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Welcome… And I found your intro and wanted to say hello. A balance between science and spirituality… Interesting. The truth Liz… There is no between. So many, including myself, started out the very same way… With good intentions of wanting to find that sweet spot between ideologies. With that search… came even more confusion and a feeling of being even further away from what it really was… That I was looking for. Go back for a moment and look at the beginning part of that intent. Trying to find a balance… Which in essence means you know that now… Your unbalanced. When in this state of being Liz… Answers and or direction are hard to come by. My first advice is to start with the basics and then move forward. Even the best magicians… Shamans… Masters… Will tell you that with even all their knowledge and abilities… They have come to realize over time that without being able to stay humble within the forms of the basics… One can become lost. So… That being said… Start meditating. Simple meditation. Find a place without distraction… And sit. Start focusing on the breath and let go of that internal dialogue of your “mind”. And when it tries, and it will, to come back to distract you… Focus again on your breath. After doing this for a period of time… You will know when you have taken your first real step towards… Balance. It will be in that moment… That your answers will come Liz. And they’ll come in true form… Not a place “between” things. I know it’s hard for our minds to wrap themselves around this concept in the beginning trust me lol. But if you remember to stick to the basics in all your beginnings… You’ll always have that balance your looking for. Hope this helps. Take care and holler anytime. Always… Keith


Hello my friends and neighbors,
I would like to introduce myself as a historian of sorts - perhaps a demonologist would sum it up to the simplistic degree. Though I do not know Everything; I am a master at my given craft. Nine years is how long I have whole heatedly hunted and seized my knowledge and twelve years that I have been a practitioner.
My goal here is not only to continue my journey but to share what I have acquired through joint consciousness. Please - if you have any questions or want to have an educated discussion - message me. I love to share information and I cherish hidden knowledge (little buried gold nuggets they are)
My main point of contact is Lucifer followed by Agares and then by Forcas. I have extensive history with herbs and have an impressive apothecary at my disposal

We have much work to do so, remain diligent my friends ,



Can you help with that? Google results are all over the place


I am also a Floridian, relocated to Seattle!


Hey I’m a Floridan that got into the occult by my buddy @AlphaC introduced me to the site ,and I tried summoning Lucifer ,but failed to sense him, I need help on senses if possible. Please ,and thank you if you took the time to read this over.


Wow another Floridian!
Welcome to the team


Alotta Floridians now :thinking:


I am one as well :smile:

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Hello, my name is Void, I am 18 years of age. I thought I’d introduce myself, i’m fairly new to the occult (been at it for close to a year now) and I thought I’d share some of my experiences and hopefully learn new things on this forum. So where do I begin? I guess I’ll start in 2014, big on norse mytho then became christian(I was one of those christian-conspiracy nuts) and stopped being one around a year ago and started to delve into the occult, at the beginning I had a huge lust for knowledge which probably summoned a servant of thoth (Idk what it was, it was an owl-like being standing outside my window watching me). And before that I had an encounter with a demon I now know as Four, it showed itself back in the late days of when I was christian and scared the s*** out of me haha. Fast forward some time and made a bloodpact with whom is known as Two. Met with Satan in a dream. And had a very odd dream that stood out, something was talking directly to me from outside of my dream and I asked if I was immortal (I desire to be immortal) and it replied “You will be born again and again, you have the fire of a thousand angels in your eyes/heart” so whatever that meant, probably just a dream but I try to keep an open mind with the occult. And about a month ago I made a ouija board (I honestly thought it was a bunch of bs/your subconsious moving it, but I tested it with someone who knew nothing, and I asked questions only I would know or the entities I was talking with would know, and it answered the truth…) So I decided to go to my garage and use it (Usually get bad vibes out there) to come and find out there was an elderich (known as JD) and a demon(known as 7) bound to it trapped in that location by what seven said “a christian”. So the me and my friends woke the elderich up, and long story short that was it’s demise. Satan showed up a few days ago (seven told us that itself was free and satan got rid of JD) and I’m guessing he threw it into the pit. Also the bad vibes in the garage was due to a hostile mute spirit, it had little energy and could only stare us down/give bad vibes.

Anyways now that the introduction is over, I still have a lust for knowledge, so if any one would be willing to share knowledge on various magicks that work/lead me in the right direction. Also if anyone knows how to get a demon to manifest/show it’s self (one demon known as Six said that they would manifest, but it is hesitant…)

Thanks for reading and any advice you are able to give!


Greetings everyone,

My name is lixma, literally just made up the username as I like to have some anonymity for now. And I am from the UK.

I am a complete newbie, currently wanting to learn what all the different types of magick there are and what fits best with me.

