How do I rap and sing like my favorite Rapper

I want to evoke a demon King but I do not know what to say and I really want to be like my favorite rapper and singer his name is Juice wrld and be as good as he was

It’s not that simple , take it slow and progress slowly , work hard , tons of people have the same dream .

Friendly FYI, they MAY help, but you still have to put the work in.

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Do not become Juice, learn to be yourself but similar to him. You can study his rapping/singing style.


Study the Rap God’s.

Rakim, Redman, Methodman, Eminem, Black thought. 2Pac and Biggie’s.

GOAT tier
Royce Da 5’9, Logic, Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Joyner Lucas, and Childish Gambino.

Be a MC and musician not a rapper.

Stay away from mumble rappers.

Being a master of ceremonies is upholding intellect and charisma in the art.

The wave will pass, make classics.

Also checkout punk rock, rap and punk rock got very popular at the same time 00’s

If you’re into that edge Lord music I recommend Nascar aloe :100:

Get financial freedom. A producer best friend, and home studio.
How to Rap Drew has a course on going full time with rap.

15 hour days.

Learn to Freestyle and write 16 bars well.
Study song structure.
Practice melodies in your freestlyes.

Juice was very good at freestlying, he’d record songs in a few days because he could make a hook and melody super quick.
Then he write around the hook and melody.

Hip-hop and Punk Rock are ant-establishment type of genres, the best artist promote community intellect, and motivates people’s self esteem.

There’s a few reaction yt channels that dissect songs. And also rhyme schemes.
Check them out.

Logic producer is :100:


Mimic everything he does. Use illusions to place you into the mindset that you are him; the way he talks, raps, walks — just copy him until you get to that point you can reach his mannerism and the same high and low notes with the right pitch. Practice in the warm shower :slight_smile:

I use be into music production and making beats, it lead to mix and mastering tracks which then were released by local rappers around Sydney and other cities — when you finish with your vocal composition, get in touch in someone who can master the track… it’s one of the most important things and gets people sounding sharp and smooth the way it is. If you don’t know anyone I can do it for you. All the best

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I want to be like Juice Wrld because he made music about the way he feels and I want be like that cause I had feelings for this one girl but she already got a boyfriend so I want to make music about the way I feel about her and my life but I fear I’ll never be as good as he was

Why be fearful when you can be inspired… it’s a lot more admirable to reach your goals that way.


I am inspired by him but you don’t want to hear me rap about my feelings cuz I can’t sing or rap or anything I’m not talented and I’m even stupid I’m a freshman that hasn’t even passed a class but gym I’m gonna live in the streets probably and I’m a joke.
No wonder I’m not good enough for the girl of my dreams. Which is why if I evoke a demon he can help me.

I wouldn’t go at a demon with a last resort mindset. Look at it as a kick in the right direction. Also have a backup career. The mind set I think you should take on is to shoot to be better than who you look up to. And don’t let anyone get between you and that goal. This is where I would have the help of a demon. Have them make those connections that you need to get to where you want to go. That’s how I would look at this. But I don’t have any experience with rap or singing so idk who could help you.

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Eh. Drake uses ghostwriters.

As for advice…

Look up tgis dude named Eric Arceneaux for singing advice. He was not born with a good set of pipes but niw he’s an amazing pop/R&B singer.

He can help.

Brett Manning if you merely want to get okay (background singer level) quickly.

The AAproach will take several years.

As for rapping: Rap A LOT to get a sense of flow. Just rap along to your fav’s.

Also, check out Smart Rapper and How to Rap for great videos with tips on how to improve your rapping and make money off of it.

Hope that helps!

Thanks a lot I will try your advice and really hope it works

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Me too :slight_smile:

So imagine exactly who you want to be a back story, myself I imagined I was the concept of Damien the devil’s son but was given access to heaven I imagined my personal being insanely good at rapping I spent a while imagining myself as him while going crazy on the streets eventually I decided I would try to call out this person’s I created Daydreamein and just thought about him speaking through me then just went blank not planning any words or thinking about how I’d move just ping blank thinking he would come through then I channeled him and he was insanely good at rapping and my body language was amazing when I channeled him I soon realized it was a being o its own because one time I tried to channel him to sing I just simply said no. I’ve regressed alot since then about being able to bring him through another thing you can try is pick a random voice type of music and theme speaking what they are all at once then just let what ever words out focus not on what your oing o say try to just go blank. I’ve done some super entertaining things that way, but since I was jailed for a year for no reason I orta lost my grip on channeling this way and my insecurities took over a little bit but Iam able to do it still but I mainly use it for messages now, also the entire tone of your voice will most likely change into the description or the chosen sound of said entity that accepts the image of the vessel you made I personally have no clue who Daydreamein is and once when I started to ask on here I Hurd his voice in my head say why you gotta put me on blast.

