I'm new and Lucifer listened

Hi everyone. I’m another newbie. I had to create an account to share about what happened today.

A man used me and then discarded me. I couldn’t move on and he lives near me. We use the same subway stop too.

Last night I cried and cried. I missed him, like the dummy I am. I called out to Lucifer and begged to see this guy. I said what happened and I just want to talk to him. Well, i got this urge to leave work earlier than usual today. I got off the train near home and there he was, pushing his cheapo Schwinn bike onto an elevator. I don’t know his schedule either. I snuck up behind him and before he knew it, he and I were on the elevator together with that damn bike (he’s got no car–what a stud!). Basically, I finally got to see what a terrible person he is. It’s such a relief because I can finally move on and find love with someone else. I can 100% tell he’s going to beat the $hit out of someone later.

I’ve prayed my entire life to “God” and no answer. In the past when I prayed to Lucifer, my prayers were answered quickly.

Also, I was working some magick on that guy through the book I got on Kindle about seduction magic (ritual 1). It didn’t work. Yeah, that guy can’t love. So now my goal is to work with demons to destroy this man. He needs to realize there’s more to life than your academic job. He’s the 2nd academic I’ve dated and both were bananas…and probably gay.


Used you, or you allowed yourself to be used? There’s a difference.

Magick is not something for you to just toy around with as a newbie and you make an awful lot of assumptions about things without any clear understanding of what your doing.

You actually sound confused, how do you have the ability to finally move on yet want to work with demons to destroy this man as you put it?

And just for the record if a man is not into you that does not mean he’s gay, grow up!


This topic is not for me, so I’ll be muting now!

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I can understand the lust for revenge and in fact I believe that this is the main reason many of us get involved with the occult… At least as a starting point…

But in my opinion you got to act wisely on your decision.

How wise is to revenge someone who simply discarded you?

I do not know how complex the situation is and what do you mean by the phrase “I was used”. But I would suggest a second thought…

There are people who have clearly acted against us and on this case revenge may sound a way to go…

But this your case or it is just your ego speaking?

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Welcome to the forum.

You sound very young. As a beginner, you will learn some harsh lessons if you try to curse someone simply because they broke up with you.

Especially since this comment points to the fault being yours, not theirs. The common denominator between the two is you.


Welcome to the forum. Look, I am going to be real here. I have no business telling you what you should and should not use magic for. I’m not exactly the most ethical person around and have done things that only the spirits would deem as correct. I also understand you are in pain and pissed off. You were dealt a bad hand in regards to romance. That being said, there is one question I think you should think over: is it really worth it? Curses take a large amount of energy to work and when you add spirits to the mix, there is an expectation that you are going to put in some of the work, if not most. He has already bailed and if anything bad happens to him, the hard truth he is not going to connect it to you. There is no lesson that will be learned, so is it worth putting your life on hold to deal some suffering. Once again, I am not telling you to go one way or another, nor is there any judgement. But these are things to consider.

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Hey man, Ave Lucifer.

Also, academics are weird ones… I say this as someone with a history of promiscuity. ALSO, while I 100% believe that curses and hexes should be done at the pleasure of the practitioner, I echo the concerns of both @Dralukmun and @DarkestKnight. If you want him out of your life for good, I can provide you with a spell to do so… you’ll find it linked below.

Curses and Hexes are ideally used sparingly if it all. And remember to ask yourself questions about casting it. I’m saying this as someone who has cursed quite a few people in their day, sometimes the best option is writing their name down and shoving it in a jar of molasses instead. If Lucifer presented himself to you and answered your prayers then perhaps you should start with him before working with a diverse array of demons. Ask Lucifer for advice on how to proceed and make him an offering. Working with demons though, they will know your intent before you even open your mouth. While they can be quite helpful and informative, they can choose not to help you as they are under no obligation to provide aid.

Here is the link I mentioned:

Welcome to the forum. My thread will teach how to cut cords and shield your energy.


This isn’t a Christian forum so stop with prostyletizing. The only people who defend abusers are other abusers.

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You should be a weather forecaster because your prediction is super wrong.

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Ahh yes, other men camping for the abuser. Such is life as observed by women literally everywhere.

Hey. Leave our Mr. Batman alone, please. There are plenty of male chauvinist on this forum, but he ain’t one of them. Either be nice to him or kindly leave.

You need to cut those cords, by the way.


Lucky you. What did you offer Lucifer?

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Spoken like narcissists everywhere. It’s always someone else’s fault. Gods forbid, that you actually play a part in a relationship :roll_eyes:

Grow up, and stop blaming other people for your issues. You are new here, so take some advice and don’t throw around accusations at people you know nothing about if you want to stick around.

LHP magick is all about personal responsibility. It’s not about blaming everyone else while acting like you did no wrong. Demons WILL force you to face the ugly parts of yourself.

The same goes for you. If all you are going to do is come here and insult members because you don’t like what they have to say, then you will have a very bad time. I suggest you read this forum’s rules and try to behave like an adult.


Hi @Jordan_Smith, I understand you’re upset but please dial it down with the socio-political stuff, attacking members based on their perceived sex, sexuality, race, or gender identity: we do not permit political discusssions on here, meaning that no-one may respond in kind, so please don’t go there to begin with. Cheers. :+1:


Sigh… do you really think this is the way to get the best out of this forum? Seriously, think about it.


Sorry to say that, but I find this a bit offensive. For example, I’m aiming for an accademic job and I have no car either… but still, I’ve always treated the other gender with respect.

I don’t really know what the other person did, so I can’t judge you there. I mean, maybe he did do something terrible that I don’t know about, since I don’t know the whole story. But letting anger get to you, won’t get you anywhere either.


I know this is not my business but your judgement sounds a bit harsh on this man
If you both agreed to have sex then you cant say he used you because both parties agreed
It doesnt make any difference owning a car or a bike and you should not judge someone by their financial status
And its not love you felt its anger you have
I believe you should take some days and think about this that do you really need to destroy someone because of a silly mistake
There must be some valid points from your side to have that anger towards him, after all its your life


What others have already mentioned pretty much cover my point of view as well, so I will not type the same things again.

I know very well the kind of forum that I am in and that one of its basic rules is to respect other members. Especially when they try to help.

Do the same.


I’ve learned the hard way that men who distance themselves because they’re not interested at times do it to be decent, so that you move on and don’t remain hung up on them. It’s far worse when a person who just wants casual encounters continues to string you along.

Although I’m new to this, I agree with the advice given here by others, that trying to destroy someone without indications they meant you any harm in the first place, is detrimental to you.

My advice would be to ask Lucifer for clarity (it does work) and for a way to move forward, then focus on the message dispassionately.

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