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My name is babyswampfire or swampfire. Im 22 from Louisiana. Im not sure what say. I dont have experience in any of this stuff. I was just hoping to learn about some paranormal stuff i experience and some of the sprites and will o wisps i see.

I dont have anything else i can say really. Maybe there is some stuff here about earth spirits. Those are what im interested in. I think ive seen a sprite in the woods behind my house.

And my mom says there are will o wisps that will make you follow them.

I guess you can ask me questions but i dont really know where to start.

I like rain frogs. I think they are spirits of our ancestors. At least some of them.

I’m Devon I’m spiritual and I learn about the Christian god and learn about demons,Angels and other gods and i don’t know that much about magik

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Thank you for doing an introduction as instructed @Robert1

Do you have any practical experience at all?

If you do, what have you practiced?

What areas of magick are you interested in learning more about?

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My occult practices started with my initiation on Lugh’s day 1997. I started in Wicca but gradually drifted to the ‘dark side’ of things. Over the last few years, I’ve worked closely with Marchosias, Mammon and most recently King Paimon. Most of what I’ve learned has come from meditations with these demonic energies. Books have been good, some more than others, but seem to cover the same material.
Most of the people I know are Wiccans appreciate what I do from afar. I’m looking for like-minded people to share ideas with, to learn from other’s experiences. I was drawn to this site initially for information on demonic language. King Paimon recently provided me with a familiar to work with and I wanted to develop an Enn to enhance the connection between myself and the familiar. But looking over the site, I may have found the right group of people to finally relax and grow with.


Hi everyone my name is Spirit_Enchanter , I am Clairvoyant Medium Spiritualist , Two Headed Worker In The Hodoo Traditions , I work with oracle’s of all kind !
I want to expand my knowledge on conjure of the demons.
I worked with many other conjuring spirit’s !
Thank You I appreciate This And Plan on making a friend here !
Medium Spirit Enchanter

Welcome @Spirit_Enchanter

Where are you from?

How long have you practiced?

Do you have experience in any systems or traditions outside of Hoodoo?

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UK magic man here. Practiced for more years than I can remember. Talents include invocation/ possession. Hermetic style ceremonial ritual. Vampirism and general energy manipulation. I also have immense experience with radionics. Which as of late is my favourite form of magic. I am bonded with the 9 demonic gatekeepers but more tangibly I have another patroness but because of the current associated with her I will not mention her name. Cheers x



Make sure to read over the rules to familiarize yourself. Our search feature is pretty handy here. If you have questions or need clarification try searching it up and you’ll probably find your answer and save yourself time of waiting for a reply on a new post.

Enjoy your stay!

This would be a great place for you to start learning.

Welcome to the forum.

Welcome to the forum @Vodka, :wave:t5: Nice to have you here.

I look forward to your contributions to the forum. We can always use fresh posts about members experiences with various forms of magick. Feel free to start a topic if you’d like.


Hello balg !
I 'm Emm. New member lady.

I m from Montpellier, France.
I started magical workings 5/6 years ago. Books helped me a lot, along with your insighful analysis on this very forum.
Though my curiosity has no limits , I feel a huge bond with demonic magick. I practice on a very regular basis, especialy with corwin hargrove, henry archer, theodore rose, gordon winterfield,damon brand 's tools. Recently tarot cards.

Thank you all for reading me.


Thank you for the warm welcome. I look forward to this and already have several topics planned to share with people and to get some discussions started. Some smaller questions but some topics will be larger and more open. I think my contributions to the radionics side of things will be refreshing for those who wish to learn about that as I have seen there are some with interest in that stuff here. I look forward to my time here.

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Hello new here, going through some things. Trying things out. Working on a ex lover, who I strongly believe did me wrong. But oddly enough I still want to work it out

Welcome @Prini55

Where are you from?

Do you have any practical experience in magick?

If you do, what do you practice, and how long have you been practicing?

Do you follow any specific systems or traditions?

if you don’t have any experience, what areas of magick are you interested in learning more about?

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Greetings. A time for a new greeting if you will.
I am Mani. You may call me Mani if you want and much more; Mani, Nannar-Sin, Khonsu, Alignak etc. I am the god of the moon and my goal is to dismantle the status quo and help humanity on its ascent.

I started off with Norse Magick and evoking the angels. Eventually I started communing with the demons. Treat them with respect and they will treat you with equal respect.

My current struggles are getting into university. But I am hopeful things will go according to plan. So mote it be, asaheil. I still do rune readings to those who remember me from 2018/2019.

I’m from New York. I really don’t have any experience. To be honest I have had others do work for me. Which have manifested. Of course with Some unpleasant things along the way.

I’m here really just doing more research and getting familiar i with different workings so to speak.

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I am a beginner in magick. I fight against immobility, I seek self-knowledge and self-improvement.

English is not my mother tongue, so I apologize in advance if I make any mistakes when expressing myself.

I’m from São Paulo, Brazil.

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Welcome @ThorfinnBR

Do you have any practical experience or are you starting completely from scratch?

If you do have some experience, what have you practiced, and how long have you practiced?

Do you follow any specific systems or traditions?

If you are starting completely from the beginning, what areas of magick are you interested in learning?

Do you have any practical experience or are you starting completely from scratch?

If you do have some experience, what have you practiced, and how long have you practiced?

I have little practical experience: only 4 rituals following the Solomonic tradition (Daemons: Agares and Seere; Archangel Camael and Angel Lelahel), 1 ritual for Gremori (following Tristan Whitespire’s method) and 1 pathworking with Ebuhuel.

Do you follow any specific systems or traditions?

Nothing in specific.

If you are starting completely from the beginning, what areas of magick are you interested in learning?

I am currently studying the Angels of Omnipotence and I seek to delve deeper into the subject.

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Hello I am Gray, I have been a spectator of this forum for a while now.
I have been gathering information for some time and have recently started to actually practice.
I felt comfortable starting with NAP, the instructions are pretty straight forward and it seems relatively safe for a beginning practitioner.

After reading NAP a few times I am currently 5 days into my first ritual, the “General Purpose Invocation”. I definitely felt “something” when doing these daily but still at the stage of no results.

My current ambition is to do my first successful manifestation. I think this will clear out any possible doubts. I have been very interested for a while but I do not like wasting my time. I am willing to go in on something deep but if my energy and time seems to be for nothing then I will just continue to manifest through non Magick hard work.

My current struggle is I do have many questions related to NAP that I do not have anyone yet to ask, and have not seen these topics clearly answered. Although they are pretty simple questions I believe.