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Hi all! My name is Iridian or IRi for short. I’ve been a witch for a lot of years. Most recently my focus has been on LHP, Chaos, and the Infernal Divine.

I’m always learning and expanding my knowledge base, and I always will be. I’m just working on deepening my connection with King Belial at the moment. Along for the ride so to speak, lol.

It’s lovely to virtually meet you all!



Nice to meet you too Iri!!! :sunglasses::metal:t2:

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Welcome @Iridian333

Where are you from?

Roughly how long have you practiced?

So, what, exactly, do you practice? This is all general, and vague, and doesn’t really tell us anything.

Do you have experience in any specific systems or traditions?

I’m from Washington and recently moved here almost a year ago in October. I love all the trees and rain, but I’m also odd that way.

I’ve practiced on and off, solo, for over 20 years mostly traditional witchcraft and herbalism. I have teenage kids and I’ve taken many “breaks” due to mundane reasons, for lack of a better explanation, lol.

A few years ago I started diety work for the first time with Hekate and my life flipped upside down in a hundred ways. I came across the infernal divine about a year ago and did money working with Duke Bune with great success. Shortly after this, I got some calling cards from King Belial through dreams and synchronicities and this is my current focus, just working with him right now.

Thank you for the welcome,

Thank you for elucidating more upon your experience, and again, welcome to the BALG forum.

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Hi Robbie! I’m glad to have you here. I’m really sorry about your son’s passing. :frowning: I’m so glad that you’re finding peace with your new path. I definitely found strength in magic myself. Its been a type of freedom that I’ve never felt before. :slight_smile: If you don’t mind me asking, how’d you end up discovering your connection with Lilith?

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@Robbie Please try to keep this thread on topic to introductions only. Any conversations not directly related will be removed.

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Ok no worries, I’ll delete the additional posts :sunglasses::metal:t2:

Edit: Done @DarkestKnight, my apologies :metal:t2:

No worries, man. It’s fine to be friendly and greet the new folks, just keep it small and light :slight_smile:

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Im Star. I dont have any experience yet. Science and an interest in radionics led me here after watching a video of EA talking about a radionics machine.

Im from the mid west. Im sorry I dont have anything useful to add. Im just learning.

I would like to learn about magick and science and how they intertwine.

I love to read and will be spending most of my time here reading up on topics related to my interests.


Hello I am Rifle, I’m 22 years old & I hope I am introducing myself correctly on this thread.

I have been practicing light divination & healing work with the Angels for 3-5 months now. I wish to strengthen my mind & body with knowledge so I may work with entities of the Ars Goetia.

I desire to understand or at least access the astral realm & build upon my clairvoyant abilities to enhance my work with Angels/Demons as well.

This is a lovely website that has been aiding me at my lowest moments & now I have finally decided to join this wonderful community :slight_smile:

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Welcome @dobermann

Where are you from?

Are you following any specific system or tradition?


I am from the south side of the USA.

System: invocation through sigil magic accompanied with the necessary candles, communication through pendulums & tarot or meditation (to hear them speak directly to me)

I am still in the process of learning the many types of rituals & forms of invocation & tools needed.

I take interest in the Golden Dawn because I admire the formality, but I understand that will come much later in my path.

Well, I was born to a family who attempted to hide & bury their true history with Christianity but never gave up their beliefs in magic. I tried following Christian & Jewish mysticism but it failed to answer much for me. Dreams told it was not my path so I looked elsewhere. studied lodge teachings, with Indian shamen, collected & poured over books on Buda, Zoroaster, indian gurus, books of the dead, wiccan, nothing really fit. Finally realized all that did work, all that had fit, was connected to angelic spirits…watchers. Of them, Samael stood out. My suspicion in the fallen or of demons, and lack of “proper” knowledge caused issues. Samaels answer was Belial. While helpful, my current situation allows no privacy nor time from well meaning but interfering loved ones so successful & meaningful contact, thus learning, is still difficult. I don’t know what I’d call my path, I just try to follow the lessons given by Belial and Samael. They led me to “become a living god” and more of it fits than any other group/books/ideals I’ve yet found. My thanks and grattitude to those who worked to bring it forth.

You didn’t answer a single one of my questions…

I’m sorry. You asked what I practiced, what paths I’ve experienced…I answered as well as I could. Perhaps details lost in the jumble. I’ve little correct training in any particular path, just lots of bits from tens of dozens of religions, theologies, and such out there as I could find. None of it worked well for me; over time the terminology names & practices connected with them all fused together in fuzzy memories. I’m sorry I don’t know what to call myself or my path. I just know that only when I started following Samael and Belial’s guidance in the last 2 years did things finally start making sense and working right. I’m just trying to learn to better understand and follow what they’re telling me. If ive still failed to give you something that helps you better understand me I do apologize, I truly tried.

Hi im the patriarca from Brazil,

Im a novice in Magic, some experience with pendulum divination and starting in taro.

Im was most envolved with RHP in the begining and trying and searching about LHP now.

Im interested in invocation

Welcome @Patriarca

How long have you been pracitcing?

Do you follow any particular system or tradition?

About 4 moths, started and follow bardon system and yoga.

Welcome to the forum @dobermann :wave:t5::relaxed: Nice to have you here. Glad to have you among us now.