Introduce Yourself To Members Of The Forum

Hi, My name is Navjyot from Mumbai, India. Greetings to all the esteemed magi on the forum. I have recently started casting spells through psionic software connected to orgone energy machines (Godcaster). I really couldn’t believe the kind of results that I have been getting. I have now decided to become serious about my magickal practice through Divination, Evocation and Soul Travel.

I’m a big fan of E.A. Koetting and the Gallery of Magick. I have started doing EA’s Blue Ray Meditation and my thighs have never hurted more in my life. I will persevere though. After reading some of the threads on this forum, I’m astounded by the kind of entities that exist and the way you adepts are working with them.

I always thought of myself as RHP and was scared of the so called “evil” entities but after watching Mr. Koetting’s videos on youtube, I was amazed at his philosophy and now I have decided to treat every entity as a manifestation of the primordial “substance” and something that should be used for our own personal ascent.

I’m saving money to buy the Mastering Divination course to start my journey into godhood.

Love and Respect to all of you!



Hi everyone,

I’m Max. I hail from western Europe and currently reside in eastern Canada. Ten years ago I found out that I have an extremely strong ability to manifest. I don’t use any special techniques, I just visualize without needing to put much emotion in it. I have manifested a pretty amazing life for myself. I turned my childhood hobby into my job, travel around the world and lived in several great countries, amongst others. I have also manifested some of my greatest nightmares. Not nice, but it was necessary to help me become aware of my gift.

Intention is everything and my modest opinion is that many magic rituals (at least the ones that pertain to manifesting) mainly serve to convince yourself that they work. Now I’m looking for ways to make my talent benefit not only myself but my surroundings as well. I would like to become an inspirational speaker on the topic.

I joined this forum specifically to learn about the topic of succubi, which fascinates and scares me a lot at the same time because I know it’s real. I’m looking forward to learn here and hopefully make a contribution as well.



Hail Brother’s and Sister’s i Go by The Sorcerer Ahrimanahsul, Im into all forms of magick mostly middle path no matter the material. it is a pleasure to be a part of this community I wish Each of you success and blessings in your workings and i sincerely hope to be an Integral part of this Famil, to learn to grow and to constantly challenge myself and other’s that stagnation may not occur.


Hey, my name is Alex.
Really brief history: when i was born i had the ombilical chord knotted 3 times around my neck, for the first 3 minutes i wasn’t breathing even the doctor cut the chord. Later on i used to speak with somebody that would inhabit a big lion toy i had, that was okay and dandy for my parents until they gave away the lion and i at that point i was basically talking to myself. That of course lead to a lot of psychologists trying to deal with the voices i had in my head until i realised it’s better to pretend all is fine. When i was 11 my mom decided Reiki might help because there might be some higher that makes me hear voices, so for two years i was a practicioner, gone to courses with her, worked on my third eye which was easy to open at the time really and done courses about crystals, archangels, cleansings and basic forms of divination. Later on at 15 i started working with demons, had a really close relation with Haures but then i decided it’s time for a break about a year ago. Now i’m getting back on the horse as they say, intrested in finding new things. My mind is open, i dont judge people really, and i’m looking to experience a bit of every kind of magick before i choose a path, altough i’ve made my choice regarding the left hand path.At the moment working to find out more about old worlds, genesis, gods, so forth and so on.I am also looking forward to helping others should there be any problems i can tend to . Also have been thinking about making a diary here regarding my findings about the worlds i may find. Right, if you have read the entirety of this half novel, thank you and feel free to contact me if you have questions, ideas, need help,etc.


Hello I’m the devil, jokes lol. I’m Justin Dasilva,
I like magic although i’m a beginner and i started my path on JoS
I’m learning white and black magic
my main goal is success in my business, I have Ch…tian background but i feel more free in control and very comfortable in the left hand path. I struggle in finding the best process to make a pact that will garanti the success i want.


Hello everyone, I am Gwendolyn and I live in the United States. My first introduction to magic and rituals was through a druidry group. My interest in magic lead me to focusing primarily on the Kemetic pantheon but I like to work with others as well.

My current goals are to become more in tune with my abilities because I am still beginner. I attempted to contact a demon recently but I am not sure if he is ignoring my request for an audience or he already have and I can’t remember it because dreams can be tricky that way. I am also trying to finish my education and trying to aim for a better place financially.

