I want to sell my soul


Have you sold your soul? This remains me about the rite of my tradition in which you sell only half a soul - ahahahahaha. In return you get a woman - slave. There are many people who are saying - it works but I don’t know.


I can just imagine someone on Ebay who would sell their soul.
Hmm… 20 bucks?


Many of us frown on slavery. I can’t say everyone but many go LHP to break the shackles and pursue freedom. It’s pretty much why many of these spirits frown on blind worship and chaining ourselves/binding to them.

Seems a fine line as you can revere/respect them and worship seems a hard term to completely figure. I like that we as spirits in the flesh can invite and ask the spirits to aid or more. Befriending and a spiritual ally/family seems great. I hear from some that spirits don’t want our friendship. You read a lot and have to discern for self what works and attempt it.

Most may bargain. Selling soul seems like a parasite trick to get an easy happy meal imho.


It is funny but it is real. They said you can repeat the rite several times … But what is the price which you will need to pay in the end … Just my two cents - if you really want to sell your soul there are rites for this and you can find them. I am not going to post them here because I have my own morality. You can trade your soul for magical power, a women or a financial prosperity. If you think it’s worth it.


I don’t worry about it. The first deal I made to Lucifer was odd and I was purposely vague. For eternal pleasure in the cthonic realms I’ll offer pleasure to any or all the spirits under him. In the end it showed me was freedom of flame was as the flesh burnt away and it was extremely pleasurable. In a way I think it shook its head and said “oh you need to learn here…”

I can’t say what happens when I pass. I went to the cthonic in hopes that I wouldn’t rush to confront a creator all-Omni being. I’m so angry at said being for being created in the first place without giving it consent to do such. An extreme paradox as how can non-existence give permission?

I will live my life for what it is but a legacy I don’t care. Tbh, nothing offered would ever be enough to the human soul. We can’t be satiated in our truest form. The living god idea then is right and the human spirit may well be unique in that. Could be wrong but from casual pondering I see addiction, obsession, and never satisfied in the long term. It’s why records or broken and competition is fierce. And there is a wide array of avenues it spreads to.

It can’t be sold as it is your awareness and free will. As long as you object you have free will. A rebellious spirit and demons embrace rebellion. If you want your being controlled then head to the all-spark Omni to buzz and hum in vibrations praising it for eternity. An empty minded drone. It will be all you do for ETERNITY. It’ll gladly take your submission.

Talk that shit in the other courts of the rebels and you’re likely to get slapped and knocked around or laughed at. You either FREELY come and go in these realms learning as you go or you head to the pasture of the OMNI god king in the “heavens.”


I don’t know about selling my soul, but I’m willing to sell my sense of insecurity for 8 bucks


Would ya take tree fiddy for it? It’s all I got :blush:


And a bag of funyuns, you got a deal.


No. No it is not.

I’ve said it many times before and I’ll stop saying it when it stops being true: no spirit wants your soul. This includes demons. Souls are our life-force. Spirits are happy to help you care for it, but if you try to give them a soul, they’ll be like “What the hell am I supposed to do with this?”. That whole myth started because of fear-mongering started by Christians.

Souls are basically worthless except in the hands of the person it belongs to.


If I write the word soul, and I scroll that on my work boots, you think that would count, or would I have to throw in some socks too?


xDDDD That depends what color ink are you using?


I sold my soul for a blue pen, will that work, I could always sell someone else’s and get a red pen.


The devil told me right now he’s only exchanging souls for colored pens.

Times are tough, God had Jesus and the angels down in Hell mining hell for gold bars in order to make expansions on the streets of gold.

Not to mention that he stole all of the pearls from the oysters in the Lake of Fire in order to expand on the Pearly Gates.


No, it has to be the deepest black like the lowest pits of Hell.


It’s a test and you’re FAILING


Nuh-uh, he pinky promised!

You know Lucifer is just looking at this entire thread and shaking his head.


Random demon: are you really sure you want to continue using your precious time on these creatures?

Lucifer: I know they seem stupid on occasion, but they are really quite insightful creatures, inventive and imaginative.


Lucifer: okay, you’re right, it’s time to Nuke everything.



All items must match the color of the Eternal Darkness™ that radiates from Lord Satan’s (MAY WE BASK IN HIS MAJESTY) shadowy aura that reaches out from the Ninth Circle of Hell and ensnares humanity’s radiance so that they may embrace the Long Night forever!

Which is black!


Yeah, that may be true, but he also invented being gay, which means he knows the entire rainbow, so therefore, all colors reflect his baleful views.

Didn’t you read your Bible?


Belial & Lucifer really are shaking their heads at the Lot of people who spend more time on making jokes of Satanic Black Magick and Soul Craft than taking it completely seriously. Do not squander their gifts of knowledge for that will Set the Tone how seriously they take you in the future which will affect “The Gift,” that is given as they are making choices on the various lineage progressions.

Prophet did get the part right about Souls being our Life Force, but it is in fact more complex than that, but you are on the right path.

As for a Spirit wanting your Soul what is presently being said here is not true. When a Soul “buys into” a certain group or faction they are Dedicating their Souls life force to a certain cause in exchange for a certain gift.

So as you can see there are no such thing as worthless Souls, because all Souls can contribute. The only worthless Souls are those who do nothing with their potential. The most discerning Souls that make the best choices (especially Long-term) will have won The Highest True Favor of Belial and Lucifer. Spirits DO WANT YOUR SOUL. But only when you want to do something of value with them…this is especially the case for the most discerning who happen to work at cross purposes with others.