trying to act all edgy 14 years old kid “I do as I please” in the face of a global emergency wouldn’t help anyone.

In this case? Protecting others is protecting yourself. Period.


I’ll take this as you introduction post, since you haven’t made any other, I’ll change a bit the title to be more obvious and I’ll move it to the appropriate section.


It’s not against my will and I honestly don’t care to do anything about it, I might in fact even enjoy all this. Sorry, not all of us wear a super hero cape and care to save the world. :woman_shrugging:


I am not held against my will in quarantine :woman_shrugging:t2:
Because I care about “me”-things first and “me”-things are going well.
I don’t feel that I am obliged to “save” the world or make it a better place just because I have some rad things under my sleeve.


Hehe you sound like me. Op while I was reading your post I kept thinking, many of us who truly practice actually don’t mind the extra distance. A lot of us are introverts or have tight social circles anyways.
For me the lock down changed nothing… I was already at home fulltime, my income was not effected, it’s just another day at the park.

Like someone above state, not every place is on lockdown. My county if not my state (I don’t get out much idk) is fully open and operating. We are required to wear masks, but the majority of our locals have rebelled about it due to the inability to identify peeps… and so our shops and stores have changed their signs to recommend wearing masks, but that they won’t stop you from not.

Someone mentioned cycles up there, and that sounds like what I told my daughter. She asked me if the world was ending. No I don’t think so. I think if we look back through the history of this world, it’s just another cycle. There seem to be similarities to the state of the mind of the public and what was going on in the world for the other cycles.

Honestly I am quiet content to rid the cycle out, I feel like it’s a cleansing cycle, similar to how you might burn off the land, in order to replenish it’s nutrients. I’m content to wait until the fires died down, to go back into the world unscathed due to my self isolation.





:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I’m not :man_shrugging:

Yes, but they are not a cure all. If they were, the Black Death wouldn’t have claimed the lives of thousands of witches and magicians, or the Spanish flu of 1918, and magicians like Donald Michael Craig wouldn’t die of cancer or complications from surgery.

Common sense will trump fantasy every day of the week, and magick does not make one physically immortal or indestructible, contrary to the mad ramblings of the LARPers among us. Washing your hands and wearing a mask when out among the masses will do more to keep you safe and healthy than any spell or ritual.

The human race has survived pandemics before, and we’ll survive this one. As already stated, it is merely a cycle, and we will adapt like we always do. Adaptation is what humans excel at. Really, the biggest problem we face is our our own complacency. This is the first global pandemic in a hundred years, and because of that, no one was really prepared for its effect on modern life. We are so used to things being a certain way that most of us struggle with any major changes (in fact, some big magical operations can cause chaos in your life similar to what the pandemic is causing, because chaos is required for change. Every part of your life must die if you are to be born again).

First you will have to define what you mean by “change your life.” Magick can help you be successful in your endeavours, bring love into your life, make you influential and charming, increase material possessions, make you more creative, heal ailments, and change how you perceive yourself and your place in the universe.

However, it won’t do any of that without cost or effort on your part. Magick is not a “leave your brain at home and live in a fantasy delusion” escape from the world, though there are plenty who use it as such, claiming to possess mighty powers while their physical life is a mess. As anyone who has practiced for a significant amount of time will tell you, there is plenty of pain along the magical path because the forces we call upon make us look at ourselves without our blinders on, and usually what we see ain’t pretty.


tmw no one is forced into quarantine but rather said ppl just don’t have money to do anything or don’t feel like doing anything

People can go out just wear your mask lol


I think the coronavirus we have is better than some possible alternatives that may have otherwise happened.

I really don’t want to get into it any deeper than that, so I request people please not ask. :+1:


My financial didn’t changed at all, and I am doing things as I always did, that also didn’t changed. Do we all have to get nuts because some hate their own house and want to escape from it? :woman_shrugging:t2:


Honestly, the main reason I have not been tempted to address the coronavirus on a global scale is because I do not feel comfortable actively messing the dna of future generations to that scale. Yes, it sounds cruel and insensitive. I do feel for those suffering from the disease and those who were/are stuck at home. But at the end of the day, it is just my view. Pestilence is a cycle, and it has hit our species for ages and likely will for ages to come. The social systems we have created just do not hold a candle to the deeper cycles of the species.

whether or not the shut downs are a bad thing really depend on how you view them and use your time. I took the opportunity to practice skills that have been nearly lost in our history on top of magic, which I had little time for before the shut down. I am back to work now but the time spent at home helped developed habits that are beneficial and took the time to teach them to others.