He’s made hits without that writer, also there was no proof. Much closer to TMZ news.

Drake is also 1 of the many artists listed

“Rap a lot” want to elaborate?


Freestlyling and writing will be the two most important skills in the beginning.

How to Rap Drew has a full-time artist course that teach the rap fundamentals. He’s by no means ELITE but he’s the best coach for this.

With skills like rap its better to teach yourself though, the basics can be learned from Drew but the creative process and work is on you.

Juice died of OD.
Appreciate him as an artist but don’t pick up poor habits, stay away from that mumble rap and auto-tune shit.

Most of those artist have shit voices and rhymes so they over use tech to make appear good.

Surpass all the artist you look up to.

Make sure you distinguish your favorite rapper and the greatest rappers.

G Eazy is one of my favorite rappers, I like his personality, energy, and just overall he’s fly. He’s no Eminem or Royce Da 5’9 though.

Lyrcism is the most challenging skill for MCing. Deep writing calls for metaphors and similes. That’s magick.

SHIT music is offensive to the genre and the rap Gods who created this art.
2pac and biggie died so you dont have to.

Learn the history, and study the TRUE MC, not these corny wannabes.

There is an App called TULLY, DOWNLOAD IT.

Download a beat form yt or some other source and record a freestyle to it, or write a 16 bar verse and spit it.

Make sure you record it and play it back, enjoy the cringe and get to MCing!

I’ll give you a hint, all the good MCs were not on social media or haning out with “friends” they were in the lab.

MC’s songs get better with the lyrics in front of you. Rappers cannot necessarily say the same thing.

THIS SONG summarizes everything tbh

Great one too

Heed the OGs art or get slayed by a true MC.

Juice was cool but he was far from his prime, better to study his OGs then to study his premature career, I’d say the same thing to an X fan.

Remember "“STAY HUMBLE”
otherwise you get high and people gas you up, power trip. Then you get murdered lyrically.

Here is EMinem giving advice to new artists lol

This project is very good, BAR EXAM 4 is a masterpiece but mainstream sheep sleep

Respect the game or get murdered by a true MC.

last one

“‘Rap a lot’ want to elaborate?”

Seeing as I IMMEDIATELY followed “Rap a lot” with “Just rap along to your fav’s” which you even included in your quote, an elaboration would be unnecessary, so no.

I already explained immediately after. I don’t need to write you a giant dissertation.

But since you asked, I’ll elaborate a bit anyway:

Rapping along to your favorite rappers and rap songs gives you a sense of flow, timing and delivery, just like beginner guitarists who start off learning songs on the guitar so they can get used to playing.

It’s how I got started, and then when my art teacher entered me into a talent contest, I just wrote down lyrics to the flow I had in my head and people loved it. My delivery was good so what I wrote landed better.

Still, I agree lyrics and freestyle (especially lyrics) are also important.

And yeah taking that How to Rap course is a very good idea that I cosign.

If you’re being serious about this (with all due respect, my troll/LARP senses are tingling) this isn’t the way to go.

Magic is a combination of strong willpower and hard work. You can draw upon a demon’s power to assist, but YOU need to put the effort in.

A demon won’t want to touch you with a 10 ft pole with that sort of attitude i.e “I suck,” or, “I’ll never get the girl”.

There’s concepts are petty and below a demon.

Work on your self-confidence and determination, and you will get the desired results.

If you can’t rap… find something else you are good at and work with it.

Some demons can help with self confidence, so don’t let that hold you back from working with them.

Thanks for all the information guys I really appreciate it but I can rap a little I just need to come up with lyrics that’s the only thing I’m struggling with

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Be careful, when you are good at something you will tell everyone. When you’re great at something everyone will tell you - Wise black man

Never think you know the craft, it’s art you can never be a student long enough. All the goats talk about studying.
Freestyling will teach you how to think on the spot and it’s very valuable.
I’d argue it the most valuable skill an MC should have.
You will get the feel for flow and you will get into flow (the actual mind state) quickly.
It’s also great therapy.
Nowadays, freestyles are rarely off the dome but that’s tragic.

The course mentioned goes into lyrics. It’s an all ecompassing course.
This channel is awesome for lyrics.
He really dissects it all.