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Welcome and enjoy the ride! :wink: Please do remember to use the search-column on the top right hand corner. It’s very useful and gives answers to many questions. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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@iamopiate Hello fellow Kentuckian. Hail and Welcome!

Greeting Brothers and Sisters!

Very new to the LHP, but not to occult practices. Been fascinated with the left hand path as a historian in College, and even did my doctoral on Witchcraft laws in the Virginia colony. Good shit.

Actually, other than Masonry, I’m new to any magickal workings. I used to think I was Gardnerian Wiccan… but snore. Have a decent library of works, struggle with Tarot, but I’m an avid student.

Really would love to find a bullet point list of where to begin. I would say that my explorations began when I saw an Omen of Horus an hour after my daughter was born…



Legit question, but magick is a big topic, so it would be a bit like asking for a bullet point list on how to cook - where you begin, depends very much on your desired end result.

I have sent you a PM with some links in, among them is this advice which I do urge you to put to good use so you’re asking questions that give us something more to go on, if you see what I mean. :smiley:

This is some reading for you compiled by practicing magicians on here, which might give you some ideas:



I am 40 years old and I would like to introduce myself to the members of the Become a Living God forum.

First of all I am Australian. I am a practitioner of the left hand path. I have studied many magickal systems. I self initiated into the Thelemic magical system as a teenager. Quite a lot of the Golden Dawn’s system eluded me although I had some good results at the same time. I am good at divination, using the tarot rather adeptly for simple questions/problem solving, and pathworking. I became quite good at using a pendulum and doing simple readings with the I Ching. The whole Golden Dawn system is easy to get lost in and I will add here that Crowley’s magick can be dangerous if one does not have a clear understanding of what one is trying to achieve.

I have a few really great stories about “meth and magick”, which I will post later on! I no longer use methamphetamine, having been clean of the stuff for over ten years now.

Growing up I was very sick, with asthma. My parents practised a form of Christianity called Pentecostal Christianity where the participants were encouraged to believe in demons and the casting out of these demons. Being the oldest boy in my family I actively worked as a buffer to enable my siblings to not be as oppressed as I was. This worked to a very good degree.

My life has been one of sickness, drug addiction, and hopelessness with many attempts to embrace my own destiny.

As a teenager I had a friend who introduced me to Satanism. He put a lot of effort into helping me undo the psychological barriers that were ridden throughout a lot of my thinking processes. Although I had rejected the idea of believing in Christianity the fear that it could be real would keep coming back.

It has taken many years of recovery to get over the fear that Xtianity instilled into my heart.

A few years ago I performed a ritual in which I asked Jesus to leave my prescence, renouncing his name as well as cursing his name. The effects were instantaneous and I have not looked back.

My latest studies have been evocation and invocation.

I’ve been “lurking” in the BALG forum for a few weeks now and the level of maturity/moderation here is great. It’s encouraging to see so many people willing to help one another. I look forward to joining the discussions with such an awesome community.

My goals are to become free from addiction and to become more centred as a person. I also intend to learn some new crafting skills and to become adept at invocation and evocation.

Kind Regards.


I have also joined the BALG recently and asked similar (if not the same) questions, I received many replies telling me to start with 2-3 things 1st is to meditate (it actually helps a lot) 2nd was to start creating your astral temple Total Newbie this might help here’s another helpful link Creating an Astral Temple 3rd thing was to get more knowledge by reading grimoires such as E.A’s complete works, really hope I helped you in any way. (Picture of how my astral temple look more or less) Edit: forgot about 1 thread that might be helpful as well Next Step


Name: Rusty
Magick: Wicked
Current goals: Closure
Current Struggles: Revenge.


Hi, there. I’m Lachdan. I’m glad to start to belong to this forum. I am new into dark magic and very interested about summoning succubus (had some experiences in the last week) So, I expect to learn all as much as I can, because I am discovering that I was made for this. Thank to all!:smiling_imp:


Hi, I’ve just arrived in this community. I’m a traveler, literary I’m in Mexico City at the moment and spiritually.I’ve worked with magic for many years but only with mixed results and have been drawn here as part of my journey


Hello - intro post:
I mostly have been doing meditation. I am loosely following the DrewHempel methods from TaoBums forums (give him a search if your curious). So basically I sit in full lotus 4-5hrs a day (mostly during work), do kechari and sungazing, and I am getting bliss from meditation, and feel the heat of chi in my brain and dantien every day. So meditation led to astrology, and I spent a few hundred hours studying that and it has blown my mind many times. And astrology leads into planetary magick. And so during sungazing during the very minute of my birth on my birthday I petitioned the sun (check a solar return calculator if you are curious) and those petitions have all been fufilled. So astrology leads to planetary magick and planetary magick eventually led me here. My magickal goal is to do wealth magick so that I do not have to work anymore and can meditate full time and get extreme bliss in meditation. I believe it is possible since my brother made a 7x return on BTC trading this year (88k!), without even doing any magick. So if I have magick on my side Im sure I can pursue my meditation goals


Hi, I’m completely new here so bear with me.
I’m 40, I’m from Europe and I’ve always been an extremely rational person, however I’ve experienced intense phases of a spirituality that can only be described as “twisted”, as in different from what is considered the norm.
I was thoroughly knowledgeable on Greek mythology by age 8 or 9. I’ve always been attracted to the occult but never had the opportunity to do serious research just yet.

Lately, an “incident” occurred that is pushing me to my wits’ end and I need the input of knowledgeable people to make sense of it in order to embark on a journey of discovery.


I’ve been there so I know what your feeling. I strongly suggest practicing present moment awareness. And look up a PDF called art and science of personal magnetism


Hey there i’m a left hand path witch from south Wales in UK two members here told me about this site, one of them is my cousin and coven member @Einar02 and the other is my fiance and father of my child and coven leader @C.Kendall.

Just wanted to introduce myself :blush:.


Welcome baby :black_heart:


Thank you sweetie :grinning: :black_heart:


Welcome to the family!


A. C. “Alex” Hampshire
I am a Satanic Chaos Magician
Currently I am doing multiple pathworkings, focusing right now on a Lovecraftian Pathworking based heavily upon Asenath Mason’s Necronomicon Gnosis. I’m also writing a comic book series centered around the exploits of a Satanic Warlock


Thank you very much :slight_smile:

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Hello Magick people,

I’m middle-aged and married for a very long time.
living in Germany.
Currently I am working for the lawyers and I am about to go bankrupt.
I really want to
Sex appeal; Force ; Money, luck; health

Who can help me ?
Skype etc


@DutchAussie777, interesting post.
Baal may help with addiction, and leviathan is said to block deliverance and embody pride.

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