I have always struggled with depression and communication and feeling like my attempts to communicate have been left unanswered at times have made me feel very discouraged at times, but I will keep trying.

I look forward to getting to know you all. Blessings of the moon upon your ascension.


Hello my name is yotam and I live in israel
I just get started with all of this, but i think In the end to worship one good god, i have no idea who?



Name is Tempus Magist which is Latin for ‘Time Master.’

I have been practicing ritual magick since 2015, beginning with an evocation of Lucifer. Prior to that point I had studied and read a lot. It took some time and study to learn to sort real magick from all the crap out there lol.

A lot more could be said, I first lay eyes upon the Goetia when I was 18 years old on my computer in my bedroom. I’m now a fully grown adult and feel I’ve come a very long way in my understanding.

I’ve researched a great many topics. I am aware of a great deal of ‘shit’ you could say, a very thorough understanding which I am almost inclined to regret

In thus explorations, it was inevitable I suppose that I’d discover the lost art of speaking to the subconscious

In the arena of magick I enjoy exploring countless of its facets… Tarot divination, playing card Cartomancy, evocation & invocation, crystals, chakra & aura work, and probably yet more

I realize I had this typed out for a while but forgot to post

Most of my actual practice consists of aura work and in terms of practicality, aligning circumstances to desires by means of Goetic spirits. Most notable among them being King Paimon, whom I have written a pact with… But I am dogging on doing the ritual. Like I’m unable to live up to the expectations or some shit lol


My Apologies to All for not Properly introducing myself. I ran across this forum researching sorcery. I’m interested in Sorcery as a way to add more power and fun into the somewhat mundane existence called everyday life. I’m an active Warlock wanting to graduate to the next level. Sex Magic Seduction and psychokenetic sex are my current hobbies. Thank You for assisting me on my path in this great Adventure !!!


Hello. Im not new to the dark arts ive been practicing for close to 14 years. Ive studied world religions over the course of a year, i struggle with deep understanding of what im told by the spirits i work with. I get frustrated because i do not give proper time, and i also struggle with the part of releasing and forgetting the ritual that i do


Welcome, join the party, and enjoy! :wink:


Hi I am from turkey i dont want to give my name you can call me pagan heka i have a problem tjere is a spell on me i need help by the way i am 23 :blush:


Hi, my name is Anastasia and i’m from Italy, my english is not very good so i apologize if i write something wrong.
I’m new here, I have no experience with magic but i want to become a magician and i want to learn so much but i don’t even know from where to start.


My english is terrible so im going to keep this short. Im a beginner in the craft and my goal in the short term is to improve my general situation -mainly financial-; medium-long term goal is to expand the same to everyone (not in a forceful way). I dont know if this is possible but these are my thoughts right now.


Hello everyone, my name is Morgan and I live in the Los Angeles area. I’ve held a great interest in magick and the occult, for most of my life, but I have been hesitant to start. I guess I’ve been standing at the beginning of the road for far too long and have recently felt the push to start walking. In all honesty accepting myself and committing to understanding and embracing the call to explore the darkness are currently my main focuses. My goals are to master soul travel, ritual magick, and learn to recognize and develop my own spiritual power and psychic abilities while moving towards ascension and building close bonds with the divine.


Hi my name is Charles Xavier.


Hi to everyone, my name is Sara and i live in Italy!
As my nickname suggests, i follow a dark path with entities of Sumerian/Babilonian Pantheon and i am going deeper, starting necromancy work, this is the reason why i am arrived here : to comparate and discuss with others and try to learn, also to give something back if i will be capable.


@Irkalla Welcomes to my fellow Necromancer.


Thank you for wellcoming me TheStorm


Hi :smile:

I am used to following the path of Ire, the power of silence. I have opened up about the secrets of my reality twice, and been locked in mental hospitals both times.

I like most spiritual and esoteric sources of wisdom. Most recently, I have found a current that I call Philos. It has led me through the Greek philosophies and called me to be more open and honest.

My “Zen-luck” seems to have dried up, and life has become very difficult, but I believe that this new path will lead me towards a greater fulfillment of my potential.