I want to die and be born again

Are you without family?

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You want to die dude? Okay, kill yourself.Seriously.

But we are gonna add a psycho-spiritual twist into it.

Sit the fuck down on a chair, visualize yourself sitting on a chair front of you.Tell him of every bad quality he has, swear to him, yell at him, etc.

Then declare:You and I are two different people, I am not you.

Then, imagine you shoot yourself on the chair with a gun.There you go.You killed yourself.Now you are a different person.Do this once a week and see if it helps.


:kiss: Currently, you’re going through a mental change. I can totally respect and relate where you are at - I’ve been there!

In a two year period, I existed like a ghost. Any will to live was gone. I was abused, lost my virginity to man who did not love me, and fell off the deep end. That was almost 15 years ago!

Get help - you cannot change on your own. You have to get into the subconscious mind and fix your thinking. Talk to a therapist, friends who will listen, get on medication if you need to (find a good doctor).

I can PROMISE you, there is so much life to live. From personal experience, I am soooooooooo happy I chose to live, as life exploded into wonderment.

:kiss::heartbeat: You’re not alone. While you may feel like a failure, you’re not! We’ve all had these feelings. It makes us unite as people.

But lovely person, I feel your pain. :kiss::heartbeat:


You are supposed to face this, so you will be stuck in the cycle of you start over.


I believe you’ll need to ascend first or else you’ll be forced to reincarnate again against your will and you won’t have a choice in the matter where you end up.


Yeah bro 6ix is a snitch and criminal.
Not all criminals are bad…but it’s not like he makes good music to counter it lol.
He’s literally producing a culture of suicidal drug addicts that think that shit is art.

Vs someone like Jayz or Royce Da 5’9.
Both came from tough places but their art highly values intellect.
Jayz made his own huge record label, owns Tidal, and various other entrepreneur endeavors.

Here’s my response to someone who had similar difficulties.

If you’re interested in being a MC
(Master of Ceremonies) check this out!

Eminem was a dorky, scrawny loser before he dedicated himself to rap.
He says it made him feel so empowered!

I was seriously depressed in recent years.
It’s a serious problem for young men.
I have plenty of resources and tactics to get you out of that hole since I climbed myself out (with some help ofc).
But it still takes work. There’s still pain. There’s always pain, but the pain has meaning and purpose. It leads to growth. You aren’t trapped. You have a purpose and you learn to enjoy it.

Take it from me man, you don’t wanna kill yourself and have your mom screaming bloody marry in those 5 seconds of regret.
You don’t wanna get checked into a mental hospital and share a room with a man who wakes up in the night screaming.

Eminem did the whole famous and rich rapper thing. He did the drugs all the time. You know what happened?

He nearly ODed everything he had built for some pills. Now that he’s older he hates the younger version of himself for promoting drugs and now he’s doing everything to keep new artist sober, or just weed.

Seriously man if you’d like some help I’ll give you the road map and the support but you have to kill old IDEA of yourself.
Nature will give you your perfect death, tailor made for your life. She’s quite romantic in that way.
But the big climax is only worth it if you’ve stuck with the process.

Don’t listen to any Buble gum rapper bro. They’re brainwashing your mind and it’s not healthy.
Hip hop was made for the exact opposite of that.
To promote self esteem!

I consistently go back to this song because of its message!

When the remix is 100x better than the original haha

Trigger warning (suicidal depiction) but very powerful message. You don’t want your family to suffer because of your pain.
That’s why suicide is never an option. There’s no full proof suicide plan (TRUST ME I LOOKED IT UP).
Since you’re on this site it means you are an advanced soul. There’s a strong chance that if you died you’d still carry it.
Again, I was locked in this space for a while man so I did my research and talked to my guides. They explained there was no easy way out, dead or alive I needed to deal with these problems.
I may sound like everyone else but it does get better, and if you’re honest with yourself if you TRULY wanted death you’d be dead.
But you do not, the pain is just so great and there’s no definitive meaning to why it’s happening.

@Lady_Eva played a major role in my recovery as support and a guide but I had to change.


I live with the family, But I feel that I am alone… I prefer to learn things that will benefit me in the future I do not want to waste my time… I want to be independent… I no longer rely on my family.
I changed my mind about suicide and I will change!

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Thanks for all this stuff, Yes, I took a lot of things through your response… I thank you for that :heart:


I want to learn these things, Ascending, for example

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I will stand with all might…

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Thank you very much for your support…

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I will try it soon, THANK YOU SO MUCH…

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Thank you so much :heart:

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If you did not live with family there would be no reason not to kill yourself. The only thing that prevents some people from committing suicide is the unnecessary and pointless suffering it will cause to people they care about, not some nonsense about how things will get better. It doesn’t matter what you achieve, what you buy, who you fall in love with; the thought, once had, never disappears because you cannot logically argue against suicide. The best you can do is to always hold awareness of the love your family has for you.


Ohh, Thank you so much…

Just learn a new way to handle it go through the situation. That’s what you need to do right now, I think. Don’t just believe anyone who says what you need, but hear them out carefully

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I will do everything in my power to do so… THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Courage is not something you have or you don’t. It is something you gain little by little by facing what you fear and seems difficult, even if it is just facing the day. If you want to become brave, start small. Try to live life a little bit better one day at a time. You may strive or you may fall, ever way keep going. You will find it gets easier as you keep at your goal.

Physical death solves nothing, only living does. I do have a ritual here geared towards “ritualistic” death, which is designed to allow one to separate from attachments from old patterns to open the door to new ones. You will still need to do the work to change, but it could be a helpful first step. Take a look at it and see if it will help.


@sadangel i wish my absolute best for you. I dont know you, but i can relate. I went through a very hard time in my life where i was a cutter and had attempted to kill myself (which failed). More than once i would contemplate getting my daddy’s shotgun and put it to my head. But what stopped me? Family. They didnt know i was like this but every time i would hurt myself or threaten my own life i would imagine how they would feel about it, or if it was a loved one doing all that. It would hurt me to think i would crush their hearts if they found me dead.

As for death and reincarnation, the mind is the reflection of the soul. You can pretty much say you are just a spirit that has rented a vessel so you can be anchored to this world and interact with this world. So when you die your spirit and mind stays the same. Just continue working on your magic, because remember you can work with this world but also work with the spirit realms as well. Befriend other beings (safely) and you will lose the sense of loneliness.

Best of luck

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Even if you were strong & on top of the world some say that you have to carry the stupid cross.

Becoming A Dead God To LIVE


Seeing in Part

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