I want to die and be born again

As you heard in the title, I am so depressed and desperate that I wish to die… The reason is that I am not satisfied with myself I am afraid, not brave, and I feel weak… I want to change I want to change
Is there a way ??? Or a demon who can do that?


You change by improving on yourself, if you feel depressed look into an entity that could possibly help with that, or seek literal help where you talk to a medical profession. If you don’t want to feel weak work on yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, find a drive that pushes you to do better.


Currently there is no engine All I want is to die and come back again = Is there a ritual in this?


You have no assurance that life will be better, and you may just end up the same.

You are able to make a better life, it just takes some focus and commitment.

Start repeating “How did I turn failure into success?” over, and over, in your mind, like a mantra - your own mind and the spirits around you will answer, in dreams, symbols, and coincidental events.


Thank you for trying, I hate myself I feel weak and ineffective


You’re young, you have time to make an extraordinary life, and be happy, but it seems overwhelming right now. This makes people feel hopeless, but it is possible to overcome that, I did. This might be helpful?

And I kind of have to share this, as much for anyone else reading and feeling at the end of their tether as anything:

if you (or anyone else reading this thread) are having thoughts of hurting yourself, it’s important that you discuss them with someone who is qualified to help, such as a crisis helpline in your country. Please visit this link to find the appropriate number:

If you feel that you may be an immediate danger to yourself, please call your local emergency number or go to your local hospital emergency room right away. If you are unsure of the right number to call, please visit this link and call the number next to the country where you are located:


I want to live like this or die


I JUST lost my best friend 7 days ago. Do Not do it. It hurts so many that loved him. Find just one person to trust with your pain. Talk to them.

My honest truth, strength and change can be just around the corner if you just take that one moment and take one breathe at a time.

If only my late friend waited one more day, a few more hour before he left this world, the news that caused all his pain would have been mute. His problems solved. Yes my friend suffered for so long and no one knew…but if he didn’t do it, all his dreams would have been fulfilled. It was tragic. And he is not in a better place. A medium and myself and my sibling does not fell he is at a better place.

So PLEASE DON’T DO IT. Go find someone to talk to. Keep asking for strength and success. Force yourself to find beauty in just one thing to allow yourself to take that next breath.


So you want to be like a guy who went to prison and now on witness protection?


thank you very much, But I am desperate

After suicide physical body dies but mental doesn’t. Human’s mind with every thought, fear and emotion go on. I don’t this is a step you want to take.


No, no, not like that

I do not want to be in prison and do not think, I just want to live fame and money

It would be better to try these moments :woozy_face:

or maybe like this guyyyyyyy

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Suicide is not the answer as the others said. I know this personally I attempted several times ONLY to be saved everytime. NOW my life got better though it’s still hard do not give up… Don’t compare your worth to meaningless shit. This is all I’ll say here as it’s a very touchy subject for me personally.


thank you very much I share the same feeling

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Energy is never destroyed, it just transform into something else. As I say, even if you incarnate you won’t get what you are expecting. It’s advanced algorithm, not lottery, so your future life is going to be same as your current or worse because of suicide.

In one channeling I had watched there was a man who suicided a few incarnations ago and he had fibromyalgia. Whole body’s illness. After a few incarnations.
The other suicidal souls that used to be in that channeling were just travelling around eter, focused on thinking and feeling lost.

If you think your life is not enough you can rewrite it. Run is not an option. :slight_smile: Because no one can run from himself.


There is no promises that you can or will come back.

I jus had a friend overdose on drugs because she couldn’t take it any more. I stopped her from killer self once and then I wasn’t there she. She tried again. As someone on the other side of this. I blame myself for not being there the nights before she over dose on pills. I beat myself up almost nightly about that.

Someone else I truly care about tried to take his life a corpulent of weeks ago but he didn’t because he remembered what he is hear on this earth for.

Death can be permanent and even if you do come back you will not be you and you will not remember this life time.

Nothing in this world no matter how bad is worth ending your life because it will get better.


I’m just going to say this world is a complete shithole and all you can do is struggle with everything in you to make it better