What can Angelic power do?

Have you checked out any of the GOM books?

The simple answer is that angels and by proxy competent angelic magicians are capable of anything and everything which doesn’t contravene Divine Will.

Not really. They’ll help even if it does.

They only pay lip service to that sort of thing if you expect them to.

Really? If entities only ever do what any joe blow occultist expects them to, what pray tell would then be the point of summoning the damn things, rather than merely introspecting and then settling on a course to become your greatest anime fursona version or whatever?

Whatever the individual angel put their practice in over the years. Just as any other beings. However, there are some things that are limited to racial traits, angels are beings of elemental light, and demons of elemental darkness, shadow people elemental darkness, fire elementals, etc. To name a few. However, angels can program their energy just as anyone else can. Angels in my opinion cannot create like a God can, but they can do things akin to their racial abilities, but racial abilities are small in comparison to just being competent enough to program your energy.


My UPG is they do it because they want to work with humans, but because humans are scared of them (usually) so they try to make themselves seem more approachable.

Make no mistake: just because they try to be approachable, it doesn’t mean they are any less “hardcore” or “badass” than demons are. They’re warriors first and foremost and not to be taken lightly.


The term warriors presupposes a war. If angels in your estimation are fighting for something other than Divine Will, that would be the relevant UPG claim to state.

I find that many have fluffy idea of angels, or that angels are more than simply their race. Angels like any race of beings fight for their own ideals, or if they’re under a Deity or such will fight at the command of said Deity/Entity.

Most cases angels at least in the fluffy idea are seen as “beings of pure light who commands the cosmos to help humanity to love one another” type fluffy. Imo angels only tie to commanding the cosmos is the associations humans wish to give them over some planets or stars.


Translation: Since they predate the systems one might consider Divine Will, they are not beholden to such things unless you allow the possibility for them to loophole their way out of doing what you ask by accepting that any Divine Will matters above even your own Sovereignty.

Do I have the gist of what you said there?

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How do you do that?

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Those two angels are from EA’s Kingdoms of Flame, so you would just evoke them and ask.

You did not understand. God is building your character by giving you burdens. That is how you make someone strong, not by keeping them all cuddled up, full of wine, porn and TV and complacent. This is how weak men are built. Through adversity we become stronger and better. That is why God loves you.

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Angels don’t do things demons do and they can my relationships

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As far as angels and demons go, my experience is that neither is limited in what they can do, but how they choose to do it will likely differ. I’ve personally been told, that most of the commonly said demons and angels that don’t get along- will put on that show if it’s expected, but otherwise it’s just playing along with the story.

I don’t personally know however other than regardless of what others say, I do not have issues summoning demons and angels that supposedly hate each to work together, and angels may not operate the same as demons but they surely are not powerless in comparison.

I think if it can be done with magic, an Angel can do it, but whether or not they will is an entirely different matter.


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You want to ask me questions what magik you like

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