Some years ago, I actually turned to religion, though in the past year having learnt about Astral travel, the true reality has finally dawned upon me, and now I am simply seeking to evolve and grasp my full power and potential and learn all of the true knowledge that has been kept from us for so long. With thats being said, I have no desire now to learn magick to harm anyone or do anything mischievous , simply gain power and control of my very being and environment.

I look forward to learning from everyone and their great wealth of knowledge. Looking for a comprehensive reading list to get started.



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Hello all, I am TeufelhundOR “Chris” I am a long time member of the Odinic Rite and a professed member…
Although over the years my path has brought me more solitary, I had a shit storm of a few years and my relationship with the Gods evolved so much that I was just drifting away, and not an “Org” guy any longer.

At this point in my life I have for some time now felt the strong energy from Lucifer, called if you will and decided that along side my Odinist following I shall seek him to start a relationship if he wishes.
Also have a wonderful new woman whom is interested in the Heathen path…
I live in Fallon NV am a former Marine and current PMC for the US NAVY at Fallon NAS “Security”.

Looking for others in my area, Reno , Fallon, Fernley to commune with…
Hope to make new friends here and learn, great to meet you all…

Drop a pm…


Hello my names Brandon I’m a new follower of Lucifer. I used to be a on fire holy ghost Christian. but after years of getting pulled back and forth with contradiction . Unanswered questions. Christians thinking they are better then everyone. Churchs and pastors treating me like shit. So called Christian brothers and sisters talk shit behind your back. And finding out my holy grandparents are the ones that convince my mom to prostitute and fuck up my childhood. Yea sorry I could go on with the list but you get it. Enough is enough. So I decided to dedicate my life to Lucifer and serve him. I promised him I would hurt (god) Jesus like he hurt me and keep in mind these were holy on fire Christians… Get the fuck outta here lol.I will destory what god stands for and cares for. But I wanna learn all there is in the dark arts. Warning if you get to know me personaly I’m a fucking nutt :laughing:. But aren’t we all in a way. Excited to have a new family! Love the people I met already you guys are awesome. Also I’m 21 live im a Kentuckyian sadly lol. Love talking with people. I believe Lucifer is the most high God all other spirit’s demons etc are below him. I respect them they are my friends and family​:blue_heart:. im a artist if you wanna check out my Instagram its soulfucker666. And this is what I look like ik… Fucking saucy. Excited to meet more of you. :smiley:

funny these pics are taken week apart and I’m wearing same cloths lol


Hello everyone! I’m from Turkey. I used to practice Western Occultism and Hoodoo/Rootwork. Because of I’m living in a muslim country I used to learn about Havass İlmi(islamic occultism) too, but never practice it. I have got OCD which is a hell for a magician. Noone wants to insult the beings they summoned. I guess I have been following Koetting’s site for two years. I’m here because I trusted Koetting’s promises. I want more effective spell-casting, more correct divination and taking my journey to next level!


Welcome and enjoy the ride! Also please remember to use search-column, it’s very helpful most of the time.Thanks! :wink:

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thank you but how do i set up for him

Draw this and chant
Linan tasa jedan Paimon
Until you feel his presence.
Light 4 red candles


Hi my name is Jennifer and I have been interested in magic and Pagan God and Goddess ever since I was 12 years old but I tried not to show it because everyone constantly nagged me about it but I now don’t care what they say so much. Now I’m trying to self improve myself and find what I want to do in my life. I’m not sure if I have a favorite type of magic but magic that helps find things, see into someones future, curses and blessings are somethings I like. From what I learned about myself and magic is that I am good at cursing people I did try blessing them and it worked for a shot time then it just stopped and I want to improve on that! My current goals is to have better magic for blessings and pretty much fix the horrible stuff I have done the past few years and move on with my life. I still want to try magic because it is fun to do something with gardening and plants. I want to add a picture but they are all old. :slight_smile:

I also forgot to mention that I like Art and music but I am not a musician I just appreciate it :sunny: I like to draw but a few people don’t like my stuff. I don’t blame them it’s weird. I am not an artist I just like to draw! :heart:

Also I have pictures of my self on Instagram so if you want to know how I look just look for —> iamalwayshyper1 if you are curious how I look like!


Ave! I am Matthew, aka Madrigoro. I have been on the LHP since I was 3 years old (FamTrad). I am a Hektite Warlock and Psionic Vampyre. Been updating my Astral Temple to assist me in astral projection/remote viewing. Working with Asmoday, and Abaddon. If you have any questions, ask away.


Nice icon. Pride is one of the deadly sins haha