I want to sell my soul


We were having a great time, laughing and joking, then you come along to try and inject a bunch of serious knowledge into a thread which is become a moving joke.

This entire forum is not meant to be one hundred percent serious gnosis and knowledge at all times.

Laugh a little bit, make some goofy jokes, who knows, you might actually like it.

While I can appreciate your strictly serious point of view, it isnt strictly necessary for everything.

Just FYI, you know I’m picking on you.


This works. I do not know what better proof to show. I do not want to argue.


Oh but I was laughing a little, because your feelings were hurt enough to speak up about it. I guess my humor works out differently.

Just FYI, im also picking on you.

Also…pardon me while Im being a White :cat:


So just like how people eventually discard the depressed, spirits will discard you as well. No one wants to work with depressed, nihilistic negative beings. They just fall further into a pit of despair. And NOTHING brings them out.


Dont know where you get the idea that im depressed. But that isnt me.


Not you. … bah blame George Noory and his show in happiness and the afrerlife.

Sometimes a thought occurs and I don’t connect the dots right in relation to what I’m trying to express. Now I’m ???


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You’re still awesome though. I’m going to go back to watching that weirdo talking about how he thinks that he is Lucifer son. That shit is comedy gold.


you cant sell your soul but you can be a dime piece hooker on the street if you want =)


Its sad that such an important topic is maligned with childish thoughts , and lack of serious responses ,my respects to the many that have tried and or answered according to their expertise.
To answer ,yes selling your soul is quite possible , its not an openly talked ritual because of the pact therein .
The price is steep but many have done it and are living lavish but the downside is that your life on earth after the sell will be at lucifers discretion should he find you not resolute in your faith in him or should you go against rules youll be given .If you break any rule given DEATH and eternal slavery will be your reward but should you live according to his rules wealth will be yours forever until your time lapses .Their are many ways to sell your soul but ll discuss a few , also the ritual is only performed when youre physically present ,tools provided and a solomonic circle also find a copy of the clavicle for protection.It cant be performed online ,or with a photo only with you present physically .Youll need to agree and sign your soul over either orally or written wise.
Note:-: For every option even if i leave it out note that human sacrifice is a must , youll sacrifice a family member of your choosing ,(mother ,father ,brother or sister) ,you dont physically kill ,you only tell them who and they do the rest upon your choosing .). Remember it requires someone to harden their heart and be mentally stable ,subsequent sacrifices will be communicated as per the demon wholl be in charge of you .Blood is needed to accompany the ritual for power .
Make sure its what you want because in this ritual their is no Turning back .
Also ll only preview at the surface ,if you need further info its only after we initiate the ritual
1:6 Yearly sacrifices , in this option after the first sacrifice, every year for the next 6 years youll offer lucifer a sacrifice ,after the 6 th ,the zoliac ritual is performed to formalise your completion .
2: Offering your ability to give life . In this option you wont be able to have children of your own , during the ritual you ejaculate and through a ritual ll perform that ability is taken on top of the sacrifice youll offer .This life giving eggs contain power which is used for purposes which wont be of your concern .
The other 7 options ll avoid discussing in an open forum but am open to teaching anyone in my locale the ritual for free but with a pact with the entities concerned .They are 9 with 1 option each hence 9 options, preferably men without mental health issues and are serious with occult work .
Also gays and women can be taught the ritual but i wont encourage because all of the male demons and their subs are sexual demons in nature are can easily demand sex .
But i dont judge .
The selling is for everyone but the technic is in my expirience male oriented , to teach you the process as a woman ll need lilith whom i currently dont work with, but for wealth pact its possible to all since youll shoulder the consequences yourself .
I dont encourage this but we all come from different walks of life with different expiriences,some will some wont ,its your choice .
Incase youre wondering how youll pay me , after i help you with the ritual and you recieve wealth ,i will take 10 % of your first bestowment as payment , for example if you get 1 million dollars ,my take will be 100,000 .How the money comes youll see with your own eyes ,its funny because you wont be able to tell anyone else what you saw ,its part of the rules.
A protection ring is given for purposes ll explain after completion .
But as general advice be careful what you wish for

  1. We’re just having a good time. We’re allowed to make jokes. It’s fine.

  2. The whole reason we’re joking about it is because YOU CAN’T ACTUALLY SELL YOUR SOUL.

E.A. Koetting himself debunked this:

No, it’s not talked about because it’s not a thing. It’s fear-mongering caused by religious dogma which was exacerbated by Hollywood.

W H A T ? !

NO! That is completely absurd! If you have to give blood as an offering to a demon, it has to be the magician’s. And even then, it’s not very much blood. Demons can be hardcore, yeah, but that doesn’t mean they want you to kill your family.

Besides, it’s not much of a sacrifice if you’re using other people.


Technically, if you sacrifice someone from your own family especially someone you love, it IS a sacrifice. The biggest the loss the biggest the sacrifice. But it’s simply not needed, I want to believe we’re civilized nowadays and there are many many things you can offer as a sacrifice without killing anyone or anything.

Beside that, I will agree with the rest.



But what if you hate the family member?


Then its the same as “sacrificing” a random dude, the neighbour you dislike for example. Not considered a sacrifice, just an excuse to kill him :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Just like she said. Its just like a random dude. Ut this then becomes a clear reflection upon your own Soul; the type of person you are because you consider Family as the same value as a stranger. Id like to think that family should be placed higher than strangers.


@Prophet ,Well am not writing fiction or a supehero novel , its real life magic , the media and churches overhyped it to the point mis information got over the facts.
And hahaha on that koeting comment , yes he is quite good and knowlegable but he isnt law in the occult nor does he have nor has he grasped all living knowledge ,look when it comes to goetic magic probably spell stuff and evocations koetting is solidly good ,ive read all his works and put them in practise and i can attest that he is real but Lol these are only pure basics in magic .

  • I can say the most amazing workings ive been able to obtain so far that was new to me are asenath mason works on qhliphothic paths which am still pursuing
    To further show you this point ,soul travel is real in magic ,the soul does exist but you dont “sell it ,sell it” but you can wager it for something in return because of its power .
    There is no negotiation between you and the devil but their is an acknowledgment and specific rituals for soul opening using 3 armatille stones .
    @Prophet we can argue back and forth on this but their is you seeing as i do it and believing , i wish you were in california , i could have performed it on you if given consent .
    It is just not a favourite since its pure sumerian blood magic .
    Maybe not that known these days but it is a path that is very real bullshit aside