Okay I’ll say a few things. Firstly about covid…Im not sure where you live roxsta, but where I’m at, we’ve pretty much conquered the virus. I was just at a party last week lol. It’s only in America where you guys still can’t seem to get your shit together, no offense. So to answer your question, a lot of us aren’t really suffering from the lockdowns anymore. Secondly, it’s much harder to affect global events than it is to affect your own life. The life of a LHP practitioner tends to be a solitary one, so the kind of global co ordination that you’re looking for just isn’t super realistic. Now that I think about it…i don’t think there has ever been a moment in my lifetime where black magicians have come together in the way you’re looking for, in order to combat global issues. It’s just not something we do often. This is a highly individualistic way of life. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me to find out that many occultists are rather amused by all this. Within occultism, there are so many different groups, a lot of which don’t even see eye to eye. The amount of people out there who practice Magick as we do here isn’t even 1% of the population. Perhaps not even 0.1%.

Now onto your skepticism. I feel like your question concerning the ability of Magick to affect real change in your life should already be answered, if you did indeed read my success stories thread. I made a point of not including any stories in there that have to do with self help and the like, as I don’t view those successes as particularly extraordinary. So I guess my question back to you is, why were the ~200 stories in that thread not sufficient enough for you? It’s incredibly difficult to prove Magick to people over the internet, so I hope you weren’t expecting one of us to literally pop out of your computer screen and shake your body until you believed, because that’s not quite how Magick works. There’s many examples of magicians in that thread, using Magick precisely when shit hit the fan to save themselves from the brink. Since you seem to have an interest in lust/love Magick, allow me to pull one story out of that thread and you tell me if that was the sort of thing you are looking for.

Is Magick really THAT effective? Yes indeed


Popping on to give my perspective on this, as it’s exactly the sort of question I would’ve had when I started out.

I’m assuming the OP is asking why more black magicians are not actively trying to work together to stop Covid, from the point of view of it being an apparently obviously entirely negative phenomenon and restrictive to each of us individually, as opposed to some moral responsibilty for the ‘greater good’.

If that’s the case, I’ll answer it in a slightly roundabout way, by addressing another common… ‘accusation’ directed at the magical community, that being: ‘if magick really works and is as powerful as it’s made out to be, then why aren’t all magicians millionaires by now?’ I KNOW this will sound like a cop-out or an excuse—but my answer to that would be: because believe it or not, not all people actually WANT that. When you start taking spirituality seriously, whole new worlds of experience open up for you. It is genuinely the case that for a lot of people in the community, having insane amounts of money is not really necessarily an end goal. I have made some MIRACULOUS things happen through magick and through following this path, and I know, literally I KNOW, that it works–but I’m not rich, because quite frankly, I don’t care to be :woman_shrugging:If that were my goal, I know I could probably manifest it, but honestly, I have more important priorities.

Conversely, there can be quite a high level of adversity involved with this way of life (for example: it is quite common to experience literal existential breakdowns due to the expansion of consciousness; spirits are known to set up ‘tests’ for us which can be pretty damn scary/stressful; invoking/evoking certain energies again leads to tangible manifestations within our lives, and so on). Often by dealing with this sort of thing we learn to better overcome obstacles and it leads to personal growth on a level that most people aren’t really used to. So in the same way, what ‘normal’ people might consider to be an obviously highly distressing situation, might for people like us (depending on personal circumstances) not necessarily be THAT much of a big deal. And from reading the other replies on here, and also from my own experience, this does seem to be the case for a lot of us.

I’m not saying this is anything to celebrate, or making light of anyone’s experiences who may be truly suffering due to the virus, just that for me personally I wasn’t massively affected by it (I mean I was to an extent), but I’ve had some positives come out of this whole thing too. In my little microcosm, my reality if you will, Covid is at this point pretty much a non-issue (or at least, only a minor sort of background worry). I am, however, aware that this is not necessarily the case for other people; I am not oblivious to the fact that this IS a big problem for many, many people—again, it is a matter of perspective. I understand that the concept of multiple realities coexisting seems a bit vague and illogical—but Truth IS paradoxical, and once it starts clicking for you and this concept is experienced through personal gnosis- everything starts to make a little bit more sense :wink:


Welcome back @Akasha. With good takes like that, it’s a shame you don’t post more frequently


Honestly mate I’m not. I’m from Kolkata,India and we have a lot of things up and running. Buses and cabs are running and businesses haven’t been having much difference. For love of christ I’m loving the new safety precautions and since I’m a High School Grad about to enter college I’m using this time to be productive at home. I learnt Latin and starting doing a few freelance. In fact I’m happier this summer than I have ever been in my life.

Actually many of us have fed on the coronavirus energies and have created more defenses to use this free power for our purposes. I have been doing a lot of rituals. Once per day in fact and have been using this time to being more productive.

Actually while I have casted protection around my family I dont really care about others. This is time to cleanse our world again. The global warming crisis significantly improved and people became more polarized which helped in this case. Political situations are turning and paving way for individualism which will be needed.

All in all use this to be productive and become a god. Adios!