To achieve my dream through magic

Watch EA’s newest video.

What do you think about how celebrities talk about selling their souls to the devil like in this video,
Here, for example. Bob dylan. Do not tell me that he’s just talking in the wind…In his documentary No Direction To home, he talking about visiting the crossroads.

Well, I know what Varnaxis did so the fact it’s possible for some people is beyond dispute to me. What are you asking here? I don’t mean that in a rude way., just trying to find out what your next step’s going to be, because you’re getting older every day and talking about doing it won’t replace actually doing it, if you see what I mean. :slight_smile:

I know what you mean :slight_smile: Yes :slight_smile: I say it like this. I have my songs and a guitar. So the next step will definitely be playing in front of people in clubs or sending my music to musical labels. But here is the question how the spirit can help me For example, help me to get recording contract with a label or to attract attention. As a musician over this idea, I constantly think about how and how spirit can make me famous in music. But it will still be the live playing in front of the audience otherwise I do not know. I doubt that spirits or Demons can somehow influence people over the internet to give me extra large number of followers or viewers ROFL :smiley:

there is audience for everything that is created in music,of course if you want more attention than you need to be talented or just POP following the commercial trends (stuff that play in radio,etc)

what kind of musician are you?
because i know bands that are extreme talented but they arent too much famous,but they are passing the message to the right people,the right audience.

for example if you were a POP artist,you would not need to be so talented,because this POP artists can barely play a instrument.

then you need to be specific in what you need,maybe you are a guitar player and need more accuracy playing the guitar,maybe you just want to be radiofonic,maybe you just want a contract with someone.

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You could do that forever and not get a break, you need the following:

1: the right image and sound, demons/other spirits can tap into what label execs are looking for, for their plans 6 months down the line, and you need to be able to see and hear them well enough to pay attention and get the message – I don’t mean you need a manifestation strong enough to pop up some shelves and leave dirty footprints on the mat, but you DO need to be able to understand what they advise;

2: to meet the right person under the right circumstances, this could be playing in a club, or some chance meeting, you need to know where people like this hang out, where they signed their last 5 – 6 acts from, because you can gig worthy clubs until you’re blue in the face and die of burnout, and so do all the fans who tell you how great you are, and what a shame those bastards never gave you a chance;

3: have an inspiring, captivating, charismatic stage presence AND at least the seedfs of a strong image that plays to YOUR strengths, recognisably enough like something people have already seen but also unique, and able to branch off into your own thing, with time (you will get stylists thrown at you, but the seeds of your own creativity will catch the eye);

4: have some songs that are C.L.A.S.S.I.C.S – think, Eleanor Rigby, Losing My Religion, Wichita Lineman, that thing where the first bars make millions of people immediately recognise it’s you, and carve out a place in history (plus maybe ad revenues later on with some of your hits).

Later you can get spirits to literally possess you going on stage before tens of thousands of people, replacing drugs and crap like that, so they get to drink all that lovely fan worship and you come across as more than a mere mortal.

Fyi I know a couple of people who worked in the music business and I actually ran this quickly by them (redacted exact details) to see what advice they’d give, I know a bit about this but not as much as them, so I went to a bit of bother for you here and while that doesn’t obligate you to take the advice as gospel, I do request you at least give it some consideration.

That can be done but it’s a poor second or third to other options IMO.

So the simplest action plan for the above is to learn a method of interacting with spirits, either evocation (my recommendation) or soul travel, that will allow you to communicate clearly with spirits, ask and receive answers.

And learn a method of divination as well.

Make a pact with one good strong spirit you trust and ask them to give you a familiar whose primary task is inspiration, he or she will be the one that puts that killer hook in your head that defines the hit songs the guy you meet is going to sign you for, and makes the jacket, haircut, or whatever that defines your early style come into your life, by telling you to check one more thrift store or click one more link at random.

The demon is meanwhile going to assist you, not through “magic” like Harry Potter, through advice and your own willingness to be out and about, to find ways to get in the presence people who can help you, in ways that mean they will notice you.

Again, you’re going to need to understand what the demon advises, and you need to meet people like crazy, go to parties (don’t use this as a chance to get fucked up) and above all be professional, positive, punctual, help other people when you can, and be the kind of person people want to be around (amazingly few people in the creative arts can accomplish this).

Does this sound like something you’re willing to try?

Varnaxis is a good guy to contact for this, he may or may not be your main pact long-term but he knows his way around making a successful life from nothing, he can probably assist you.

You can be, do, or have ANYTHING you desire, but you have to be willing to do what it takes.


Bullshit myth most likely.

…Just in case :wink:


I do not want to sell my soul to Lucifer’s guys. I just want to make a pact with some demon that would help me to musical fame at all.

Make a pact with Lucifer or just evoke him. He’s a musical dude.

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I hear he’s a trickster

Most entities have a sense of humor, but if you ask nicely, they can be plenty serious. If you’re worried about getting tricked, choose another type of entity that you don’t have preconceived notions about. You won’t get very far in ANY type of relationship if you decide how to treat someone based on what others have said, instead of meeting for yourself. Someone tells you that guy over there is a rude motherfucker, but in reality he was rude only in return for rudeness. You decide to approach that guy with rudeness, and guess what, he is rude right back. You decide to approach him with the same decency and respect as anyone, and guess what, he’s a decent guy and not rude. Same principle goes for non-humans


An interesting ritual is here at Grand Grimoire. There is a contract with Lucifuge Rofocale that will provide rich, but in 20 years the magician’s soul and body will belong to him.


You really should watch EA’s newest video. You don’t want to sell your sell or your body. If you wouldn’t sell your ass on the streets then you wouldn’t want to sell your body or soul.


The best think will be crossroads ritual :slight_smile:

So, you got it all sussed out, why ask on here?

I’m not being mean, you are not likely to be able to do ONE ritual and it all just falls into place… I laid out some ways to use magick at each stage so you do minimal effort and get maximum results, and even if you dislike that, the basic principle is to apply magick at each step and get better results than someone using probability and their own imperfect judgment alone…

If you want one single deal, or nothing - you’re most likely going to end up with nothing.

Good luck if you do try that though, I mean that sincerely. :slight_smile:


Thank you Lady Eva :slight_smile: I appreciate your advice and help. I apply them. I got in my hands an interesting crossroads ritual about thirteen nights.:evergreen_tree: :smiling_imp:

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Here is what Laur Ulrich said about Mettalica and their sucess.Looks like they made a crossroads deal too

Cliff was the man who had that wild spirit that…made Metallica reach the sky.After his death, Metallica sold their souls for fame and fortune-thing that he would never have wanted to deal with…

I think the rap artist “Ghostemane” is a great example of occultist musicians who are successful. He openly admitted to studying Crowley, references him in his songs and even has a song called “John Dee”.

That said, Apollo and mercury are the people to work with.


I’m also a musician but losing my vision due to my autoimmune disease. I’m looking forward to working with BALG in the future when I’m financially able. I feel we desire the same . Please keep us posted☆

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