I want to sell my soul


No, he’s not the law but he has over 20 years of experience in magick and his work is way more than just “goetic magic” and “basics”… So If I have to pick, I think I’ll take his words instead of yours without a second thought, sorry. :woman_shrugging:


Uh…do souls as dead and hopeless as “my friends soul” still count as “sellable”? Asking for a friend.
(slaps on souls roof This little bad boy can fit so many malicious thoughts inside)



Humans were created in image of god.
We are literally the universe observing itself.
Also I don’t think Satan exists.
Maybe a Christian Tulpa;but still that Tulpa has no ability to claim souls.


If Satan doesn’t exist the EA better get another gatekeeper. I’m still confused on this Amaymon/Lucifer or Mammon.

Abaddon I thought was more a place but I suppose a place could be an entire being (some beings are measured in years tall).

Ba’al gets confusing as is it the old meaning or an actual being assuming that name.

I’m not entirely sure Beelzebub is the true name of that being.

Azazel some think is Zazel and some say Xoxo (which is just hugs and kisses :kiss: :kiss:)

Astaroth could have quite a history there as well if you go take the Innanna/Ishtar/Astarte/Ereshkigal/Asherah etc route.

Asmodeus … Asmoday… Asmodai… Amduscias…???

Lucifuge Rocal … some say Focolar???

And Satan?? Just an egregious? An idea of adversarialism? A lawyer/advocate tester of mankind?

So as a novice or blind man… I’m more than a bit confused on the truth here. God I hate puzzles.


Tulpa wasn’t the right term.
Like an artificial construct.
Yeah this stuff is crazy as hell.
It’s all I ever think about.

It was these two videos that got me going into a crazy rabbit hole.


How do you do this?


Become an alcoholic.
Watch lots of porn,
masturbate everywhere.
Eat nothing but fastfood.
Don’t bathe.
Don’t exercise.
Smoke Meth.
Keep your mind constantly occupied with distracting thoughts.
Be an asshole.

Thru this practice your soul will be sold.


What thing? How to sacrifice something without killing? You don’t have to kill to experience loss. Anything you give up that has a great value to you, its a sacrifice: friends, familly, partner, job, comforts etc are valid.


What you want for it ?


I wont say more since you speak your mind for that i respect that opinion, i respect your opinion on koetting bieng good and expirienced but speaking for myself all i meant is for that person to try and debunk a path that i practise simply because koetting said otherwise is totally unoccultic .
Koetting is a great mage and people should learn alot from him but what i meant is that his works to me arent new stuff , i just learnt some tricks and wisdom i didnt have .
But soul work is true not on the aspects people know and its quite different from mainstream media hype but yes you can wager it for something , it is a path ,i guess i was pissed off when @prophet tried to brush it off on the word of koetting saying the contrary . Point is maybe he isnt versant on it as he is on his other works that was my point


No they dont count , only from those you care so muuuch about mostly they will take your most loved ones


It wont be considered ,only people you have deep affection for


Oh, snap!


Well , the day you you see satan in an evocation you will believe , take it from me ,he is everything youve never imagined


The confusion is okay to have but all the demons you stated are real biengs .
Just research on the entity you want to work with and i must add this notion many mages put hear that demons are always good is false ,be vigilant and try to start small when working with them .They can be violent and get pissed off by minor things but in terms of power ,they are onpoint .Just avoid lucifuge rofocal at that level of doubt ,he is pure horror for a begginer .I have worked with him for a year and a half .He has made me richer magic wise stronger but i still fear him to death in all evocations .He isnt freindly and rarely chats ,is overtly demanding ,demands much , takes much , he is just redline for anyone trying jokes or summoning him just for a chat . Be sure you need him for a damn good reason and be prepared to give what he’ll want .
Point is with all hell gatekeepers and rofocal ,especially from expirience abbadon ,amaymon , satan ,beelzebuth and rofocal .


Violent? Ha! Do they know the torments and tortures of my life? I’m a person who seeks annihilation or torture infinitely x infinitely worse than anything thought of by the OMNI itself. I’m uncaring esp when there’s a hint of threat.

They want to wreck my existence some more then they’re free to try. I have doubts on everything including my own existence. Am I real? Is it a dream? A simulation?

Death comes and I’m free to pursue that annihilation. What the fuck can any of them possibly do other than mess with my mortal existence?

It won’t make me cower or fear?
I won’t be appreciative!

And if that’s what spirits do then they will definitely have an enemy.

I won’t be bribed!
I won’t be bargained with!
And I will not ever stop until they or myself are permanently DEAD!

So let entities play big bad ass. I won’t care if EVERYTHING IS ERRADICATED and existence itself folds in on itself to the void nothingness.

Be it start anew or never again. I stated creation and existence is a plague and infestation.


Well your opinions are interesting to me ,i respect your views but i highly doubt you know what pain is as a mortal youre susceptibly sensitive to it than you think .
But i appreciate the fact that we come from different walks of life and different expiriences . You might have gone through alot by your standards but hell is beyond yours and my comprehension , demons hace been here for centuries they know humanities limits and know mortals better than we do .
Thats my two cents .


Not discounting people accounts of experiencing Satan.
I would be ignorant by doing that.
I reject the Christian satan.
I do however find Adversarial Majick to be fascinating.
I got ahold of Liber HVHI from Michael Ford a long time ago but never finished it.


Ya nope nope nope… Next.