I want to sell my soul


I want to sell my soul


No one wants your soul but welcome to the forum. Please click the image below and introduce yourself:



I can’t even…!!! :joy:


I’ll give you a dollar…


Hiya! Do ya mind if I ask why? It’s not something that really lets you maintain your individuality, but if that vibes with you, I might be able to connect you to the right ‘broker’ or someone who wants your talents. You’d be selling yourself into slavery, but sometimes if you want something really bad, that won’t even matter to you. :slight_smile:


#savage this crack me up hahaha.

Yo! How much is it worth? Lol

  1. Let me ask ya, I’m serious, what’s your purpose or what do you want to get from selling your soul?
  2. And what do you expect to get as a reply when you were creating this topic?


Okay seriously though OP.
Daemons don’t want souls, it’s Hollywood BS.
Go to the intro thread and introduce yourself then do some reading here. There is a nice search feature so you can look up topics you are interested in and then ask questions on what you read.


Did you mean sole? Are you a fishmonger?


I’m guessing in return he wants wealth and luxury. You know, that good ol’ “ Sell my soul to the devil then have a gorgeous life afterwards because the devil will give me whatever I want” ?


Ya I think that’s the mind set :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Had one who thought after so many years he’d have to “pay up” so wanted everything all at once.
Had to explain it doesn’t work that way.


Ahh lol indeed, that’s many belief.

But indeed, truly, there is a way about this thing. Giving out your whole to a certain high rank demonic angel and in return you get whatever you want. More like trading. But the end is not good.


eBay is your site.


Speak for yourself.

Tree fiddy!!!



gosh this cracked me up :joy::full_moon_with_face:


You can do what I do and offer to have people send you the spirits that they do not want. Also put a photo out so that they can send the spirits to you through the photo.
I do this on the voodoo websites at Facebook as well.


Oh my…I had a good giggle with this reply.


Best laugh of the day for me. Thanks dude.


Huh? We usually don’t see these kinds of posts till Thursday… :thinking:
Everyone seems to want to party on the weekends. I guess he wants to be sure he gets a good deal for his James Brown CDs.


Oooh, another sync to from @AdamThoth .
I had just formulated the following pun.


Sorry. Demons don’t take souls for anything. Only bad entities try that. Like real bad ones claiming to be things they arent. I can only assume those being eat souls or something. Theres not much use to them except as a battery for our physical forms.

Other than that, I’ll gladly trade you my financial debt for your soul. :slight_smile: