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Welcome @Tiffany_Anderson

How long have you been practicing?

Do you follow any specific systems or traditions?

I have been practicing chaos (mainly sigils) magick for a little over 4 months. Which I am yet to see any success with mainly due to my belief being weak. So I seek to learn the ways of installing unwavering belief in one’s essence. This, combined with the capacity that is will, will allow me to produce physical results.

Hi I am Jayme, I dont practice any magic only visualizations, and dont dabble too much. I have done a sigil before but not much happened. I just wanted to share some of my experiences and conversations regarding a succubus. Good moments, kind of scary moments the last 10 years. Its fascinating and tempting, the Ubi’s. It’s definitely an area of interest.

Thank you for doing an introduction as requested @Anon7

Where are you from?

How did you receive your succubus then?

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I am from the states, the west coast originally. Grew up in the mountains and forest areas, September is a fun month to go mushroom picking.

I believe she “jumped” from an image, it was it felt like. My curiosity attracted her I think? When I was younger, before I ever knew about these sort of things I imagined how cool it would be to have a ghost make love to me. I laid and imagined what it would feel like. Also, unhealthy amounts of mastrubation and fantasy played a part in that as well I would imagine.

As I laid there nothing happened, but I think something started following me from that point on when I was much younger. Fast forward years later, I started getting into fantasy art and drawings. Stuff got a little darker than I was comfortable with. Woman with red skin, blue skin with horns always got my attention for some reason. I kept looking up these photos and would just stare at them. I felt a huge amount of anxiety then boom, it was gone. I felt normal again.

Later that night in 2012 I laid down, and thats when she came to me. I can post more of these experiences, Ive enjoyed reading many of peoples stories, experiences and things they have learned. The only confusing thing is how they can go from nice and kind, to wanting to scratch and cause pain occasionally.

We call those parasites and usually advice people to banish and cleanse. Uninvited entity messing with you interfered with your magick and are bad news.

This doesn’t sound so much magick related as bad luck. You didn’t summon it, you didn’t petition Lilith asking for one to suit you, you just got hijacked and raped. That’s not cool.

Sure. You already found the off topic thread for that :smiley: Just bear in mind this is a forum for magick not so much nonmagical literotica, there’s another site for that :+1:

Do what you want, but be careful: these things tend to get stronger and take more until you start getting sick and then you’re not strong enough to get rid of them any more. It’s not a nice game and doesn’t always end well.

If you’re into it, and you didn’t create a thoughtform and it’s a parasite, get rid of it and summon one that won’t consume you. If it’s a thoughtform of your own design learn about thoughtforms and how to keep them on track.


Thank you Mulberry, I will definitely look into this banish and cleansing then. I did actually get sick around the same time this thing came back after many years of what I thought was banished already. I burned my letter of intent and never looked back. But it made its way back to me somehow? Ill start searching for more post

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So as I was laying down I felt sliding and tapping, small vibrations on my lower back. I get up later to find that side of my back completely pain free. I think she didn’t like me doubting if she was a parasite or not? I asked her to do the other side and she did. Time will tell I suppose. Maybe under journaling I can share my adventures

Yes, that would be a good option, this specific thread should only be used for introductions.

Hi, I’m someone who’s interested in the theoretical side of occult and would love to get feedbacks from the more experienced practioners from time to time.

I started down this path from personal interest regarding metaphysics and that rabbit-hole eventually lead here, to the Occults.

Hi there @Seeker101 welcome :wave:

Do you follow any specific system of magick or traditions?

If so how long have you been practicing?

What are your magickal interests?

Where are you from?

I don’t follow exclusively any system or tradition but I like to study them all. My two favorite are Kabbalah and Buddhism.

I have been studying for quite sometime but have only practiced the fundmentals. Mainly aura strengthening/protection spells and “Emptiness”.

Metaphysics and video games are my main interests. Ironically these two while seemingly world apart seems to be joined at the fundementals :slight_smile:

I am from Canada!

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Alrighty sounds good, how long do you practice these fundamentals, could you please quantify that in a time duration?

2-3 years about is my best guess

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Hello! I am Evenyng and from the UK. I started dabbling with spellwork and pathworking with demons recently. Still lots to learn!

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Welcome @evenyng

How long have you been practicing?

Do you follow any specific system or tradition?


My name is babyswampfire or swampfire. Im 22 from Louisiana. Im not sure what say. I dont have experience in any of this stuff. I was just hoping to learn about some paranormal stuff i experience and some of the sprites and will o wisps i see.

I dont have anything else i can say really. Maybe there is some stuff here about earth spirits. Those are what im interested in. I think ive seen a sprite in the woods behind my house.

And my mom says there are will o wisps that will make you follow them.

I guess you can ask me questions but i dont really know where to start.

I like rain frogs. I think they are spirits of our ancestors. At least some of them.

I’m Devon I’m spiritual and I learn about the Christian god and learn about demons,Angels and other gods and i don’t know that much about magik

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Thank you for doing an introduction as instructed @Robert1

Do you have any practical experience at all?

If you do, what have you practiced?

What areas of magick are you interested in learning more about?

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My occult practices started with my initiation on Lugh’s day 1997. I started in Wicca but gradually drifted to the ‘dark side’ of things. Over the last few years, I’ve worked closely with Marchosias, Mammon and most recently King Paimon. Most of what I’ve learned has come from meditations with these demonic energies. Books have been good, some more than others, but seem to cover the same material.
Most of the people I know are Wiccans appreciate what I do from afar. I’m looking for like-minded people to share ideas with, to learn from other’s experiences. I was drawn to this site initially for information on demonic language. King Paimon recently provided me with a familiar to work with and I wanted to develop an Enn to enhance the connection between myself and the familiar. But looking over the site, I may have found the right group of people to finally relax and grow with.