I want to make a rich demon live in my body

Hello, what are the benefits of having a rich, powerful and intelligent demon inhabit my body? And how can I do that? And what are your suggestions?

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I would say you can’t do that.

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Sooner or later you may have ideas about sparing and earning money, and/or be inclined to improve your economical knowledge and so on. There are (for example) 2 threads about Azazel and Lucifer, and in one is included a video, but you may adapt them either to Bune, Clauneck, Lucifuge etc:

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Why i cant? what do i need to do so?

Thank you

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Poseidon is a way.but you personas attitude will chance. Will you work,15/ plus a day 6 a week? Yes you account be good but in wat price,look in the new millionaires stress, worries, health issues,but rich,maybe go for others way to bring you luck etc,I know a lot of people who are rich . most are stress,mad bad actitude,and not nice,some are friendly.others lonely ,do magick and work 2 partimes,jobs until you figure out you goal.

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Thank you for your participation, i really need a force in my life an intelligent one only and also rich force. do you know an easy way to do it please?

what does it mean please?

He means “possession”. It’s a typo. He’s saying there are risks to possession. The kinds of beings that will do it are more likely to take your body on a joy ride and trash it. Low lifes do that. It’s not in a hgher being’s interests to live your life for you, and a lesser entity just wants fun with no cost.

The entities don’t do money, their idea of “rich” is spiritual. You’re better off invoking as @fapa79 said, and setting your request for help clearly.


Yes, if it’s good for me and force both.

how to do that? please

Write out what you want. Write what you NEED not what you think the solution should be. Do it in your native language. :slight_smile:

“Help me make the right decisions and bring the opportunities to become successful, happy and wealthy”

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request this to WHO? please Miss

what demons need to be done??? i will do anything made them happy and satisfied for me in order for them to give me passive income start from 100 $ a day

As I suggested in PM and someone said above, I recommend Clauneck.

Follow the instructions provided and invoke Clauneck, and ask this of him. You could also go with Bune or he other suggestions, it’s up to you.

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Will he come to me? will he even listen to me?

I assume so, if you just try.

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start by offering blood to hes SIGIL? is that good enough in order to meet him?

How to know that he with me when i will offer blood to hes sigil? can he appear to me? i mean can i see him?

The best instruction are these ones… no don’t make any offerings to Clauneck, he doesn’t need them.

You may not sense anything if you have not developed your senses. If you have ever felt it when someone is watching you though, or when the ambience of a room changes when someone walks in, then you will be able to feel that kind of presence, it’s the same thing.

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Thank you very much for this.

Woww!!! what a powerful words, what a unstopable confidence. i love the way how to addrrss the messg, much respect to you Miss.

Can clauneck help me to pass this stage?? i will give him full autority to open my sense and to teach me technics and anything else releated to magick.