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Welcome and enjoy the ride! :smiley:


I am interested in Luciferianism. been searching and reading for about a week now. any help would be appreciated.


Hello my name is Myrddin,

-The kinds of magic I like are everything Shamanism, Druidry, temple technology, psychic abilities, Ley lines, Runes of all kinds, Crystal magic , anything Geomantic really and I really want to build Staves.

-Current goals are to open my clairvoyance up again like it was as a child and to work with cernunnos to help me gain control over forces of nature.

-Current Struggles are really just laziness * pisces * I’m confident when I over come this my powers will know no limit ( Just Do It ) haha

Thanks for reading and hope to learn lots from you guys :slight_smile: :four_leaf_clover:




My name is Kaleb. I’m interested in any forms of magic that fufill my goals toward the achievement of Revenge, Lust, Manipulation, Love and Obsession in all things. I am empathic by nature and possess extreme reservoirs of Rage, Hatred and Sadness to pour into my work. My biggest struggle at the moment is finding rituals and spells that I can put my faith in/perform correctly towards my magical and personal goals. I have very few lines that I won’t cross towards the fufillment of my agendas. I am also actively looking for a mentor.


Hi everyone! I’m GalaxyGirl and have been involved in occult and woowoo shit since I was a kid. Not on purpose but it just sort of happened that way. I work a lot with spirit on higher planes for healing, soul retrieval, etc. It wasn’t until I was in my late teens that I realized a lot of the stuff I’ve experienced many of you call magic. I don’t read books, i don’t watch videos, I just go by my own experiences.

For “magic”, I mainly use sigils as well helping facilitate things on higher planes to help them manifest on physical. I have no interest in siding between light and dark magic because in my experience those definitions are arbitrary so I go by my own sense of ethics, integrity and morals.

My current projects are purely selfish, mainly involving relocating and starting a new career.


Hello my name is Sam skrt Im a rapper with big dreams I’ve always been diffrent and into weird stuff like magic and demons just never really knew how to go about getting into it all but the last year has changed me significantly through meditation which i literally just randomly felt compelled to start practicing I started listening to my inner self more clear and more frequent leading me k to synchronicities one after another eventually I started making music Nad it’s good like I’m surprised how good it’s is but I want to improve I want more recognition I want more inspiration I need help I need guidance I need a Freind a mentor someone that knows what they are doing and human being don’t seem to want to help me all that much in learning what moves to make so I’m looking into occult and it’s obvious all these celebrities are using occult magic to get what they desire magic is resurcfing and it will eventually take over wide spread like I the old times I want to be a step ahead of the game wohne that time comes so I’m here looking and learning I have no prior expiernece with magic I used a pendulum to speak with my higher self it work that was cool and made me want more now I’m literally contemplating contacting the duke and master of music in hell for help and guidance should bye 25 black male living in Germany :de: But from Florida


I did a post somewhat relevant to this recently, here:


Greetings all.
My name is Dylan. I’m not necessarily new here, I’ve been coming here off and on for a few years now. Figured I should finally introduce myself because I would like to be more involved and contribute to the community.

I don’t have a particular type of magick that I practice and don’t know what label to brand myself with. I follow both the left and right hand path because I believe being balanced and well rounded is important.
I’m looking to improve my working and communicating with spirits and demonic entities because I would like to integrate that more into my practice.

Anyways I look forward to getting to know you all!


Here’s my intro:

  • I won’t be giving my birthname, so you can just call me “Seal.”
  • I like magick that is more neutral (neither classified as traditionally black or white). I have worked with goetic spirits before, and I do not believe they are “evil.” I like natural magick, energy work, talismans (especially as paintings), and golden dawn styled magick.
  • My currant goals are to get an occupation in my desired field (graphic design), get more adept at clairvoyance, get better at art in general
  • My currant struggles are finding work in my desired field.

I’m littleswitd…I’m new and interested in magic spell, occult, demon, spirits, other supernatural things… and I need a mentor… I become interested in goetic spirits n summoning…
Struggling to invoke dantalion to influence the minds of others, sallos for love n reconcile…but I don’t have proper instruction n really need advices / reading from you…

sorry for my grammatical and syntactical mistakes.

Thanks again for the opportunity to join :heart:


Heyo. I’m Surina. This is currently my face:

I’m a solitary pagan, eclectic witch, and sitter-back and listener. I’m here for the discussion mostly, and to get ideas of what to study - I’m gonna be a student of the occult my whole life.

My goals are to read and imbibe e v e r y t h i n g and to figure out what kind of practitioner I want to be right now.

My one true struggle is that I have a lousy attention span and little self-discipline. I’m working on it.

Thanks for having me.


Hello, my name is Zoe~
Here’s how I currently look:

I’d say demonolatry, as well as protection workings and meditation and other things
As someone who’s fairly new to all of this my current goals are to focus mainly on learning for now, not to rush things, and to continue working on myself so I can fully witness my potential c:
My current struggle is feeling very lost; about three months ago I met this guy who was a great friend at first and introduced me to Satanism and the occult but long story short we’re not friends anymore so I’m feeling kind of like a kid who’s just been thrown into the deep end of the pool and has to learn how to swim now. Sorry if what I wrote was too long! D:


Welcome and enjoy the ride! :smiley:


Thank you, and I’m sure I will!! C:


If you interact with us everyday and ask questions you will learn a ton quick


Honestly I don’t doubt that, I’ve been lurking the forums for about an hour or two and I’ve already found a lot of useful information, looks like this is a super supportive community too!



I am Noxxshroude. I found this forum and have been always interested in the occult. This forum is a great place to learn.

Entities that have relationships with me are Lucifer right now but if he deems it I will work with others.


My name is prem,
I’m new to this forum, and I am still learning how to use it. Don’t know how to pm.

I am here to figure something out.
I may create a new topic on it if there isn’t already one.

I have no real experience with magic.
I am not really into becoming a god,
As I believe one already is and one is to realize it which can only be done with experience, which doesn’t necessarily always involve magic or anything to do with power or any desire for it.

I don’t have any goals but I do wish to free myself from the influence of all false gods.
I also wish to understand the Collective Unconsciousness.


Hy am Mikan , its been over a year in magick but with support from my mentor and teacher I’ve been able to achieve a lot in a short time.
Astral , revenge spells , and other spells , African blood money rituals , talmudian magick (still learning ) ,djinn magick , and necromancy -a relatively new field am starting out in .
Magic is fun really fun ,simple basics and customisation ,my hope is to explore all fields including draconian current and learn to be my own God .
My mentor says “magic is a journey” and mine is still at the start and I’m thirsty and eager to conquer it all .