I want to make a rich demon live in my body

No, no one can do your work for you, in my opinion. There are many posts on here of people asking if spirits can “open their 3rd eye/sense” that you can try if you like. I think it’s better to work on this yourself, shortcuts can be limiting.

Meditate every day, or read pendulums, tarot, learn remote viewing, contemplate Nature, anything to practice connecting with your inner self every day.

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When you talk to me, madam, I see the strength of your culture and your knowledge in words and sentences.

You are highly qualified, I like your confidence in yourself and your dependence on it, and I respect that a lot.

You are a woman of pure GOLD, because you deal with everyone and are very humble. All my respect and appreciation to you and I apologize a lot for my very poor English


I hear this word a lot and I don’t know what it means haha ​​:joy::joy::joy: Have you seen how ignorant and uneducated I am to the fullest degree

Not sure I deserve that, I’m just old and ornery. :slight_smile:

Ah, so you know ow what we practice here is called “the occult”, and the word occult means “hidden” or “unseen”… this is the occult, the hidden part of your own self. You are far more than you seem, you are a more powerful being than you remember. That powerful self is hidden inside you: it is your inner self. :slight_smile:

You can also call it “higher self” and “subconscious”, and “superconscious”, as far as I can tell these are all the same thing, and contacting them has the same effect.

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Thank very much again for this great explination and clarification, your explination equal books and pages.

Thank you very much miss

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You are awesome! you are so talented

Read online, their biographies and books, in their blogs, websites, TED talks on Youtube, Youtube videos about how billionaires and millionaires make their money.

Their mindset, habits, attitude, lifestyle before and during and after earning their money. How they KEEP being a millionaire or billionaire.

I make it sound easy; it’s not. It’s not just reading and watching, but applying, copying or adapting what works for you and leaving out what doesn’t, what you learn and practicing it until it becomes second nature and a habit.

This is changing yourself from coal into a diamond.

Some books that I think may help you:

Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki
Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnergie

Edited to add:
I have several demons that deal in spiritual and material wealth (for example like the obvious, money)
that reside in me. I had offered my physical body and soul as a resting place, temple and sanctuary for them to reside in me, if they wanted to.
They took me up on that. They are of the Powers of Hell. (Just to be specific.)

My experience with these Demons is that they give you ideas, and suggestions, but you have to WANT it and be MOTIVATED on your own to learn. They will definitely guide you.

It’s not just a “business” relationship either.

Get to know these Demons, they can be your friends, and it’s definitely a good idea to have a good, strong, psychic bond with them, and be open enough psychically to hear their suggestions, ideas, communication, etc. with them.

This will help you greatly and advance you in your path, whether it be spiritual or material. They deal in both.

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Thank you very much.

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IDK about “living” in your body, but Mammon was a good mentor to me about getting my financial rear in gear.

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The benefits are Power -spiritual-; favors in your day to day; economic improvement if appropriate and NOT aging hardly; or even nothing. Of course, the detrimental part of this, which is known as PERFECT POSSESSION, is to be completely submitted for life to the Will of said Entity. And completely lose your mind - go crazy - for months, years, or in the worst case: for your entire life.

Be very careful with this.